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Found 1 result

  1. Now with Genres I like and Game list Been browsing Steam for the last few weeks ever since I got a powerful gaming rig (it was built with help). I've also been trying to find other games around the web, but I either just don't know what to get or what I even like... so any recommendations? Age: 21 Genres liked (in general, games do not need to contain multiple for me to enjoy): Action, Adventre, RPG, Shooters (does not matter FPS, Over the shoulder, or whatever), Platformer, Fighting, Strategy, Sandbox, Online (includes PvP, Co-Op, MMOs, etc.). These are the ones I know I like, but I'm also pretty experimental with finding out what I like. Do not hold back. Do not like: crappy Horror (the kind that's just blood and jumpscares and such) and Hentai games (can handle nudity and such, but I'm not out for specifically that.) Here's my PC's game library
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