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Found 2 results

  1. For context: I recently set up my old GameCube and finished Ocarina of Time on the Collector's Edition that came with the GameCube. I figured that it would be a good idea to then move on to Majora's Mask. I haven't played the game since I was a kid, but I don't remember there ever being any problems when my brother or I played it. However, when I decided to look online to see what people had to say about the Collector's Edition, I saw a ton of complaints about Majora's Mask on the GameCube randomly freezing and crashing, which is especially bad for a game like Majora's Mask since you save by going back to the Dawn of the First Day with the owl statues enabling the player to suspend-save the game. I don't have another copy of the game (though I could probably get one via Wii U virtual console, but then I'd have to set up my Wii U; ah, the pains of moving), so I want to know: was it really that bad? Did it really have these kinds of problems, and, if so, then how frequently does it occur? Was the freezing caused by anything in particular that could be avoided, or was it completely random as I've seen quite a few people say it was?
  2. OK, as a preamble, let me tell you a little about my history with this game. Back in the N64 days, I rented this game for one weekend. I remember being extremely frustrated playing it since I spent almost the whole weekend playing as a Deku Scrub. By the time I finally managed to finish the first quest line in Clock Town and turn back to Human Link, it was time to return the game to Blockbuster, so I never really managed to do much with it. Cue 14 years later, I purchase the 3DS remake of the game on launch day, however, due to real life and other video games getting in the way, I never managed to start playing it...until today. So in this thread, I will be playing The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D in an experience that is going to be 88% new to me. I'll be sharing my thoughts and impressions along with some screenshots (all taken through Miiverse, so due to the process it takes to make them I won't be posting too many). Some ground rules: - NO STORY SPOILERS. Seriously, guys. Don't do this. I'm cool with you guys posting stuff like "Oh, wait until you finish this sidequest, it's so cool!", but major plot spoilers are NOT appreciated and will be reported. - No telling me where to go unless I ask. If I get stuck (very likely since this is a Zelda game), I will ask you guys for help. I want to figure this out as much as I can on my own, but I have no intention of wandering aimlessly for hours. - I can't say how often I will update this thread. I have a rather busy life and making a schedule for my hobbies is difficult. I'll definitely try to keep it from dying, though, as I intend to finish the game. - This isn't a 100% run. I'll just beat the game, getting anything I can along the way. Oh, and I'm naming the file "Link". I always do that first time on a Zelda game.
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