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Found 2 results

  1. Cannot figure out why this error is appearing and ill link screenshots of each layer and its properties and if anyone can figure this out you'll be a lifesaver, thanks!
  2. Hey, all. Work on the final check-through of my other project is still ongoing, so in the meantime, allow me to show off some of the other things I've done when I've had enough of looking at dialogue and manipulating code for a while. First off, we have this: [spoiler=Animations hidden within] Looking at the ever-neglected cult classic class, I went and edited the melee-range animations for the GBA Soldier. So now you can have smoother frames and witness an infantryman's impression of a marching band drum major/majorette...except it's much more lethal. The frames for throwing Javelins are still under construction. The lance-twirling comes from the original javelin-throwing frames, some of the leg positioning from other frames, and the *shing* effect was inspired by The Blind Archer's Halberdier v2. But other than that, everything else is either the original material or custom-made by yours truly. This set of animations has NOT been tested in or prepared for FEditor or any other sprite-based romhack tool. These are raw .gifs. I will update this thread when I feel I have something to show, so posts could be frequent, sporadic, or something in-between.
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