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Found 7 results

  1. As some of you guys know I want kirby in MK but is still not in why nintendo WHY?! sorry I had to refence to the kirby games saying WHY?! any ways vote on the poll saying yes or saying no
  2. Like the Title says who would you add to mario kart To be honest I would really want kirby to join mario kart I don't get why nintendo has not added him yet but that is one of the only characters I want so here is a template for you guys to use and for it you don't need to put 10
  3. Mario Kart Ultimate Racing - Tellius Tours The race continues at Tellius Tours. Who will take 1st place? If you like what you see consider subscribing for more animations.
  4. I regularly play Mario Kart 7. There were these three guys (Normal!Mario, Luigi, and a freakish-looking Mii) that were regularly trying to target me. Me, as in me alone. The Luigi actually went so far a couple races as to let me lap him just so he'd be close enough to Star me. Funnily enough, during one of those times I managed to dodge each of his attempts at ramming me and got first. Sadly, some of the races went pretty pear-shaped. A lot of the time, they kept getting Toad Circuit (and trust me, this map is infamous for bullying), and sadly you can't always dodge shells. Once they smell blood, they come in for the hunt. I managed to get the last laugh by getting first on the last race where all three went completely hostile, and man that feels good. Still, I doubt most people are lucky or skilled enough to deal with MK bullies. Is there anyone other than myself who regularly has to deal with them?
  5. I decided to make a topic about the Mario Kart series, and I couldn't find a thread for the series, so I am creating this thread for this purpose.
  6. Yep, a Mario Kart mobile game is in development. The real question is, will it be free to play or will Nintendo charge $10 like they did with Super Mario Run? The movie is real.
  7. I haven't played this yet, so I need the help of those of you who have (Although i have played several earlier installments) Right, so I finish my A levels next week, and a few of us are getting together for a massive gaming night (Mario Kart, Worms, MH3U, Halo etc.) and being the end of exams... drink. So I've already got a few: Fall off track-1 drink Come last (of players) in race-2 drinks 2nd last (of players) in race-1 drink use of power up-variable drinks depending on which one to be decided later use blue shell-finish drink
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