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Found 3 results

  1. Download: Marc's Precious - Revenge v1.0 What the heck is this? This is Marc's Precious: Revenge, a ROM hack of Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones. It was made by EvilEggoWaffle and MarkyJoe1990 as a response to the ending of FdRStar's Ragefest IV Submission, titled Marc's Precious. What is Ragefest? It's a Fire Emblem hacking contest hosted by me, MarkyJoe1990. The goal is to make a difficult, but enjoyable Fire Emblem chapter. You can watch my playthrough of every submission here, or you can play them for yourself here. What does this hack have? 2 custom chapters, with new story, characters, and level design.
  2. Art by Avraxas Ragefest V: The Enragement Ring Read this for all the information you need to know OR you can watch the announcement video!
  3. I haven't seen any randomizers that change level design and events, so... how's about I drop this little buddy here, stir up some interest, and hopefully get help and support on it, eh? What the hell is this and what does it do? It's an FE7 Chapter randomizer. It generates custom maps and events, inserts them into your FE7 rom, and then you can play the maps. The randomizer currently goes all the way up to the end of Lyn mode. Eliwood and Hector mode are completely unchanged. All chapters are beatable. What are the features? Well, while it doesn't generate map files, it DOES generate all of the event data it uses in the game, which you can modify to your hearts content and re-insert into the game. It also allows you to designate a randomizer seed, which it then saves into a TXT file so you can send it to your friends, or write up your own list of seeds that you like. Right now, the chapters are extremely simple and lame. They're all seize missions, you're Lyn, and the one enemy you fight is Batta, who sits on every throne. I want to change this in the future. What stuff do you want to implement? - Properly functioning everything, including usage of more tilesets, difficulty scaling, balancing, mission objectives, units, etc. - I want the player to have a custom lord whose class they determine. - I want to make the game start in Hector Hard Mode, so that I can use HHM bonus levels to properly scale enemy difficulty. - I need to find a way to randomly generate a square reserved for "player units", then form a randomly generated path from there to the throne, which I'll use to tell the program "NEVER place non-traversable tiles here" so maps are always beatable. Any suggestions are welcome! Download
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