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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, everyone, and welcome to this Insanity! What is this, you might ask? Well, @Saint Rubenio and me will do a linked Ironman. What does that mean exactly? Each of us will play a game, in our case he will do Conquest and i will do Berwick, with the twist being every unit is linked with a respective unit from the other game. If a unit in one game dies, then their linked unit in the other game 'dies' as well. And since we are insane, we decided to do it with some of the hardest games! This is gonna be a disaster for sure. but hopefully a fun one xD In the image you can find the linked units and the Terms. Freebies are those that don't die if their linked unit dies. For me, i have Faye and Saphira as ''Freebies'', since they are on casual mode in Berwick until a certain point in the Story. Ruben has Niles as a Freebie so he can capture generics with him. He can capture and use as many generics as he wants. This Thread will serve as a log more than anything, to remind us of the fun chaos and to share the idea of linked runs around! It won't be a full LP since that might be a bit too much work. Hopefully anyone who takes a look at this Thread can enjoy the chaos with us, or start their own linked run!
  2. This was something I realised after seeing the plot point show up a few times, but... How, exactly, did Naesala's attack on Phoenicis count as a 'genocide'? The narrative states that the elderly, women and children were spared, and considering Phoenicis's army was currently mobilised, that doesn't leave a lot of people to kill back at Phoenicis. The only fighting-age males one would expect would be scholars, tacticians, and other thinking-type people, seeing as the laguz are, by nature, more prepared for battle than other races. And this plot point- that laguz are not thinkers- suggests that the number of such laguz would be very low. There's nothing to farm on Phoenicis, there's no evidence that manpower is needed for anything other than fighting in Phoenicis, and considering the army was just going up on Begnion... How does Naesala's attack count as anything more than a serial homicide, a massacre at worst?
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