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Found 1 result

  1. Corrin: Fateful Prince With the multitude of legendary weapon-packing sword lords on the market, it can be difficult to stand out and make much of an impression, which is just such a problem that Corrin faces, with his balanced but unexceptional stats that make it hard to compete with the upper echelons of sword units like Ayra, Ike, or Mia. A fresh breath of life was just what Corrin needed, and though Yato's unique refinement is perhaps a bit too... overly specific to be exceptionally good for anything but highly specific support, the additional refinement options combined with the +2 to all stats that all of the refinements give Corrin a surprising, useful degree of versatility, allowing him to hit much better stat thresholds than he could have ever hoped to before his sword was refinable. Sometimes, just that little bit extra is all you really need. Level 40 stats: HP: 38 / 42 / 45 Atk: 29 / 32 / 35 Spd: 29 / 32 / 35 Def: 24 / 28 / 31 Res: 21 / 24 / 28 Total: 157~159 Default skills: Weapon: Yato (refinable) Assist: -- Special: Dragon Fang Passive A: Def+3 Passive B: Obstruct 3 Passive C: -- Blazing Yato (speed-focused) General Use, Arena Offense/Defense, Chain modes Shadow Yato (tanky) General Use, Arena Offense/Defense, Chain modes The Third Wheel (support) General Use, Chain modes
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