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Found 1 result

  1. I've seen plenty of heated discussions regarding one of the new characters, Faye, and I understand why. However, I noticed there hasn't been as much discussion about the Masked Knight compared to other characters, so I'd thought I'd make a topic where we can discuss opinions on the Masked Knight as a character. What is your opinion of the Masked Knight? Do you like/love/dislike/hate him as a character, or do you not care about him at all? Why so? My answer: While I haven't played the game yet, I have been following the story spoilers, the supports, and base conversations, and from what I've seen of Conrad thus far, he seems rather likable. While Conrad seems rather one-note in the character department with his attachment to Celica, I like how his attachment to her is not a creepy, obsessive crush. Instead, it's the sibling-kind of love. I also appreciate how he has a fleshed out backstory regarding why he cares for Celica. He's quite a sympathetic character considering how he was ridiculed for most of his childhood because of his origins, but Celica was one of the few people that genuinely cared for him. And then there's his two-face persona that varies depending on whether or not he wears the mask. If he wears the mask, he's cold, serious, and ready for action, but if he doesn't wear his mask, we see his soft-sided and dorky side to him. To me, I think this double-faced persona makes him more charming. This is just my current opinion of Conrad based on what I've read of him thus far. It might change once I play Shadows of Valentia for myself when it is released outside of Japan next week.
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