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Found 3 results

  1. spi8c

    Unit Movement

    Hey guys. Trying to work on a reskin project for fun with FEBuilder and I am adding in custom classes for some units. I replaced one of the unused wyvern rider classes with an archer class, but came to this when trying to playtest. It seems that the unit has almost all winged unit movement, which does not sit well with me. Any experienced FEBuilder users that can try to assist me? I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. I bet I can tell it in 1 sentence: they're supposed to be slow but to have the highest defence in the game but their def growth sucks balls and their base is ridiculous outside of FE10, also they have down the earth speed so they get doubled by any non-armored unit, they have weaknesses to certain weapons because IS thought they were too hard to ORKO with a slim lance/sword so you needed special weapons to OS the tankiest classes in the game who can't even catch up with a foot soldier and have barely more def than cavalier classes, they have inexistant-level resistance and in Fates especially there are the most annoying weapons ever created: shurikens, the weapon transforming your 18 def into 13 def with no speed that takes double 10-ish damage per attack after armor reduction (against weak weapons because against silver weapons and A rank they take more like 20-ish damage two times). The only skill saving their asses is available at level 5 general, a class nobody wants to use as the front unit because it has the same shitty penalties as any armored unit with less movement than GKs and no offensive skill, and when your general reaches 20/5 it's like endgame already unless you're trolling the game playing the slowest turtle ever seen. Especially in Fates with the exp curve going up drastically for each level higher than your ennemy over 3 levels. At least they could give armored units a faster exp gain (paragon would help them so much).
  3. Uhh hey, I've run into another problem yet. It's a pretty small question: How do you change the sounds of when the character is moving? I have a flying class, and it's making a galloping noise when moving. Then I have a horse-mounted class, and it's making the heavy-armor noise when moving. I tried copying over the properties of similar classes over to the others and it didn't seem to work. I don't know how to access the change of such sounds.
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