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Found 1 result

  1. Get it here, this includes the NTR Plugin for use with the Special Edition version of the game, and the files are already organized in the correct directory for drag and drop usage if NTR is installed, for HANS users, think of the 000400000012DE00 folder as the root of the romfs. CURRENTLY ONLY SUPPORTS HOSHIDO PATH. EDIT: IF YOUR GAME IS UPDATED, DELETE YOUR UPDATE BEFORE USING THIS! OR THE GAME WILL CRASH! (I'll try working on a fix for this.) What is the point of this? One might ask. Simple, for those of us who for whatever reason, do not own any of the 4 amiibos, I have made it so that they now Join you within the story maps itself. There is no requirement to recruit them, just that they make it out alive by the end of the map and they will auto join your party, no playable character has been replaced, nor does this reduce the number of units the player can field during the map, some enemy units did have to be removed to be able to spawn the amiibos without crashing the game though. This does not in any way, shape or form conflict with the translation patch, you can use this alongside the patch perfectly (as can be seen on the screenshots) Marth and Ike will join you on Chapter 17, they will start off in the Northeastern part of the map. As for Robin and Lucina, they will both join at chapter 19, just to the left of the Player's starting point. Do note that I only own the Special Edition and not the Hoshido version, so I will not provide any help for that one, but theoretically the files should work there too, but the file directory might change, I don't know.
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