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Found 2 results

  1. Was playing Path of Radiance. Decided to use Mia. Suddenly she starts getting defense growths. At this point she looks like this. The only stat-booster she's needed is an energy drop because she's a bit below average in strength. Despite all odds, she's easily one of my best units for tanking between vantage, the frequent crits (meaning one shotting enemies before they hit her), inability to be doubled the decent resistance, and the beautiful defense. This is the first time I ever used her, and it's easily been an experience I loved. Anyone else got similar stories of character you had turn out amazing in a stat they really should not have? Or multiple stats. Or in general. Hell even a bad unit turning out decent. https://imgur.com/a/i6aXEWZ
  2. Since Lani Minella along with Jason Adkins (Rip his role as Ike) were one of the longest earlier voice actor/ress that appeared in the Fire Emblem games (not counting Spike Spencer as Marth in the anime dubbed by the closed ADV Films for the OVA is definitely not canon nor have a relationship with Nintendo since the game localization for the Archanea games haven't existed back then before Super Smash Bros. Melee and Shadow Dragon happened). I wasn't too sure if why they didn't get Jason Adkins to return voicing Ike could be that Jason could have been living in Washington since Nintendo of America is located in Redmond Washington and I don't know if 8-4 and Nintendo of America couldn't afford to get Bad Animals studio to have Jason return voicing Ike since Cup of Tea was handling alot the voice acting for Heroes, Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Warriors, and probably working on the Switch title as well since that could be alot of video game budging and probably couldn't get having two voice acting studios record the same game. And she could have been gotten into Cup of Tea Productions in time before she managed to finished recording for Mia in time. It's surprising to see Lani Minella managed to return voicing Mia and her name was shown in the credits for today's Feh Channel and the latest Banner trailer. But, she didn't return voicing Lyn nor Mist. I probably think she didn't return voicing Lyn to Heroes nor Warriors since it could possibly be that her role in Super Smash Bros. series is definitely not really canon to the Fire Emblem franchise since the first main Fire Emblem game that have voice acting was Path of Radiance and she is involved in Radiant Dawn. But, the other character that she didn't returned voicing as well was Mist, I totally think she probably didn't returned voicing Mist since she only voiced her in Radiant Dawn, probably need to voice the two-year time skip Mist and Mist did have two different Japanese voice actress as well (her first Japanese voice actress from Path of Radiance did return in Heroes while her second Japanese voice actress from Radiant Dawn did voiced Titania in Heroes and probably the cutscene in Radiant Dawn). But, what do you guys think why she unexpected surprising return voicing Mia?
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