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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! Are you planning on optimizing your team on revelations? Are you tired of having to manually calculate the maximum stats modifier for the children characters? So fear no more! Because i've dedicated a few hours to bring everyone: The Fire Emblem Fates: Maximum Stats Modifier Calculator! So, basically i decided that i wanted to make the best out of my pairings in revelations. That meant i had to look into the pairing bonuses, the skills i would pass down and... *sigh* Their child modifiers. What that meant was that i was having to calculate the sum of the parents modifiers and add "1" to each stat. It may sound simple, but i had to do this so many times that i thought "hey, maybe excel can help me with this!" and then i remembered i don't know excel. But what i DO know is Construct 2. So hey, why not give it a shot? And well, this is the first time i'm posting on this forum, so i apologize in advance for anything that i might have done wrong related to it. (For instance, the image that for some reason is too small). Also, i'm no programmer, i just happened to know basics of construct 2. So if anyone finds any mistakes in the program let me know. Oh, and i must warn you that Corrin/Kamui ISN'T included in the calculator. That would mean having to deal with boons/banes and i would have to add any character who can only have children with Corrin (Yukumura, Izana, Gunter, Flora, Shura, Fuga, Reina, Scarlet and of course: All the children characters) So that's it, i hope you enjoy this tool. Graek Tarmikos Download: https://www.4shared.com/rar/Z_0NTN4Fba/FEcalculator.html
  2. I tried to look for this on the main FE: Fates page, but it doesn't show the formula for calculating the maximum stat modifiers for the children characters. Is the formula the same from Awakening: Mother's modifier + Father's modifier + 1?
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