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Found 2 results

  1. Me and my friends which were played the FE3H has their own opinions about the character's class-features. Long story short, one side needs more freedom for any character-build and the other side needs more in-game uniqueness. In other words, one side needs the less genderlocked classes (as IF/Fates) while the others worshipping the genderlocked classes. All of us finally made the six main fanmade Master Classes for fun. All of these fanmade Master Classes are genderlocked and provides the various Mastery skills equally for any character regardless their gender. Regardless any stats base or builds, we tried to made them balanced and we still obligated to following the "rules" as the entire fanmade master classes should be: 1. Two kinds Proficiencies at minimum. 2. Four kinds of Proficiencies at maximum. 3. Three kinds of class Abilities at max. 4. Two or three kinds of the Certification Requirements at minimum. 5. Two kinds of Skill Masteries at max. 6. No unique abilities and masteries which exclusively possessed by the protagonist, any lord, and any enemy units (including "Counterattack") allowed. 7. Flying and Riding classes must have "Canto" on one of their three Abilities slot. This is the templates which only for easier to make the fanmade Master Class. So, no insisting for using it at all. [MASTER CLASS NAME] - (Optional. A small description of the class) Proficiencies: ▪ (Two kinds of at minimum, four kinds at maximum.) Certification Requirements: (Two or three kinds of expertise levels which obviously has something to do with the class) ▪ ▪ ▪ Abilities: (Three kinds at max. while the "Canto" skill would be taken one slot if the class is the Riding or Flying type.) ▪ ▪ ▪ ☆Mastery: (Optional. Two kinds at max.) Note: (Empty means the unisex class without it's own magical capability.) __________ [nb.: We aren't sure if this thread is really "qualified" for the General / FE3H thread or not. So, better if we just posting it here than sorry.]
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