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Found 7 results

  1. A while back, I created a small hack for FE6 that replaces every promotional item in the game with a Master Seal, which can promote any unpromoted unit regardless of class (except Roy). That's right, now you can use any combination of units you want, without having to worry about late promotions! Download! RHDN Page Apply on a clean Japanese ROM. The English translation made by Gringe is also applied with the patch.
  2. So I'm at the point in the story after Draug is defeated, so Class Change was just introduced. I'm pretty confused with how this works. So as in Fire Emblem games, you use a master seal to become an advanced class, but then in order to re-class, you would use a Second Seal (as in Awakening), so do the Second Seals exist in this game? The reason I ask is because in Awakening I liked to use the Master Seal to make them into the secondary advanced class first, and then they're primary advanced class (for example, making Sumia or Cordelia go become a Dark Flier 1st to get Galeforce, and then later reclass into Falcon Knight). So is this concept still relevant in Tokyo Mirage Sessions? Since this game seems to have a lot more grinding, it's seems like a difficult choice. I thought I would make Itsuki a Great Lord, since that's what Chrom should be, but then after reading the description as Great Lord is described as a support unit, and conqueror is more of an attack unit, which I think Itsuki is better suited for, now I'm confused. I'm assuming re-classing would open up new weapon options (since that's the way you get skills) depending on which class you pick, so I'd like to know what's the optimal choice here (with all characters). When I get to the final boss, I like to have the best possible skills and be at the highest level I can be (or close to anyway), and say if I want to only have one playthrough, can I unlock everything in one go?
  3. So guys, I've looted a lot of Idolaspheres and got several Master Seals. I want to get all the good session skills by switching each character to both options and get all the good skills. Question is, if it is adviceable to do it now in the middle of Ch. 5, or should I get all the class exclusive skills and then switch to the other option? An extra question is if one gets unlimited Master Seals at some point of the game?
  4. Well, basically what the title says.. I used a master seal on my avatar, Sakura and Kaze when they hit level 10 before I realised this was NOT the smart option. (am I just losing my mind here or was this no problem in awakening?! I only waited for lvl 20 on second seals) Is there any way to salvage this or am I just going to have to deal with those low stats? It's a total pain. Reclassing or whatever doesn't help I think? ..so much for not wanting to spoil my game and reading a lot of info beforehand. I've been making a lot of stupid mistakes here and there.
  5. Hello friends, I've finished Birthright and Conquest and during my playthroughs I noticed that Intelligent Systems changed a lot of things in this game from Awakening and even added new things as well. And one of the things they changed was the level up system, you can't reclass forever so you have to be careful of how to use your seals. I don't intend on making mistakes on my Revelations playthrough, so I ask when is a good time to promote a unit? I just got Takumi for example and I wanna master seal him to a sniper and then heart seal him to a Basara because of Rend Heaven, but the question is should I do that now with him at level 10 or level him up a little bit to improve his stats? Basically what's the optimal way of going about this? Eternal Seals are kind of expensive so I don't wanna buy too many of them if I can avoid it.
  6. Hello I have a question regarding re-classing. My plan is for Orochi: 1. Level up to 20 2. Master Seal to Onmyogi 2. Friendship Seal with Kagero to reclass to Ninja 3. Level up 4. Heart Seal (?) to Diviner This is so I could somehow make up for Orochi's really low speed. Is this even possible?
  7. I currently have a problem for my normal F!Robin run through Awakening. I am debating on getting non healers to max out to level 20 or second/master seal them while they are at level 10. I have several units that are near or past the level 10 threshold and are able to second/master seal. I am pretty sure that I will be second sealing Chrom and Robin at level 10 (if my luck with Anna holds!) or at the very least master sealing Chrom. Is it better to go to level 20 or second sealing/master sealing at level 10? ~TSC
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