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Found 12 results

  1. This is a crosspost from FEU. While working on my FE5 project I had figured it'd be nice to rip the map sprites, because I can't find a unified sheet of them anywhere. Although the data is ripped using the class data table, there might be errors. If anything's odd about these, let me know. FE5 Map Sprites Here's an example: Each class gets its own sheet. Some sheets have some strange things going on, such as: Some mage classes have incorrect sprites, probably due to the correct sprites being set in character data Some mage classes have other mages in their battle sprites The High Priest and Priest have some strange things going on There's that weird Baron class More stuff, probably Unused sprites and stuff may be added later, but any sprites that aren't referenced are not included yet.
  2. Hello there. This is my first time posting here and I figured this was the best place to put this thread. I'm currently working on a (debatably?) improved and digital version of Vensris' (or Dylan's) Fire Emblem TTRPG System, which some of you might know of, for a Discord server I'm in. It's a little rough around the edges and has yet to undergo real testing, but that's besides the point. The point is that I need map sprites, since we're using map sprites to represent characters on the battlefield. I've got a decently comprehensive collection of sprites from FE3-17 thanks to fireemblemwiki.org among a couple other sources, but I'm still missing a good few that I'd like to obtain. The only problem is that sources for them just either don't exist or are just sprite sheets, which I am not really able to assemble myself as I have zero photoshop experience. Simply put, I need 'assembled' .gif format idle map sprites, which is why I figured I might as well ask here. The sprites I specifically need are: Green (ally/other) sprites for FE3 Enemy and green sprites for FE5 Green sprites for both DS games. If anyone can provide or help me find what I'm looking for, I would greatly appreciate it. EDIT: Sprites from the TearRing Saga games would also be greatly appreciated. I can barely find any for Berwick Saga and most Utna/Yutona ones I found weren't even animated. tl;dr lazy idiot needs sprites
  3. Hi there :D I've got a problem with a custom map sprite but first things first: English isn't my native language, so please pardon me for my so called english "skills". I'm also fairly new to spriting and ROM-hacking in total, but I try to wrap my head around it. Anyway, the problem I have is the following. I took the map sprite of King Zephiel from FE8 and customized it. Therefor I used the colours that were already in the sprite. After that I tried to insert the map sprite in a clean FE7-ROM via Emblem Magic. The outcome was rather strange. All colours where randomly swapped. But see for yourself. That's the sprite. and that's the outcome. I already checked the sprite using usenti and sorted the colours in the right order, but the outcome remains the same. So what am I doing wrong? >.< I attached the bitmap for reference. Sincerely, Nuramon map sprit bmp.bmp
  4. Recently i got interested in ROM hacking thanks to all the utilities that the FE Community has to offer, But sometimes even those guides and tools are a bit unclear to me, i've been trying to add a new class into FE7, A promotion for soldier, i got it all working, Moving sprites, Names, Descriptions, Animations, but the problem is with standing sprites, all the tutorials i see about inserting map sprites they always say to override an existing one, i'm not replacing any unit so.. There's a way to add a standing map animation without replacing or changing the pointers of an existing one?
  5. So I'm trying to replace the trainee soldier/fighter sprites with Eliwood/Roy respectively. I have their sprites ripped from their respective games, but I have no clue where to go from here. I went to the trainee fighter's pointers in Nightmare, and replaced the standing sprite with Roy's in GBAGE, but nothing has changed. I've also replaced the trainee soldier's standing sprite with Eliwood's, but again, no dice. Also, if anybody could point me in the direction of a tutorial on how to change their names, that would be great. I found a free space at offset 00B8EE10, and inserted Roy's standing animation there using GBAGE. I checked in HxD to make sure that it had been inserted. Then, I went to Nightmare, and repointed the trainee fighter's standing sprite to 0x8B8EE10. I made sure to change the size from 16x32 to 16x16 as well. Now when I load into the game, it just resets the ROM.
  6. So I have a question. I've been trying to change map sprites around just to learn how to do it and I've done so properly now but... the animated map sprites have a list of the classes there to tell you which class you are altering. [img=http://i.imgur.com/udNLhUI.png] but the standing sprites do not. [img=http://i.imgur.com/AF5ASgp.png] I figured "whatever, I'll just use the list from the animated ones on the standing sprites and it should be about right" but it's not. Example: the female mercenary is the 0A on the animated one but it's actually 07 on the standing sprites (I figured it out after a little experimenting) but is there a way to know which is which without spending an hour or so trying to figure out which are which? Thanks in advance!
  7. Is there a way to make custom map sprites?
  8. I have two problems... My first problem is weird..I'm trying to insert Eliwood's recolor (with light blue hair) but i'm getting all sorts of weird results. I then tried inserting Amelia in its place and exact location (D01000) but she looked ok. My second problem it's a dancer class map sprite problems. When she runs she looks ok and when she's standing still, but when I put the cursor over her she looks like that second image. sorry about the priest I was just trying to see if I was inserting things wrong but he passed my test.
  9. So I was looking for a custom female berserker map sprite and, after searching for some time I noticed that there is no place in this forum where custom map sprites are posted. Not even the Resouces Directory has any map sprites that I could find. Shouldn't some sort of compilation of Open Source Custom Map Sprites exist, like the one we have for battle animations?
  10. So I've been trying to add map sprites to my hack, and for some reason it's not working. I'm following this tutorial step-by-step and here's what's going on. 1. Export map sprite from FE8 (let's say I want to use Eirika Lord in place of Lyn Lord) 2. Import map sprite into an FE7 ROM (I'm using the offset 8D00000 in this case; I'm not using that for anything ATM, so I'm trying it there first) 3. Repoint the map sprite in Nightmare At this point when I try to test the map sprite, the game ends play and takes me back to the title screen. I'm kinda stumped as to what's going on, anyone have an idea?
  11. Does anyone know of any Female Cavalier and Female Paladin map sprites that were made? I would like to use it with permission of course in a hack I am working on. (No links yet!)
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