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Found 3 results

  1. Lunatic+ LTC Rules: Lunatic+ / Classic +Mag/-Str Female Robin. Going -Str is just a big mistake objectively and there is no reason to do it, just go -Luk like a normal person. +Mag is required for hitting a specific benchmark for chapter 5, as well as for general high killing power. -Skl is the usual flaw but I can't do it in this playthrough because Skl won't be a dump stat here! Renown allowed up to Tiki's Tear. Given the nature of this gamemode, I want as many statboosters as possible for consistency - this seemed like a good stopping point. For a future run, this is probably unnecessary and going up to Seraph's Robe is probably just fine. For complete overkill, going up to Gradivus will allow for Gradivus Fred which sounds pretty hilarious actually but that's not going to be a thing for this playthrough. All Gen 1 units must be recruited and kept alive. Gen 2 characters are optional. Paralogues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 17 are mandatory and may be done whenever. Children paralogues are all optional. However, any children paralogues done must result in the children themselves being recruited. Skirmishes, DLC, Logbook, bonus box, wireless, Anna shops are all banned. Exception: Spotpass shops may be used to replicate items in shops blocked by Risen. Sparkling tiles must be avoided where possible. Any items obtained as a result must be discarded. The major divergence for this run is allowing renown beyond the standard Bullion (L) - going up to the Seraph's Robe seems arbitrary, but I'll talk about it a little later. For the uninitiated, in this gamemode every enemy has two random L+ exclusive skills - it is also assumed these skills are all uniformly distributed. These skills re-roll on each map roll (though they do not reroll for map skirmishes). From Prologue to Chapter 2, the random skill pool is: Hawkeye (Enemy hit is 100%) Luna+ (Luna which always triggers). Note that Luna(+) always rounds down for total damage dealt. Vantage+ (Enemies always attack first) Pass From Chapter 3 until the rest of the game, the random skill pool includes the following skills on top of the previous four: Counter Pavise+ (Pavise which always triggers) Aegis+ ( Aegis which always triggers) One peculiarity of Lunatic+ is that enemy units do not 'know' they have their skills, bar Pass and (I strongly believe) Hawkeye. This means that for instance 1-2 range Counter enemies can be manipulated to attack at 2 range if able, and enemies with L+ can be baited to damage a unit in preference to killing another. To give a specific example for the latter, let's assume a 9 Str Iron Sword myrmidon with A swords and L+ has two targets: 3 HP / 14 Def Silver Lance Fred 20 HP / 6 Def Robin With L+, the Myrm will deal 7 damage to Fred and cleanly kill him; in practice, the myrm will always go for Robin over Fred as the combat forecast damage shows a higher displayed value, so assuming he does not double Robin will survive. Another peculiarity of L+ is that due to the existence of the two skills Luna+ and Counter, having a high amount of raw HP is extremely helpful compared to normal play; this explains the seemingly arbitrary Renown benchmark of Seraph's Robe. In addition, unlike many other FEs, Awakening enemy AI is 'smarter'; Units are able to gang up on a single unit if the AI calculates there may be a kill, and it will also move a unit out of the way if a unit can score a kill - a prime example here is during Interceptor's old Chapter 5 turtling strats, where a blocking melee may move out of a way if a mage can score a kill. There is also minor (but still extant) randomness in the AI, in which it may behave slightly differently for no discernible reason; this can happen for attack order, unit targeting, and general enemy movement. As an example for the latter, KTT's Chapter 1 strat may see the boss move in another direction some of the time for no real reason. This run plays significantly differently compared to vanilla lunatic. The nature of this gamemode encourages juggernauting to the extreme; in particular, I rig Robin's early levels a lot so that she can snowball ASAP. Also, the reliability of many early to mid game chapters are probably completely shot, but I wouldn't attempt this run if that discouraged me. >.> Chapter List:
  2. Don't know if this has been asked before, but it just seems like you have to rely on a tactic, that forces you to only have 6 - 8 characters on the field. I know this is no grind, but is there anyone who has completed Lunatic plus with a relatively "full team" on each map. (Sorry for my bad English lol)
  3. For those unfamiliar with the mode, Lunatic Plus takes the most difficult and frustrating aspects of the regular Lunatic mode and makes them worse. The game achieves this anomaly by randomly assigning skills to every enemy, who have the same stats as their Lunatic counterparts. You should be familiar with one such assigned skill; Pass, obtainable by all assassins, promotes interesting changes in player tactics. However, the other possible skills are exclusive to Lunatic Plus enemies and downright broken. Hawkeye guarantees that its wielder will strike his or her foe. This skill effectively trashes the weapon triangle, but is ineffective in a significant number of situations. However, a hammer wielder with Hawkeye WILL kill Frederick, even if he is equipped with a sword and standing on a fortress. The next skill of interest, Vantage Plus, allows its wielder to strike first when being attacked. Unlike regular Vantage for Myrmidons, Vantage Plus triggers all the time. When this skill is on enemy mages, this turns a safe elimination by Frederick into his death or a VERY painful engagement. Finally, Luna Plus is a Luna effect that always triggers. This sounds minor, but this is THE Lunatic Plus skill that ruins this mode. Against Frederick, this skill gives the enemy seven extra damage per hit. Myrmidons with this skill start hurting Frederick, and Barbarians deal double their normal amount of damage. Luna Plus is ineffective on units that Frederick is supposed to evade or kill first, such as units with Hammers or magic. However, if those units receive Hawkeye or Vantage Plus as well, they will kill Frederick and your army no matter how good your strategy is. Regardless, I still wish to undertake this Classic Lunatic Plus LTC, meaning that I will play the game on Lunatic Plus with the Classic option selected in as few recorded turns as possible. I will choose to play with the male avatar and I will also recruit and keep all the game units alive. Given the unbalanced nature of this mode and the severe handicap of an LTC (lowest turn-count) run, I will use any "non-cheating" technique to clear this game, including DLC, Streetpass, Spotpass, and Renown (which I have maximized already). As I slowly make breakthroughs, I will fill this thread with progress of my run and share techniques (and possibly videos) of what I have done. Chapters: Premonition: Invisible Ties - 2 Turns Prologue: The Verge of History - 6 Turns (4 Turns possible) Chapter 1: Unwelcome Change - 4 Turns
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