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Found 2 results

  1. Have at it. I'll edit poll if someone else wants to join or whatever.
  2. REDUX Thanks for the wonderful picture Proto! All was quiet in the realm of Frelia. A certain mustached priest was roaming the highlands without a care on his mind. He absentmindedly adjusted his robes as the wind started to pick up. A green-haired pegasus knight quickly rushed up to him after landing. "Moulder! Bad news! Frelia's stone has been broken." Moulder scratched his glorious stache in curiosity. "So only one remains eh? We should alert the others." "King Hayden left us these orders, telling us who to gather from around Magvel in order to stop Grado." Moulder looked through the list and scratched his head. "This is quite a crowd, eh Vanessa?" She reached into her purse for one more message. "King Hayden also wanted you to personally make sure this happened." The priest wondered what devious tasks the Sage King had in mind for him. He opened the letter to find three words in bold print. Lynch the doctor [spoiler=Da Rules]1. This game is 14 Player NOC. Don't talk outside the game thread at any time unless told otherwise. If you are dead, don't contact any living players and vice versa. Don't contact other dead players either. 2. Day phases will last for 72 hours, and night phases will last for 24 hours. This will be liable to change if my schedule needs it to be, but will never be decreased from those numbers. 3. Majority lynch. 50% of all living players + 1 must be on the same wagon for hammer. You have one no-lynch per game. If you no-lynch twice or hammer is failed to be reached twice, Universal Loss occurs. 4. Don't post after hammer. Don't wait for mods to enforce this rule. This game will feature card flips ala Prims style. Flips will never lie to you. 5. MYLO/LYLO and any other variants will be announced. 6. Roleblocks will be announced. Redirects will not be announced. 7. This game is strictly non-bastard. No Jesters, cult, etc. There are a non-zero non-fourteen number of Vanillas in this game. 8. Use flavorspec, mod spec, or any other non game related information at your own risk. It is nearly guaranteed to be wrong. 9. Don't quote or screenshot conversations outside of the game thread. You may paraphrase anything you want. 10. Breaking any of the above rules will result in a punishment I believe necessary that can range from nothing to a modkill. If you are modkilled you lose. 11. Tactical modkills are for assholes don't do that. I will make sure your faction is harmed should you attempt to do this. 12. If your Role PM breaks any of the above rules, follow your Role PM. 13. If you have a problem with anything game or non game related contact the mods or Mafia authorities listed below: Lord Gaius BBM Eclipse Kaoz 14. This game may or may not contain a doctor despite the implied flavor. [spoiler=Player List] 1. Clarinets Innes, Town Mayor Courier, Survived 2. Marth Riev, Mafia Informed Hijacker, lynched Day One 3. Yoloswag Ewan, Town Vanilla, Survived 4. Faerie Knight Eirika, Town Neighbor, Survived 5. Junko Gerik, Town Two Shot Roleblocker Announcer, Killed Night Four 6. Strawman Cormag, Town Vanilla, Lynched Day Three 7. SB Lyon, Mafia Stone Thief Neighbor, Lynched Day Five 8. Manix Tethys, Town Safeguard, Killed Night Two, Revived Dawn of Day Four, Survived 9. Crysta Vigarde, Mafia Jack of All Trades, Lynched Day Four 10. Makaze Seth, Town Tracker, Survived 11. Shinori Amelia, Town Seraph Knight, Killed Night Three 12. Ars Nova Marisa, Town Vanilla, lynched Day Two 13. Quote L'Arachel, Town Stonekeeper, Killed Night One 14. PrimsKnoll, Town Disabler, Survived Subs: King Gilgamesh Hayden Green Poet Day One Night One Day Two Night Two
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