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Found 9 results

  1. I managed to add Eliwood to Lyn's first chapter just fine, but whenever I try to add Mark he just doesn't appear. Also, I managed to add Mark to Eliwood Mode, but for some reason he can make an infinite number of actions on Player Turn. Any idea of how to solve this? I just want to add Mark to the game, sounds simple enough.
  2. I've been interested in playing Blazing Blade, but is there any way to skip Lyn Mode on the english version? I don't want to have to play through a tutorial. 😞
  3. I just started playing FE7 and I'm nearing the end of Normal Lyn Mode. I'm wondering if the assets are determined by the items of full price, or if they are halved by this sale equation for shops? What about prices that have decimals in the calculations, are they rounded up or down? I'm wondering because I'm trying to save up for Lyn's White/Blue/Red Gem that she gets when she's recruited in Chapter 15, and if I've already dropped below the wealth threshold, if I did, I might as well use the knight crest & energy ring to my liking. From what I've found what gem you get is determined this way: For reference, I've used the glitch to take Wallace's Knight Crest, and I used the Angelic Robe on Florina since I intend on using her as much as possible. Would using the Knight Crest on my preferred unit (Kent) & using the Energy Ring on who ever needs it be more beneficial or would trying to save up for the gems be more beneficial?
  4. So I'm attempting HHM for the second time and I'm wondering which characters so you suggest using the Energy Ring and Angelic robe on. I'm thinking of giving the Energy Ring to Florina and I'm not sure who I should give the Angelic Robe to What do you guys think?
  5. Nah its not about the tutorial segments in general, but just how every character that joined Lyn in her small personal quest, had a piece to say every chapter or so, Kent & Sain most so, and I feel its part of why they remain my favorite cavalier duo in the franchise. There was this sense of comradery, that Lyn's group had, from Wil finding the camp, and Kent making suggestions, Sain trying to hit on every girl but everyone joining in on the joking at his expense. Erk & Serra's squabbles, although admittedly Rath and Wallace didn't have much, but they didn't have much of a chance to be. I guess its just something I always felt FE lacked since then, 7 was my introduction and I thought the entire game would be full of everyone just joining in randomly in the conversations, I guess with the Tactican on certain maps having say, Sain talk to you right before the start of Dragons Gate (if he was one of your units that map) was cool, but I noticed in pretty much every other FE this is not the case. The casts being so large is mostly why I think they don't do that, and its unfortunate, because it added a-lot of likability to characters (Ike talking to everyone over the course of FE9 is the closest thing I can think to Lyn mode everyone pitching in). I can see why people would want a smaller cast, not only for balance purposes (potential loss of replay value) but also little things like this, so I was curious if anyone else felt the same about this. Edit: How did I forget that FE12 also kinda did this lol
  6. Does anybody now of a easy way to edit the CGs that appear in the Lyn Mode Ending? (I want to replace them with plain black images) I also want to replace the "Three Years Later" screen. Editing the Eliwood Mode CGs seems easy enough, but I couldn't figure out how to edit the Lyn mode ones using GBAGE. The Ultimate Tutorial didn't help either... I just go to the offset in the CG editor module and there seems to be nothing there. Can anyone explain to me how to do it?
  7. So I was planning on creting a hack that uses both Lyn Mode and Eliwood Mode, so I was wondering how to do a few thing: 1) How do you prompt the Lyn Mode credits and how do you signal to the game that Lyn Mode has ended and Eliwood Mode started? 2) How do you make it so the Lyn mode (tutorial) characters keep their stats when they join in Eliwood Mode as their non-tutorial counterparts? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi first let me get my Character forcer question out of the way because I do understand it but I don't know if the order is correct. So would you please look at the below spoiler and tell me if that is how the order works or if I misplaced the order.. (*replacing the "---" with their own pointers) I'm just making sure if the H-chapters follow the E-chapters or not? Now to my question about Chapter Order+Cutscenes... My idea was to use the Lyn chapters for cutcene maps (such as lomas telling the story) but I want to know if that's a good idea or not? Or should I take the simpler approach and use the Lyn maps for playable chapters and some of the others for cutscenes? What do you recommend? Lastly, can the endgame chapter take place in any of the chapters or does it need to be specific?
  9. Hi there, I have a few technical questions regarding chapter's conceptualization using Lyn/Eliwood mode switch. I did not find answers after searching, but I may have missed something so forgive me if some have already been asked. So basically I want to use the mechanism at the end of Lyn mode dispatching all units and regaining them later, but with the following ideas (all are independant, so depending on the answers, I'll see if I change one or several aspects in conceptualization). 1 - End Lyn Mode before chapter 10 (e.g. chapter 7 or so). Is that possible ? (I'm guessing yes, but what does it require ?) 2 - End Lyn Mode with more than 13 units (so exceeding the capacity of characters that are present in the tutorial and their non tutorial alisases). 3 - Have these units always keep their stats. (No regression or progression). 4 - Eventually, have them keep their inventory. (Optional). 5 - More importantly, keep them dead if they died in the initial chapters. I also have to mention that I have already started coding Prologue and Chapter 1 (text, units, portraits, maps completed), so if I could avoid any solution consisting in using Eliwood mode starting patch, or anything else that asks me to modify deeply what I have already done, it would be cool. But if there is no other alternative, I'll use proposed solutions anyway. Thanks in advance !
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