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Found 1 result

  1. Lysithea is a very special character to me: Based on stats she is the best magic user in the entire series for me. She is the ticket to kill the Death Knight and pretty much oneshots 95% of the enemies, if trained properly. The best unit who is neither Byleth nor one of the three leaders. She has a very serious background story without spoilering too much. When I read her A support with Byleth and chapter 17 I felt even more for her. Her design and appearance reminds pretty much on a Micaiah. In general she is superfun to use and a prove that mages still can be good. The last good makes I have seen, were the ones from Judgral, but only because they got busted tomes. If Grafcalibur did not exist, FE5 would not only be unbeatable, but Lysi also would be the best mage in the series. Characterwise she wants to learn hard to reach her self set goals quickly and be respected as an adult which both are connected to her backround story. Share your stories and / or pictures of her!
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