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Found 3 results

  1. As the title implies: pick a video game character, and give them a moveset. Here's mine: Character: Byleth (Three Houses Trainer): Description: The House Leaders have been invited to Smash Bros., but as there's only one invitation, and the Church of Seiros (who were mailed the invitation) can't decide between them, they have to sign up together as a three-person team rather than as three individual fighters. Byleth acts as their instructor: coordinating with them and guiding them from the background. Claude is an agile combo-making trickster supreme; utilizing his Hero's Relic and his bag of tricks to rack up damage. He is pure speedy, ranged annoyance. Dimitri is a mighty warrior. Though lacking in ranged attacks, he doesn't need them; his Hero's Relic has all the range it needs, and with his power behind it, it will send opponents flying. Edelgard is a stone wall. With her small stature and heavy build, she is not one to be sent flying very easily. Her axe Aymr may lack range compared to the many swords that dot the Smash landscape, but it packs a punch. When range is an issue, she can utilize her Dark Magic to pressure her enemies and help her vanquish all obstacles in her path. Palette: The palette swaps give the House Leaders colourations resembling different students in their respective houses, while Byleth resembles various other characters, including Jeralt, Sothis, Seteth and Rhea. Moveset: Shared: Edelgard: Dimitri: Claude: Any suggestions for the standard, tilt, smash and aerials?
  2. So with the announcement of the DLC characters, I've been thinking of what their potential movesets may look like. Oboro Niles Azura Navarre Minerva Linde I have ideas for the Awakening 3, but I used up all of the video space I could in this post, so I'll update later.
  3. Blatantly stolen from a thread on /r/smashbros, but I think that their rules (three moves, including grab/throws) are too limiting. Rules: Your main (or other character) can use: - Five (5) attacks of your choice. - Grab. - One throw of your choice. If you want another throw, it counts as one of your five attacks. - Defensive options (shield, rolls, spotdodge, airdodge) are free. - Any movement you can do with only jump and the control stick is allowed, obviously. Keep in mind you may wish to have a recovery (which gives characters like Yoshi and Jigglypuff a slight edge). Tethers (zairs) count as grabs. [spoiler=Example]Link (SSB4): Attacks: - Bomb - Utilt - Bair or Nair - Spin Attack - Jab Throw: - Dthrow Depending on matchup I might swap something out for Uair.
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