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Found 5 results

  1. At the moment I am on chapter 17 on my Blue Lions run. I've managed to overcome the fights so far with Dimitri's B.Vantage + B.Wrath more or less but it's still really damn potent. Byleth on my run is right now a War Master. He already mastered Enlightened One and War Master so I have Sacred Power and Quick Riposte. I'm not sure if there is anything else he should go for. I feel like War Master is the ultimate goal for him. I could pick up Brawl Avoid from War Monk or maybe give him Fierce Iron Fist for Grappler. Here's a pic down below. Let me know what you think. This picture is from Imageshack so I'm hoping that people can see it
  2. So here I am, on my first maddening play through and I just made it through the mess that is chapter 13. The route I am on is Silver Snow, and this map on maddening scares me a lot. So, with the whole of timeskip left to complete, is there anything I could or should be doing to be able to take on this map at the end? Since I made it through 13 I definitely want to be able to complete this run. The units I have access to are Byleth, all the black eagles (other than Edelgard and Hubert, obviously), Flayn, Seteth, Catherine, Shamir and Cyril (yeah, SS Cyril, but I have stat boosters at least), and since that’s a perfect 12 I guess that will be my endgame team. But the question remains, how can I prepare? Is this chapter easy to soft lock on like chapter 13? I just feel this chapter will be problematic. Thank you.
  3. The inevitable thread for someone on their first play through of maddening. And another one bites the dust. I‘m sorry, but how are you supposed to do this?? The entire first section of the map is jam packed with super fast (and therefore doubling) enemies like thieves, assassins (ugh), grapplers and snipers so my wyverns can’t even stay mounted. Everyone has been trained up. Of everyone who joins on the left (Byleth, Seteth, Petra, Caspar and Dorothea) only Dorothea is not a wyvern rider, she is a dancer. Everyone has an offensive gambit, and I have things like the speed ring, Petra with alert stance, accuracy ring, the prayer ring, Dorothea’s rally charm and Thunderbrand amongst this group. Everyone has supports with each other (except Seteth who naturally only has support with Byleth) and yet I just get completely curb stomped. So. Many Enemies. So, what do I do to survive the very beginning? I can kinda sorta barely make it to the turn after Dorothea, Caspar and Petra join. Yay... Maybe I should reclass people to not wyverns? I don’t have any super good flying battalions, except Cichol wyvern co but >A authority so no one is using it. Dorothea’s empire magic users is really really good but that’s it. But if my unit’s can’t fly away, they die. I just don’t see how to do this. So many enemies, all of them doubling...
  4. So I have recently begun my first not just messing around save file in maddening mode, on NG because I want that golden title screen. I have made it to chapter six and I find myself increasingly concerned that I’m not going for the “optimal” builds and that I’m wasting all my in game time, which could cause me to be stuck with weak sauce units who can’t progress late into the game. Which brings me to the question of today’s thread, how essential are good skill sets and how much work should I put in? I at least plan to get death blow for my physical units, fiendish blow for my mages, and darting blow for everyone who is applicable, but then what? I’m just getting to intermediate tier so now is the time to ask, I feel. More questions: Are there any other classes that is really important to master? How much should I focus on getting skills from tutoring (as in going for certain skill ranks to get abilities)? I just want to make sure I can finish this run, and now is where I can really start shaping my units I feel. Thank you!
  5. I'm on my first go at Maddening on Verdant Wind, (NG, Classic) and I'm finding Maddening to be rather punishing right now. My greatest fear for the playthrough is getting softlocked on ch. 13, so I'm trying not to mess around anywhere. I'm also trying to avoid grinding, since I don't wanna wreck the difficulty curve of the game. That said, I feel that already at ch. 4, I've sorta hit a wall stat and skill wise, particularly with having no actual way to deal with the DK. I can deal with it now, but I don't know if I will be if there are any difficulty spikes. So I suppose the question is: Is Maddening feasibly possible without any auxillary battles, or should I start getting them now rather than having to backtrack later to get past a softlock?
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