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Found 4 results

  1. Ok first things first, I love this game. Especially with the commutes I'm doing now in days its nice to be able to pop out my phone and get a few rounds in. Even at home its fun to play and the way the combat is done makes it so that most matches are much quicker than their counterparts. It also has a surprising amount of depth to it with all the upgrades unit merging etc... I also like the fact that it is truly free to play. Sure there are the "freemium" aspects of it to buy orbs or feathers to get more chances to get better units but at no time do I feel the need to do so to keep progressing in the game. By far I think its the best Nintendo mobile game out there. But the question I have is how long will it last? How long do you think Nintendo and IS will upkeep the servers and the game? Do you feel that this is simply a stop gap for future major releases in the series like Echoes or whatever the next "big" FE title is and this will drop down in popularity? I would like to think the answer is no and that as more games get added to the series Heroes will stick around and just add major characters from future titles. That being said, I would think that with updates and so on would start making the game pretty large (larger than it already is currently sitting at 589MB on my phone).
  2. This Square Enix game has been for around 2 months and I'm completely addicted to it, but would also like to share my thoughts about it and, why not, discuss other stuff about it here. Its visuals are awesome, its gameplay is turn based and is really good, the multiple options the player has to choose among big batches of abilities and jobs makes it really hard to stop playing it. The story is pretty standard regarding the RPG scenario, prophecy, Warrior of Light, world in peril, a princess imprisoned, etc. But it also features side quest (Exploration Maps) and a cool Online Multiplayer. I was wondering if there's anybody here that also play the game and share thoughts/discuss stuff about it here.
  3. So here is a topic that's been on my mind and I want to see what you all think about it. We all know that Fire Emblem got its start on home consoles but its popularity and survival can be credited to its handheld market by far. However, even though I think the series is secure for the foreseeable future with the successes of Awakening and Fates will it remain on the handheld? A couple of years back in 2005-2008 I might have said hell yes. But with the increase in smart phone technology and popularity I don't see another dedicated handheld gaming console in Nintendo's future. At least not in the traditional sense. Lets be totally honest about something for a minute. Nintendo is lucky enough this generation the 3DS sold as well as it did and had a hard enough time as is in the beginning. Now smart phones are more prominent than ever and have a huge share of that market. In short, it doesn't make very much economic sense and its highly risky for Nintendo to release a dedicated mobile gaming console in today's market. This seems so much the case that there is speculation that Nintendo's next system the NX will be a hybrid of sorts with games that could be mutually exclusive or have some sort of incompatibility. I do enjoy the console Fire Emblems and they are hands down still my favorite games but they also didn't perform well sales wise and nearly tanked the series. While the series is in a far better position than what it was I think its easy to say Fire Emblem is fundamentally a title that suits handhelds better. But like I said with smart phones as popular as they are now how feasible is this? With the speculation that is the NX I guess we will have to wait and see...
  4. Hello! So, I am a big fan of the anime series and mobile game, Love Live! School Idol Festival! (yes that's the title). The anime currently has two seasons, and I believe there is supposedly more coming. However, this thread is not about the anime, its about the mobile game! LLSIF is a rhythm game including a brand new story, separate from that of the anime. If you really enjoy rhythm games and the such, you should check it out on the App Store or Google Play, whichever your device uses. LLSIF is free to play, but it does offer in-app purchases, however the purchases are far from necessary to continue through the game. This thread is mainly for people that are already familiar with the game, so from here on there won't be much for people who don't play the game or haven't heard of it. If you don't have the game yet, I highly recommend checking it out and becoming a part of the community! You can read a little bit more about the game here: schoolido.lu/ or you can just search "School Idol Tomodachi" and it will be the first page. Anyway, the main point of this thread is to share our experiences, share friend codes, and generally talk about the game. Here are my friend codes for both the English Server and Japanese Server English: 939582942 (Blake ^-^) Japanese: 807703361 (Arlis)
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