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Found 2 results

  1. So, it is generally agreed-on that western-made live-action film adaptations of anime tend to stink, with the two most notable exceptions being Alita: Battle Angel and Speed Racer, the former having been fairly well-received by viewers but still underperformed at the box office due to a combination of bad timing and bad marketing, and latter having been critically-panned on release but has gained a reputation as one of the most underrated movies of the 2000s. So, suppose you were to make a live-action film adaptation of a notable anime: Which anime would you pick, and why? How would you adapt the story? Go for a broad-strokes approach like the Speed Racer film, more directly adapt the early arcs like Alita: Battle Angel, or some other method? What would you alter/cut/adjust/add in order to fit the film format? How would you handle casting, costuming, setting, effects, etc.; essentially, how "anime" the film looks?
  2. Ok, so in an event I want to kill off a unit, but if someone skips an event that unit is still available in the prep screen/link arena. I solved this by making the event unskippable but the string of text after that is obviously also unskippable. I want to make it so the KILL event is unskippable but keep it so anything below is skippable (because nobody wants to keep reading the same text over and over). Heres the code: NEVENTS FIGH UnitID UnitID EventName 0 Kill UnitID // I want the make event skippable code here TEX1 TextID REMA
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