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Found 4 results

  1. Heya! I thought it would be fun to share some of our nicknames that we've come up with for our poke-friends. I like to make mine pretty silly, and love to hear what others have come up with! My pokes so far in this game: Lil' Bishie (male popplio) FROOT LOOPS (pikipek) Jim Thrope (rockruff)
  2. Not much to say. Saw it. Liked it. Shared it. Hope you like it! .
  3. So a lot of people are posting their teams in the main threads (the Spoiler and non-Spoiler) so I thought hey, I think this warrants a thread! EDIT: removed all the crap here since new stuff and also this thread is kinda full spoiler 'mons now https://twitter.com/KazoWAR/status/788279824796229632 This is a link to a tweet where you can download images of all of the in region available Gen 7 'mons is here, which you can also find from here. https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/ A Sun and Moon team planner, I recommend using this. It can also randomize and sort by various parameters. It's pretty much the best thing every honestly.
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