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Found 1 result

  1. So with the new release of sacred seals forge i saw the possiility to forge a "Phantom speed 3" which gives you +10 spd in comparison to another unit so does it make it pretty broken? Imagine a brave weapon user (Reinhardt for example?) with watersweep 3, he have a pityfull speed of 15-21 but with a +spd IV (who will ever do that) so 21spd + Horse buffs (27spd) and the sacred seal utility (+10) he reaches a total of 37spd (or 34 for neutral spd)! (Of course a 40+10 reinhardt is even better) Since watersweep requires only unit spd>1 he can safely poke a lot more of unit with DC or cancel green mages counter attack (like julia's low speed about 38 at her most with L&D3) Anyway it was a build i though of but i dont have the material for it nor want to build it Please tell me if any of you guys tried it, virtually it seems very strong so i would like to know the real results thx PS: -If reinhardt doesnt even oneshot an enemy at his first double strike there might a problem lol, basically i just suggested a useless build -We all know that reinhardt's damage potentiel will be reduced by alot because of magic deflect -This build idea example was set on reinhardt but of course you can use it on other units
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