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Found 19 results

  1. EDIT: Changed issue #4. EDIT: Changed the issue and reason for #5. EDIT: 14. Bow range isn't high enough. Explanation: Not only can magic counter bow attacks at 2 range, they can also hit the user up close at 1 range so there isn't a counter attack, and throwing weapons can do the same thing, bows are the only weapons that can't attack either without a counter attack, the range should at least be 2-3 IMO. EDIT: 15. Mounted units should be unrescueable, should be able to rescue unmounted units, but shouldn't be able to move again without the Savior skill. Explanation: Mounted units are very if not too good. EDIT: 16. Boss weapons should be unbreakable. Explanation: I see little reason for the change to be done in the vanilla game if issue #1 on my list isn't done, but if it is then it needs to be done. EDIT: 17. One or all the stat boosting items need to be nerfed, especially the Angelic Robe, maybe (please don't quote me on this) to +3 instead of +7, and to +1 instead of +2 for the rest, then make them more available through unique acquirement circumstances, like a hard to reach chest on a limited turn map, a hard to reach village, a unique purchase from a NPC merchant etc. Explanation: Stat boosting items can fix a weakness (or weaknesses) in a character that make them distinct and unique among the cast, while I think they should stay I also think they should be nerfed, especially the Angelic Robe, and then players can acquire more in the game as a reward for something impressive they do. EDIT: 18. Most classes should only use one weapon. Explanation: If characters could use multiple weapons it could allow them to have the WPN Triangle advantage almost always which makes things much easier for the players especially if they are in good terrain. 1. Weapon and stave uses are too high, making the uses redundant (hence Fates Infinite uses). Explanation: It allows you to stack weapons in your inventory and never use them, (we've all been there,) and allows you to just use silver weapons or Killer weapons with little worry, with reductions of the problem it makes the sell prices go down a lot more per use, so if you acquired a new weapon by exempli gratia an enemy drop, selling it could be a lot more useful than just chucking it into the supply. 2. Vulneraries and Elixirs have too many uses, they should have only 1 use IMO. Explanation: This gives too much forgiveness to the players and allows them not only to heal three times but to heal, then have another unit trade it to their inventory and heal them, and then rinse and repeat once more or more depending on the number you have, compared to the enemies who can do it only once if that, or if a boss has an Elixir/Vulnerary and is a tank it just prolongs his/her inevitable end (imagine Lunatic Grima with a 3 use Elixir **shiver**) when it could have just one use and bam use it once they can't use it again. 3. Terrain gives too much avoid. Explanation: This is again so the player gets less favor from the mechanics because the player will reach the better terrain first, but this also helps the players if an enemy Swordmaster got in a mountain or forest which is unlikely, if you're a good FE player but it's still something. 4. Most GBA playable characters base stats are too high, except characters who already have low stats like Nino, Amelia and Ewan. Explanation: This is so leveling up is a lot more varied, even until the end of a players level ups and of course **because of the 30 stat cap,** I don't want enemies or players to be capped in every stat by the end because that takes away from the variability of the game, when members mentioned 'stat inflation' I set out to fix the problem, here it is. The 30 stat cap GBA limit is also why Nerf > Buff for the GBA. @MeatofJustice 5. Weapon stats aren't balanced. But specifically all weapons may need more hit rate maybe 5+ or 10+, and I guess the Killer weapons need to be nerfed, also I think the iron weapons MT needs to be reduced or bronze weapons need to be added. Explanation: Most enemies have low skill and luck, giving more hit to weapons will balance out this difference and make the players hits more likely to succeed and the enemies, not just the players, this way if the player had an 80% chance of hitting they would have 85 or 90 instead, and when it comes to already high percentages higher is even better, the Iron weapons MT being reduced or Bronze weapons being added makes the Def or Res stat better and armor knights as well. also MT of weapons can be in the player's favor as well, like the Silver Sword, which does unusually high damage (only one less of the Silver Lance???) and is a weapon the player will mainly be using, specifically the protagonist. 6. Important enemy boss character stats aren't high enough on Normal and higher difficulties, **this does not apply to easy mode.** Explanation: If there is an important boss like Lyon for example, without strong units I don't think surviving his attacks should be guaranteed because that makes him dangerous and rewards players for good strategies. **this does not apply to easy mode.** 7. Defense and resistance stats maximum at 30 isn't high enough. Explanation: Weapon MT being too high causes this to be a problem. 8. Weapon MT is too high and goes past 30 Atk too easily to 40-50, and so makes beating a general easy because of the 30 Def/Res cap. Explanation: I agree with Zmr nerfing weapon MT or class Str caps isn't a good idea. 9. Base classes should have varied class caps, so that a base class can't go too high in every stat. Explanation: Stat boosters are what can make this a problem if a player with a Mage got two Dracoshields and kept first/one turn resetting for Defense they could have about 10 or 12 Defense, or if they got two speedwings could have 16 or 20 Speed which I feel is too much. 10. Weapons, staves, and items don't cost enough. Explanation: Most of the time at the end of the game you have too many weapons in the inventory and haven't used many, this will reduce how many weapons you can keep and makes enemy weapon, stave, item drops, and chests, much more appreciated. 11. Class base stats, need to be balanced better. Explanation: Most Magic classes have odd very low Atk or Magic stats, the Soldier class is pathetic, the Assassin class has the OP lethality and odd bases (that are just as good as a Theif's? W-what???) The mercenary classes base stats are too high etc. 12. (For FE7-8 only.) WPN TRI. improves/reduces Hit and Avoid too much at 15+ or - Hit and Avoid, I recommend 10+ or - Hit and Avoid. Explanation: Enemy and player balance again. 13. The text speed options aren't useful, and the normal text speed is slow. Explanation: The Slow and Normal option is what I'm talking about here I should have mentioned that, who uses those two options? I think everyone can read just fine without the slow text speed, and the FE6, FE8, and JP FE7 text speed I still find slow on normal. **----------------------------------------------------** Here are some of my opinions on the issues with the GBA games, they are of course also some small problems I have with: The Sacred War and Project Ember hacks. In case anybody is working on a hack and wanted to improve the gameplay of their games, some issues to consider could be here. Concerning why I consider these problems: Let me start by saying for me I feel most FE games unfairly favor the the player, with broken weapons (like the killer, silver, reaver, and throwing weapons) and characters especially because of there high base stats and high growths, I feel the 'strategy' element of FE is made too easy to disappear because of the problems I've pointed out, and so you know, I'm talking about the GBA FE games on their Normal difficulty level, Hard or higher can be just as easy IMO, but takes more grinding, if you don't farm EXP you could have a very annoying time finishing the game, and might even get stuck mid playthrough, a very good example of that is the final chapter of PoR on Hard mode but it's BEXP LV up resetting instead of EXP farming, (assuming you didn't know about the Wrath and Resolve combo and didn't get Nasir) if you weren't carefully increasing Ike's stats and getting certain scrolls you can get stuck at the end. If you played on Normal, of course, the beginning has medium difficulty, but as you play through the strategy element disappears or reduces, the player becomes laidback and IMO just slogs through the game with boring bosses and enemies, to make characters even better you have broken stat boosters that can fix pretty much any stat, especially the Angelic Robe which gives a large HP increase of 7, think about Seth, Ike or Ryoma only FE playthroughs. The reason why I want most of these changes is so that the game favors the player less and favors the CPU more, and as a result makes the gameplay more balanced between the player and the CPU, so that on any difficulty having a single character playthrough is more difficult, and on the hardest difficulty without farming impossible.
  2. I was doing a silly playthrough that involved stacking a lot of defense, and I ran into a hidden mechanic, so I thought I would share this fun factoid. There is a second stat cap. Even with bonuses, stats cannot go over 99 (except HP, which is not displayed under "stats" in the unit details window). The normal stat caps for units are low enough that it is quite difficult to hit this second stat cap. Here's how it works: Let's say you have a Balthus with 84 defense normally, and he has Defense +2, Defiant Defense (+8), Rally Defense (+4), King of Grappling (+6), and cooking bonuses (+3). Even though that should add up to 107 total defense, it displays as 99 defense and both combat calculations and the stats total counter treat it as if you only had 99 defense. Bonuses to stats from cooking and abilities (including rallies) are limited by this. Protection, Resilience, or Attack/Mt bonuses (usually from accessories, weapons, and battalions) still stack above this limit and allow you to reach 100 or more in these derived stats. Damage reducing or damage increasing abilities (such as Flayn's Lily's poise, or the Enlightened One class's Sacred Power) also appear to stack beyond this limit, though I have not tested all of these. At first, I thought this was a bug. I used rally defense to try to survive 10 elites buffed Nemesis' Heaven's Fall combat art (which has 142 attack), and it did not help at all. The attack still dealt the same damage. But when I looked into the cause, it seems like this is an intentional power limit. One that is unlikely to come up in normal play, but can limit certain builds, especially in regards to fully buffed Nemesis.
  3. So, I just started painstakingly recording all of the rewards I get for feeding these animals: Spreadsheet here As you can see, this would take forever to fill out with enough info to be statistically significant. My progress alone will be incredibly slow. If you want to help, feel free to make your own copy of my "Template" sheet for your own records. Then, link it here so that I can copy it from time to time. I'd be grateful. If the way this system works is known, I would very much appreciate an explanation or a link to one. Even if it's just a theory.
  4. Level ups in FE games are mostly simple affairs - you gain a level, every stat has a chance of increasing, and that's about all that goes on, right? Well... not quite. A lot of FE games do small things to tilt the odds in your favour, from forced stat gains to hidden mechanics that raise growths. I wanted to have a bit of a think about those, at least out of the games I'm familiar with, and talk about what I'd like to see come back. In fact, so many that this post became MUCH longer than I initially expected. So, If you want to skip to the interesting bits, just skim through to the stuff in bold. I'll try and highlight the most interesting areas. As mentioned, and just to spell it out for those not familiar, typically when you level up in a FE game, each stat has a chance to increase dependent on the character. Often, this is the only thing that matters, for example if a character has a 60% HP growth, then every level up has a 60% chance to increase HP - previous level ups don't affect anything, there's no pattern to be followed, so sometimes you can simply get unlucky and get very low stats, and other times get lucky and get very high stats. This is the basic "standard" level up method I'll be referring to. Now, I also want to highlight this here before going on - the standard method is totally fine. Stats in FE games follow the binomial distribution - in short while there is a chance to get really blessed or screwed in a stat, on average stats are average (big shock). The standard deviation of a stat - the average distance from the exact average value - is probably less than you might think. FE1 to FE3 - I'm not especially familiar with these three FE games - I've played the remakes only. But there's an interesting bug in these games which leads to only certain "patterns" of stat gains existing. In short the random numbers (RNs) generated are extremely predictable, only 256 possible patterns of RNs for the entire level up, leading to characters having a small set of possible level ups they can get. Marth for example has only 14 such patterns While this seems like a flaw in the design and not an intentional mechanic, it does have some interesting consequences. For instance looking at FE1 Marth above, you can see he's guaranteed at least a two stat level up, but also can never get more than a five stat level up. FE1 Jeigan as another example, can gain both HP and Skl in the same level up (in 6/256 cases, or about 2.3% of the time), but otherwise all of his other stat gains are independent. You can't have a great Jeigan level up where he gains HP, Spd, Str, Skl all at once. In a way, this ends up smoothing out RNG a bit - looking at a single stat on its own, it's random as in the standard level up method, but here all of your stats are NOT independent of each other - a Marth with very low speed for example would expect to have very high Skill. Have a look at the chart I linked above and you can see that Speed and Skill never overlap - so if you told me your FE1 Marth had gained no speed in 10 levels, I would probably guess they had gained around 7-8 skill, because you gain Skill ~76% of the time when you don't gain speed. It's not really a mechanic which directly helps or hinders the player, though it does make the chance of a unit getting heavily RNG blessed or screwed significantly lower, since for many characters they will be guaranteed to get at least one or two stats. FE4 (Genealogy of the Holy War) - compared to the above, there's not actually a lot to say here. There's a second generation mechanic, which adds up the growths of one parent with half of the other, plus holy blood... but it doesn't really affect how level ups work directly. The one big interesting thing here is another bug - I don't fully understand it but in short, sometimes the game "runs out of RNs" somehow, typically in the arena, and you can end up getting blank level ups even in stats with 100%+ growths. Basically, another bug, but this one is purely hostile to the player. AFAIK recent translation patches also include a fix to this bug. FE5 (Thracia 776) - I'm not very familiar with FE5, but from what I know it has a pretty standard level up system, just it also adds Con and Move as stats which can level up as well. Which is pretty crazy (Mekkah's boy Ronan, with 9 move from his Ironman run, was fun to see) but really there's nothing special going on with the level up mechanics that I'm aware of. If you know of anything funky it does with level ups, let me know in the comments! FE6 to FE8 - These three all have one interesting quirk. If a unit would gain no stats on level up, ignoring stat caps, then the game re-rolls the entire level up, and it does this a second time if you'd still get no stat ups - meaning you get up to three attempts to gain at least one stat. Note the above point about stat caps though - character with at least one stat capped will get 0 stat level ups moderately often, since the game considers a successful roll on a capped stat enough to prevent a re-roll, even though you can't actually increase the capped stat. This is a simple enough little system, and helps to avoid those frustrating 0 stat level ups, at least until the mid-lategame when units may cap some stats. The overall impact from this is actually pretty small for most characters, the odds of rolling a 0 stat level up are low on most characters - even for e.g. FE7 Marcus it's only about a 3.6% chance, and for most characters it's more around 1-2%. But it does mean that about 1-2% of your level ups will be an average of around 2.5-3 points better, so it has some positive impact on your stats. It has the most positive impact on characters with generally low growths, and no high growth, for example Yodel and Niime would have a ~25-30% chance of getting a 0 stat level up, so a pretty significant chunk of the time they simply get to reroll their level ups. Nifty. FE9 (Path of Radiance) - AFE9 has some VERY interesting things to talk about - and is one of the two things that really made me want to talk about level ups. The default random mode doesn't have any protections against 0 stat level ups that I'm aware of (there may be one - let me know if you know of one), but also growth rates are generally higher than previous games. Still overall the game just uses the standard level up model. There are many things that affect growths in weird ways here. Firstly there's a few accessories that increase growths, though that isn't even new or unique here so whatever. Secondly is BEXP, which can let you level up characters in the base - and if you want, save scum for good level ups. I don't recommend it but hey, if you want to do it then nothing is stopping you. And thirdly, the Blossom skill. This one also appears in FE10 and works the same way in both - it lets a character with the skill get two chances to increase each stat, on each level up. For example Sothe has a 60% HP growth. With Blossom he gets two 60% rolls, and if either procs he gains HP - so it's only a 16% chance to NOT gain HP (40% x 40%), i.e. an 84% HP growth. But of course the REAL interesting topic is Fixed Mode. Fixed mode is a whole beast of a completely different level up system. I could explain in detail but I'll just summarise, and leave this link for if you'd like to read more. In short: In fixed mode, characters will broadly follow their average stats. There's a bit of deviation, partially due to how the initial points are set up, partially due to class and weapon modifiers, and partially due to rounding errors, but the big idea is that characters can't get RNG blessed or screwed, they stay close to their average. Now, there's definitely some interesting things you can do with BEXP once you understand how the rounding works. The Bonus Experience Manipulation page on the above link explains more, but basically if you give constant chunks of some amount of BEXP in Fixed Mode, you can basically round their growth rates up and get extra value. 2 EXP at a time tends to work well for many characters, lots of growths in the 25-50% range that go up to 50%. Like with save scumming, I don't really recommend it - a big time investment for what you get, but if you don't mind the extra time investment it can be a way to get higher than usual stats. Personally, I'm not really a fan of the way the quasi-random aspects of fixed mode work (seems really random to tie it to weapons and enemy), and the rounding issues are also a bit annoying, but I do love the idea of having a fixed mode option. And I'd like to stress the OPTION part of that. I also enjoy the random side of FE level ups, so I'd still be happy for that to be the default, but also having the option to play with that one random part turned off when desired is so, so nice. I would very much like future FE games to have a fixed mode. FE10 (Radiant Dawn) - FE10 was the first game to have a guaranteed stat gain system. Characters will always gain at least 1 point in a stat they haven't yet capped, every level up. Even if you set all growths to 0%, they then start gaining HP every level up (I believe). It's a simple and explicit way to avoid blank level ups, and it does seem to have stuck around in many recent FE games. The BEXP system in the game has been revamped slightly, characters now are guaranteed to gain 3 stats from BEXP levels. Stat caps don't matter either, if you've capped 5 stats, well enjoy gaining the three you have a 15% growth in, every BEXP level. It's definitely an easily exploitable system, and will generally lead to your characters getting much higher stats in the lategame than their written averages would suggest. It's also very odd in how it distributes stats. Higher growths are favoured dispropotionately by BEXP. For instance if you gave 100 BEXP levels to a character, you might find they gain the 60% growth stat 80 times, and the 30% growth stat only 20 times, about four times as often despite the growth being only twice as high. If anyone knows the exact details on how this works, I definitely would like to hear it. FE11 (Shadow Dragon) - The other big game that inspired me to make this post. Shadow Dragon has a little known and oft misunderstood feature called Dynamic Growths. Dynamic Growths, if you read the Serenes Forest page on Dynamic growths you'll probably be more confused than anything - but in reality it's a very simple system. For every 0.1 points below average a stat is, you get +1% growth in that stat. Stat booster gains are ignored, and... that's it. That's everything that Dynamic growths do, in a single sentence. Well, okay, there's potentially some rounding weirdness that goes on, and the SF page does claim it's from testing and not reading the source code (if anyone HAS read the source code and can add extra details please chip in! Wishful thinking probably...), but for the most part, that's all it does. Cavalier Abel is 1.2 points below his speed average? You've got +12% speed growth (62%) at the moment. He levels up speed and is now only 0.7 points below average, now it's +7% growth (57%). Get two more speed level ups and are now slightly above average? You don't get penalties from dynamic growths, so it caps out at the default value, 50%. Dynamic Growths are awesome and should really come back in some form. They basically work as a cushion for characters who are getting RNG screwed. Stats that have fallen well below average start getting moderate bonuses to growth, preventing them falling too far behind or in fact letting them catch back up pretty effectively. Having quickly simulated 1000 times in Excel, an Able who falls 3 points of speed behind in his first 6 level ups (i.e. no speed gains), on average is only about 0.15 points behind in speed after 20 more level ups - so that RNG screwage early gets mostly caught up over time. You're still gonna feel being slow for a lot of the game of course, it doesn't just make bad RNG irrelevant - but it does help units bounce back a bit and keep up with their averages. Personally, as you can probably tell, I REALLY like the Dynamic Growth mechanic. It provides a gentle push towards character averages, without being as heavy handed as fixed mode. It's a purely beneficial mechanic for the player in its current form as well. I'll talk about it more in a conclusion at the end, but I'd actually have preferred it slightly if it could push in both directions, both reigning in an RNG blessed character as well as propping up RNG screwed ones. Anyway, asides from that this game doesn't have too much going on with its level ups. There's class changing, which can modify growths, but the level ups still work as normal. FE12 (New Mystery) - Sadly, the Dynamic Growth system from FE11 is gone. Probably it was included due to FE11's generally lower growths and with FE12 ramping up growths, they thought it was unneeded. The interesting level up weirdness here is the Drill Grounds, which work a bit like FE10 BEXP giving a fixed number of stats - only the fixed number has some variability, and is based on a character's total stats. It's also less weighted towards their best growths than FE10's BEXP as far as I'm aware. Not a whole lot to say here. FE13 (Awakening) - Perhaps the most generic game for level ups in the series. I'm not aware of a single weird quirk that goes on with growths in level ups in this game, at any point. Which considering all the other jankiness in the game with kids, Second Seals, Pair Ups, skills, personal stat caps and so on, is unusually... normal. Let me know if I've forgotten anything. FE14 (Fates) - On Lunatic difficulty, Fates pre-rolls all of your level ups for the entire game. This means you get the same level up every single time. In theory I guess you might be able to plan ahead if you play maps and see what stats you'll gain, and/or gain slightly more stats by changing classes sometimes, but realistically it's more something to control players resetting to try and get good levels I suppose. Asides from this fun little mechanic, nothing really stands out to me. I don't think the game has forced stat level ups, but let me know. FE15 (Echoes: Shadows of Valentia) - Yet again, another game with not much to say that I can think of in terms of level ups. Though I'm not that familiar with Echoes either - if there IS something level up related that's odd, let me know. Maybe it has forced gains of at least 1 stat? Not certain. Echoes gives characters who would gain no stats a +1 HP level up. So there's that, at least. FE16 (Three Houses) - Finally (sort of), Three Houses has one fun quirk. You know FE10 had guaranteed single stat levels? Well, Three Houses doubled down on that and has guaranteed TWO stat level ups, but only for students and Byleth. Church and Knight characters don't get this boon, so can gain 1 or even 0 stats. Being guaranteed at least two stat gains isn't a huge difference but it will give you a few extra stats you otherwise wouldn't, even with the generally high growths in 3H. For example, by my estimate Felix (Noble) has a 6.0% chance to gain 1 stat and a 0.9% chance to gain 0 stats on a level, so on average he gets about 0.078 extra stats per level up from this rule - or about a total growth increase of ~8%. As he changes class it becomes less relevant, e.g. as a Grappler he drops to a roughly 0.1% chance to gain no stats (thank you +40% HP growth) and a 1.6% chance of gaining just 1, so more like an average of 0.018 points of stats per level. Basically, it's a small subtle bonus early in the game, likely to give you a couple of extra points across your team, while later it's a very small bonus only. And that's it! All the games in the series. Well, except there's a few spinoffs to mention. I haven't played TMS#FE so can't comment on that one. FE Heroes has semi-random level up patterns which can be determined through certain observations, but mostly people don't care - max level stats are fixed barring a stat increase and decrease from a boon and most FEH content takes place with max level characters. FE Warriors actually has totally fixed level ups, and it's all at constant rates as well. I really like FE Warriors personally and did a bit of research into how level ups and stats work there (also it's the only FE game where Luck is the dominant stat), but as far as level up mechanics go, it's as simple as they come. Conclusions Honestly, there was a lot more here to talk about than I expected. Lots of FE games have done weird little things to mess with level ups, from safety nets to mitigate bad level ups, to outright forcing a minimum number of stat gains, right up to adding mechanics that heavily shift how level ups work altogether. Personally, I would really like to see future FE games give us some options regarding level ups. This doesn't have to be anywhere near as in depth as the above. For example, a game could give three options: Random (default), controlled, and fixed: * Random is the default, perhaps forced on a first play through. It does what you'd expect. Great if you want the usual, chaotic FE experience. * "Controlled" is basically a variant on dynamic growths - it would both boost growths of below average stats, and drop growths of above average stats, using the exact same mechanic as the FE11 dynamic growth system (+1% per 0.1 points). This would give stats some degree of randomness, and let them get RNG blessed or RNG screwed, but also at the same time stop stats getting too high or low. This would be great for players who still want a bit of RNG in their stats, but also want some reliability and security that stats will be close to averages. This method could even have different levels of control, e.g. "weak" is just +1% per 0.2 points (5% per point above/below average), so it has a very gentle push towards averages, or "strong" which is +1% per 0.05 points (20% per point above/below average), which pushes stats quite heavily towards their average if you want basically some slight RNG, but otherwise reliable stats. * "Fixed" would be more or less just a fixed stat mode like FE9. Maybe very small amounts of randomness in e.g. initially seeding setup somehow, but otherwise a predictable mode where you can calculate stats. Would be pretty nice for players who like consistency and want something more like a traditional RPG, where stat gains aren't something to worry about. It kind of disappoints me somewhat that Fire Emblem has had several interesting mechanics to help deal with the randomness, but never really stuck with giving players one of these as an option. While the standard random modes are of course fun, it's really nice having an extra option every now and again. And the devs have shown they can make all kinds of interesting level up stuff happen, so please, can it just be an option going forward? Anyway, this ended up WAY longer than I initially expected, and took me close to 2 hours to type up, but hopefully you found it interesting. Let me know what your thoughts are - did you like Fixed mode in FE9? Want to see any old mechanics return? Do you now appreciate my Waifu Dynamic Growths as much as I do? Finally, xpost on Reddit here.
  5. Exactly what the title says, what are you good people hoping to see in Fire Emblem Switch in terms of gameplay? Mechanics, Quality of Life Adjustments, Skills, Classes, Weapon types, ANYTHING you can think of! Personally I want to see two things from the Tellius series make a return. Bonus Experience and Skill Scrolls but I personally would make a few adjustments to them. For Bonus Experience I'd make the special requirements for getting them clear and available to the player by putting them next to the Victory/Defeat conditions so they know what they need to do if they want extra EXP. It never made any sense to me why they decided to hide these from the player and not tell them what they needed to do, it sounds like something a Famicom game would pull and we're YEARS beyond that. As for Skill Scrolls I'd have them work very similarly to the way that they work in PoR only removing the skill from a unit doesn't make them disappear into thin air but instead return to a scroll that you can reassign to different unit. The skill scrolls can either be gotten the old fashioned way via chests and fleeing enemy units or recruitable units can come pre-packaged with skills you can take and slap onto someone you want to have them, adding some customization options for your units. If possible, I'd also make Echoes/Radiant Dawn's Base Conversations make a return since they're great for extra characterization and world-building and Fates' Personal Skills also return since they make each unit feel more unique. I honestly don't care if they bring back Full Voice Acting or not but if they do keep the in-battle voice clips but remove the critical hit cut-ins. I liked it better when critical hits were fast, surprising, and came without warning. The last thing I want to see make a return are Tellius Style Maps the color code which part of the continent fall under which power, though this one isn't as important. Welp those are my thought's, what're your's?
  6. What could Fire Emblem Switch learn from past games in the series. There's a lot of discussion to be had here, whether it be the inclusion of Voice Acting like in Echoes or having Dragon Vein styled mechanics like in Fates. There's a lot to be said of what this new game will take from what it's learned over it's 15 game lifespan. If anything at all, what would you like to see return? I wouldn't mind seeing the return of FoW maps maybe with a dragon vein style mechanic to help disperse the for in certain hidden away areas, for example.
  7. With the April update having come out recently, with Seals, repositioning and all that jazz, I figured I'd start a topic for everyone to brainstorm about what we'd like to see in future updates. It can be soon, or it can be far in the future. Maybe a Nintendo employee will come across this, so let's get down as many ideas as possible! Firstly, I'd like to see Ike in the game. They have the GALL to put him on the title screen, but not IN THE GAME?? RAAAAGEEEEE!!! But in all seriousness, it would be great to see him, along with his Aether animation, which brings me into my next point: Unique animations. Besides their designs, most characters look the same in combat. It gets stale. You'd think an outlaw/assassin would shoot a bow differently than a professionally trained archer. All with his left-handedness and Zephiel's spinny-flare-things are a great start, and I'd love to see more. Live multiplayer. Arena is great for challenging battles, but wen better would be real-time battles against players worldwide. Could do a similar thing to Arena wth ranks and weekly rewards or something like that. And that is a good transition into the next thing... Friendly battles. Let's us have battles with our friends, live and not. It would be a great thing to just bring people together and play against each other to showcase heroes and improve strategies. Then real competitive rings and tournaments could be formed. Heck, there's already tier lists, and those are used in competitive games to judge usefulness of weapons/characters/etc. Pair up mechanics. Now, this is a large maybe, as it may be too OP. Since you can only have four units on the field, actual pair-up would seem pointless. However, of two units are adjacent to each other, it would be cool to have a weakened attack from the unit that isn't attacking. Because if the nature of Heroes, it may have to be 30% of original damage, or lower, opposed to half damage like it was in Fates (and I'm pretty sure Awakening too, I don't think the proportion changed) That's all I can think of for now. Feel free to post anything! Can be characters, abilities, weapons, etc, or something bigger like mechanics or game modes (we already know Defense and Reinforcements will be coming a la notifications) Can't wait to see everyone's ideas
  8. As we all know, pair-up has become somewhat of a staple in the FE series. However, I was thinking: why not make it more representative of actual war? And so, I came up with the idea of flanking. The idea of flanking is that you get a bonus for every ally that is 'covering' an enemy. After all, in a real war, if one warrior is facing ten enemies, (s)he would have to multitask so much that (s)he won't be able to concentrate. So, here's how it could work: If any unit is able to attack another unit, they are 'flanking' the victim unit. If the flanking unit is alone, they reduce all of the victim's stats by 1. If they are paired up, they reduce all of a the victim's stats by 2 (as they are technically 2 units). The weapons triangle advantage would give two bonus flanks. For example, if these units were placed in a line: Player general (solo) Player bow fighter (solo) Player pegasus knight (paired) Enemy sword fighter (solo) Player axe cavilier (solo) Player mage (paired) and you were to attack with the pegasus knight, the enemy would be flanked 8 times (4 units attacking + 2 are paired + 2 bonus because lances beat swords. The general on the left doesn't count as 'in range', as it would have to move before attacking.), so all of their stats would be reduced by 8. (Note: stats would be able to go below 0) Your lance fighter would only be flanked once, and only take one penalty point in each stat. This leads to a net gain of 7 stat points to the player unit. This means you deal 14 extra damage, take 14 less damage, AND have a huge buff to hit, avoid and crit. Granted, this is an extreme case, and it would normally be significantly less powerful in actual combat, but this could help massively against bosses, which would also allow us to see more powerful bosses take to the enemy side. As far as flanking is concerned, all units are equal. It doesn't matter if you're a helpless green villager or the pre-promote, it's always one flanking bonus per unit. So, you may want to keep your villager rescue party at the front lines where you wouldn't otherwise. Also, if a battle were to contain three or more opposing factions (maybe in a 4-player PvP), the enemies may end up flanking each-other! However, to make pair-up not completely broken, it would have to be nerfed to about +4-8 bonus (depending on supports) split among all stats, rather than the +12-16 we see in awakening and fates. So, what do you think of the idea? Could this be the next great change to the series, or is this just me being stupid.
  9. Long story short, I got a message in my inbox earlier today asking whether or not Shadows of Valentia should or should not have marriage and kids (and my answer was a resounding no). I put forward a couple of ideas, which you can read if you're curious, but I thought it might be fun to reach out and see what everybody else thinks. A handful of relevant questions: How many new characters should there be? Who should they be (personality, ethnicity, nationality, class)? How are they recruited? This is more intended to be a fun way to tap into other people's creativity over say, a heated discussion over whether or not one method or another is better.
  10. Hello people, I'm a gamedeveloper student and i started a project last summer to reverse engineer Fire Emblem Blazing Sword. Alas i had it very busy during the summer and school started after the summer again. So i haven't got anything showable yet. As i am working on it i get kinda overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things the game entails. That is why i would kindly ask all of you if you could respond to this topic with all the game mechanics/features that are in the game. if i can get a comprehensive list of all the mechanics/features then that would make coding/managing the project a lot easier. Please don't just say a mechanic like Battle, because that's way too vague. because in the battle happens things like, animations being played, battle calculations and possibly more i will keep a list of all mechanics/features below List of mechanics/features already known: Grid Generator (gets data from dataclass or txtfile to know what kind of level to make) Grid Cursor (the well known cursor on the grid to select units or open the menu) Grid (for usage in the chapter, consisting of tiles) Tile (for example: evenTiles, plainTile, arenaTile, shopTile, armoryTile, villageTile etc.) -position -moveCost -avoidValue -defValue -resValue -event(arena, shop, armory, visit, seize, talk, support, customEvent) Animation Player (something that knows what animation to play and when) Character -stats (hp, str/mag, skill, speed, luck,def,res,con,move) -weapon level -items -support Hopefully this list will make my request more clear. **Working on this in the Unity Engine with C#, so anyone pointers with that, or even collaborations let me know in a PM ^^
  11. Long shot, but out of curiosity, is there any confirmation on whether or not Fates continues the 2-RN hitrate system, or is using a 1-RN system (or something entirely different)? Been feeling like Fates has been giving me more misses than usual for extremely high (90+) hitrates, but of course, this could be simply observer bias, and I have no idea on how RNG manipulation works in this game (or if there is even a stable method) to test.
  12. Similar to Locke's topic about mechanical dislikes here, http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=61073&hl= , I thought I should make a thread that's the exact opposite. I love unlimited weapon durability and weapon effects. I adore the nerfed Pair up 1-2 range bow options are awesome I never realized how much I wanted a 1-2 staff until Fates gave me one. Nohr chapter 9 is awesome
  13. Alright so there have been quite a few changes to how critical work in this game. I'll just list them out and then talk a little about how this affects gameplay. 1) Luck and HP no longer are equal for all classes. This makes it more likely to critical most classes, and even outright OHKO them for not having enough HP. 2) HP growths are much lower this game. Once again, criticals now are much more likely to OHKO in story mode due to this change. 3) Skill now affects critical chance by (Skill-4)/2 = critical stat bonus. This is a slight tweak from awakening, but even tho it seems like a nerf, the next difference changes things even further. 4) 1 Luck = .5 Critical Evade now. Technically... this makes luck both worse and more valuable. It's worse cause it doesn't do as much, but it's more valuable cause now if you don't have high enough luck(ie 4 less than the target's skill), then any weapon has the chance to critical unless you start pairing up. 5) Killing Weapons now do 4x critical damage. 6) While class skills have less options to get your critical up, some personal skills are very strong in the critical department. 7) S rank Classes all get bonuses to criticals except for Maids/Butlers. This makes all these classes very critical based or even anti crit in a couple cases. A couple interesting notes, A) Killing Weapons are extremely strong in story, they make it very likely to have 20%+ critical chance, 4x crits, and only have 5 less hit and 10 less avoid than normal iron weapons. This nearly makes them statistically better than iron, steel, silver, brave, and sometimes warrior weapons in story mode for most cases. B) Certain Builds in PvP are certainly strong, I'm not going to say they are overbearing as I can't comment on that yet, but Arthur is standing around with a 90% chance to crit most classes on player phase when built right. C) This can be pretty scary to some people who hate enemies getting criticals and they may stray away from low luck characters.
  14. Leif


    So, I don't have a clue how forging works in this incarnation of Fire Emblem. All I know is that copies of the same weapon are needed and materials. What kinds of materials are needed for certain weapons? How can one buff his or her weapons? What stats can be altered? Can some of the weapon penalties be remedied?
  15. Can anyone weigh in one what the Lunatic difficulty scaling is like? a) Increased numbers of enemies? b) Are the stat increases overkill or fair-ish? c) Are there a few really tougher-than-average enemies, or are all the enemies very tough? d) Forged weapons on enemies? e) What are enemy skills like? Are there any enemy-exclusive skills? f) Do we see a lot of 1-2 range weaponry [The enemy-only Throwing Swords and stuff I've seen listed on the serenes page for Fates?] g) Do map conditions change? Fog of War?
  16. I'd like to know what sort of stat bonuses guard stance confers to lead units. Is it as extreme as FE13? If not, can it get as extreme as Awakening's pair up bonuses? I probably won't use them much if you get something like +5's to important stats along with a +1 mov or something, Awakening's Pair Up system always made me feel skeevy. [i found the game a lot more fun without using it.] Love the Attack Stance mechanics though. I'm probably looking to utilize a player-phase oriented strategy, so I really love the extra damage capabilities this unlocks.
  17. So I had a dream last night... It was set in no particular chapter of FE10, probably closest to an unseen portion of Part I, but the Crimean Royal Knights were teamed with the Liberators, and Laguz enemies (including Black Dragons for whatever reason) were plenty. But that's unimportant context. The enemies were affected by "noise" so to speak. As in, they would only move from their positions around the dinner table/etc. if they heard a lot of player units. So if you had several units grouped together passing through their area, they would notice you and attack. Not only that, they would call for backup, from nearby rooms that the player could enter if they chose, a sort of mini map in a map, complete with its own chests, enemies who could also switch maps via the entrance/exit, and terrain. They would also move slightly in the PPhrase if they were not bothered, though the difference is negligible. (Attacking also got their attention btw.) Personally, I'm not sure what to think of what my subconscious cooked up. On one hand, it does add the decision "charge recklessly for fewer possible turns" or "Sneak by a few units at a time at turn count and EXP's expanse, favoring saftey from the hoards?" Not sure how the mini maps would change anything, since it is kinda similar to opening doors on GBA, but there arepotential fights on the roofs.
  18. An independent gaming journalism site that I frequent just published a comprehensive breakdown of the use of skills throughout the history of the Fire Emblem series, from "Holy War" to "Awakening", the latter of which the writer is very critical of, and it was very fascinating to read. Be sure to check it out if you're interested in the mechanics the series: http://www.gatheryou...-emblem-series/
  19. Myself and Arcanian have just been trying to work out what base stats Maiden passed on to Lucina in the FE13 growths project thread (the pinned one), after doing a few tests and using some data people there had posted. This thread is for talking about and hopefully, working out exactly what is going on with the data. The current best theory I have is: If a child character's stat inheritance calculation would give a base stat lower than that child's absolute base, the child instead simply uses their own base value, instead of the value given by calculation. Or mathematically, the formula should be ammended to: ( max[child's absolute base stats, (mother's current stats - mother's class base stats) + (father's current stats - father's class base stats) + child's absolute base stats) / 3] + child's class base stats This theory seems to work at least moderately well - a level 1 Chrom paired up with Maiden gives a Lucina with stats equal to her bases + her class stats. However, it still does not quite work perfectly - http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=37764&p=2483041 - Lucina's base stats were 1 strength, 1 speed and 1 defence higher than expected with this formula, strength being especially odd, as it's expected value using the original formula would have been 9. The other stats however could have been explained if this formula rounds up. It's possible that Maiden does pass something down after all, but it would have to be not very much in general, but 5-7 base strength. Any thoughts, or contributions of data, would be useful. I'm sure we can solve this.
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