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Found 1 result

  1. So I was in the middle of playing for the millionth time and after a bit of exploring the map and doing some grinding here or there, I realized something interesting on the placement of the ruins of time. if you compare the map of awakening to the map of shadow dragon and the archanean map of SoV, you'll notice that the ruins of time is placed directly where thabes once was. Which is interesting because in new mystery of the emblem it is said that thabes was naga's final resting place which is referenced by the fact that you get naga's tear after clearing the map. Though what's interesting about this location in retrospect is that thabes is also where grima originated from. Now I don't know how much of Grima's backstory the developer's had thought up by that point but what's most interesting is that paralogue is the one you get morgan in who is essentially the son/daughter of grima. Or well grima's vessal but you get the idea. Makes you wonder how morgan ended up there in the first place? Maybe after the events of future past they traveled there due to wanting to learn more about grima and something happened? I dunno but it's interesting to think about.
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