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Found 1 result

  1. So I was playing through FETH today and I'm on Chapter 4 : The Goddess's Rite of Rebirth and I decided to do the logical thing and try to kill the Death Knight with my little squishy mages. I'm playing through with the Blue Lions and of course this Death Knight is cutting through most of my units when suddenly I throw Mercedes at him. He...has...unique dialogue with her and only her from what I've seen so far. The dialogue goes M: Oh my, how frightening! Won't you please go easy on me? DK: You...was this meeting...preordained? M: Hmm? What do you mean? I was wondering about it until I looked up Mercedes. Her voice actor is the same as Rinea from FE Shadows of Valentia. I'm thinking this is an easter egg and the Death Knight represents fallen Berkut. Either way, it's very interesting! The DK's death dialogue when she smites him is the same as it is with anyone. Has anyone else found unique dialogue like this?
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