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Found 1 result

  1. So, I've been trying to experiment with some rom hacking programs recently, primarily GBAGE and Event Assembler. I read in Nintenlord's resource thread that I would need Mono to run some of these programs on a non-windows computer (I use a mac). So, I downloaded Mono, and when I use it to start GBAGE up from Terminal, it works perfectly normally. That is, at first. Instead, as soon as I go to the drop-down 'file' menu and click Open Rom, two things happen simultaneously: 1. GBAGE crashes. 2. A bunch of text gets vomited up in Terminal. Event Assembler seems a bit better, except that the exact same thing happens, only later when I click Disassemble after loading a rom and a .txt file. I've tried redownloading, and I end up with the same problem. Any idea what might be causing this? It's probably just some stupid mistake that I made at some point during the installation process, but I can't seem to pinpoint where that mistake was made. Thanks in advance.
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