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Found 9 results

  1. I did heard some people mentioned that some of the movie theaters are coming back to be open in their area. I was thinking of planning on going back to AMC Theaters to see the Sonic movie (that was the movie that I missed seeing before Pandemic started and I did planned on going to see it during at March before they announced they're shut down), Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Empire Strikes Back is my least favorite Star Wars movie, but I probably feel like I wanted to see it in the theaters for experience), Beauty & the Beast, and Back to the Future I. I just wanted to know that does anyone know which movie theaters are opening back up in North America? I did tried to look at AMC Theaters website, but the problem in their websites that they keep showing up it's temporary closed and I don't see their opening schedule anywhere in their website nor in Google Maps. But, I keep seeing the Movie Showings showed up as August 20th. Does anyone know if there's other Recommended Theaters that are open incase if AMC Theaters are still shut down?
  2. So, it is generally agreed-on that western-made live-action film adaptations of anime tend to stink, with the two most notable exceptions being Alita: Battle Angel and Speed Racer, the former having been fairly well-received by viewers but still underperformed at the box office due to a combination of bad timing and bad marketing, and latter having been critically-panned on release but has gained a reputation as one of the most underrated movies of the 2000s. So, suppose you were to make a live-action film adaptation of a notable anime: Which anime would you pick, and why? How would you adapt the story? Go for a broad-strokes approach like the Speed Racer film, more directly adapt the early arcs like Alita: Battle Angel, or some other method? What would you alter/cut/adjust/add in order to fit the film format? How would you handle casting, costuming, setting, effects, etc.; essentially, how "anime" the film looks?
  3. So, there's been a trailer for another King Arthur movie: Arthur and Merlin: Knights of Camelot, and I couldn't help but groan; knowing how bad it was going to be. Then I felt Deja Vu; thinking back on it, I can't remember a single movie adaptation of King Arthur or Robin Hood that was "good". I mean, there have been a few movies I would consider "okay"; Prince of Thieves, the 2010 Robin Hood, and Excalibur. But I wouldn't call them good, and the vast, vast majority of these King Arthur and Robin Hood films are just so bad. For some context, I love Arthurian Legend and I've done a lot of research on the legends themselves as well as the historical basis and the time period in which he supposedly existed. I also enjoy Robin Hood, though I've done far less research. I would love to see a good adaptation; I'd love to see the legends come to life on the screen. But, ever since the 2000s, none of these films have been about bringing the legends to life; there all obsessed with "reimagining" the story with gimmicks. That would be fine if it was for the storytelling, but almost every single time, "reimagining" has just been an excuse for not bothering; take the Guy Ritchie King Arthur film: the one with dryads, war elephants, and basically nothing Arthurian while also portraying Arthur as a born-on-the-streets angsty anti-hero. That's not Arthurian at all. And don't take this as me saying it has to be 100% accurate to the legends; the legends themselves are somewhat nebulous due to having things constantly added to them throughout the Medieval Period in different parts of Europe. I enjoyed the show Merlin because, while it didn't at all stick to the legends and told its own story, it had also clearly done its research, and it still told a decent story. Some of them will claim that they're reimagining the story because they want to tell the story of the historical basis for the character, not necessarily the legends. Both the 2004 King Arthur film and the 2010 Robin Hood film did this. But then these films that do this don't bother to get the history correct. The 2004 King Arthur film is less historically accurate than Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It doesn't help that the 2004 King Arthur movie also just fails as a film. Besides, what's wrong with just showing the legends? In my experience, most people know almost nothing about King Arthur or Robin Hood. Telling them the legends is telling them a new story, so there's little point in reimagining them. What do you guys think of these films? Am I expecting too much? Is there a good movie that I've somehow missed or forgotten about? Do you think there will ever be a good King Arthur or Robin Hood movie in the future?
  4. Anyone ready to see the Sonic movie on Friday?
  5. So I’ve long felt that Ike is, IMO one of the greatest video game protagonists of all time and Path of Radiance remains my favorite FE Title. Each Chapter in the game gives some plot elements that can be reduced so avoid redundancy Have to include whole cast in some capacity. Not everyone in the game has to have a major role though some will have more focus obviously. For the reasons of her character development in game, my thought is to ship Jill and Ike. Her initial offset of hating laguz and his initial rejection of her because of it make for a good intersecting of values that would be compelling. Chapter Prolguue-3 (Bandits) In a precursor scene, Renning announces with clashing swords and war noise in the background that the King and Queen have fallen and ushers a grieving Elincia to flee with her escort of Geoffrey, Lucia, Bastian, Kieran, Bron and Nephenee. As she leaves, Elincia screams out Lord Renning’s name as he is struck down by a gleeful Ashanard. Elimcia’s horse is spooked by a stray arrow and she takes a detour by mistake nearly colliding with a startled Soren who is on his way back to Greil’s Mercenary bass. Boyd, Oscar, Titania and Ike are sent to dispatch some bandits in a nearby village. It’s Ike’s first mission and he’s being counseled on how to engage with the enemy. Bandits and being cautioned to pick the right time to strike. Ike disobeys orders when he sees the bandits trying to steal Marcia’s Pegasus Knight while she asks angrily where her brother is. She thanks Ike and flies away leaving Ike and company to stave off the bandits. They are interrupted when a bandit produces two child hostages in Mist and Rolf who have snuck out on Rhys to help the villagers acting like younger siblings who want to tag along and are saved by Shinjon and Gatrie. Chapter 4-7: Fleeing Daein pursuit At the base, Greil berates Ike, Rolf and Mist for disobeying orders but Titaniia defends Ike telling Greil that, in her opinion, Greil himself would have acted no differently. Rhys tells Greil he takes full responsibility for losing Mist and Rolf. Greil laughs and decides to be lenient with Ike and challenges him to 10 rounds of training matches to Ike’s chagrin. In a shes next to main base, Rolf is seen meeting Shinon and apologizing profusely but Shinon cuts him off and curtly instructs him to fire 1000 arrows at the target he has set up and while Rolf is doing it, gives Rolf a lecture about discipline and focus and how he shouldn’t have hesitated when the bandits grabbed Mist telling Rolf he taught him better (“One clean motion, no hesitation.”) but praises him for not being seen with a bow reminding Rolf to keep his secret. Soren comes into the camp at night knocking on Ike’s chambers. Ike, stiff and sore from his sparring, hobbled down the stairs and Soren tells him he needs to the Commander right away. While Elincia explains her plight, they hear a loud knock on the door and find out the “knock” is a flaming arrow which leads to Greil issuing an evacuation order and accepting Elincia’s contract because of the circumstances. After relentless pursuit, Greil instructs then to split up and he leads a diversionary force with Gatrie and Shinon. Ike and the rest of the Greil Meecenaries sneak through the Gallia forest and overhearing the Daein soldiers talk about how terrified of the laguz they are, Soren uses his wind magic and amplifies Oscar’s strange talent for making animal noises (creative license here: The running joke being Oscar can do something you wouldn’t expect him to do given his quiet and calm demeanor) which spooks the guards. As the guards flee, Ike can see Gallia in the distance and instructs Elincia, Rolf, And Mist to head to safety . Rolf and Mist refuse to leave their siblings behind and Ike reluctantly agrees to let them come along to find Greil. Remainder plays out very much like the game, Ike comes across a tower, is ambushed by Daein soldiers led by Petrine Mia introduces herself with a bombastic entrance where she strikes down an arrow aimed at Rhys. The skirmish is interrupted when Greil shows up and challenges Petrine to a duel who happily accepts but is instructed by the Black Knight to stand down before challenging Greil himself to single combat at sunset which Greil accepts. Petrine objects but is assured by the Black Knight she will not be punished for cowardice and tells her that there are more important tasks at hand than killing off some sellswords. Under this guise, well, we know what happens to Greil... As you can see, I pull bits and pieces from the first 8 chapters here. Trying to stay as faithful to the original as possible but have thought about making Jill a love interest for Ike, Soren and his broody branded business, and Stefan teaching Ike about channeling the “spirits of the Zunanma” AKA Sol, Luna, Astra, Colossus, Aether, etc. Replacing Shinon’s convoluted recruiting method is Rolf challenging him to a one on one winner take all shooting competition to minimize casualties. Bryce gets beheaded by Ashnard in a war room conference when Bryce voices an objection. Petrine fears him. I think this sets the tone as to why and Bryce’s character is very limited in exposure and I feel kind of bad leaving a loyal soldier with the bag of honoring a corrupt king so... put him out of his misery. Thats the foundation of what I have so far. Many thoughts on what i should do? Ive got a lot of cameos to cover.
  6. So I figure everyone's seen these by now, but I figured I would share them. First up is the Titans trailer, which will be a series streamed on DC Universe, DC's new streaming service with everything DC. I will link that at the end of this in case anyone wants to check out the preorder page. But here is the Titans trailer, coming this Fall (by the way, warning it is rated TV mature): So first things first, I personally think this looks.... just awful. I don't really see where they got any of the characters right but there are a few things I would like to point out. Cyborg is not going to be in this show. This show seems to have a focus on Dick Grayson as Robin and Raven. From what I've read, producers have said that the show will have a heavy focus on the sense of family that the Titans are known for. We'll see. If anyone wants to discuss this further, I'd enjoy that. :) Now, coming next year is the movie Shazam! This was a big surprise to me, I had no idea a Shazam movie was in the works! Here's the trailer: Now to be honest, this trailer looks WAY better. It actually looks funny and they're going back to Billy's original origin. I'm really looking forward to this honestly, here's to hoping they don't mess it up. For those who want to check it out, the link to DC's new streaming service is here: https://www.dcuniverse.com/coming-soon/
  7. So back in the day, me and my siblings used to enjoy some of the pikachu shorts almost as much as the movies they came with, so I thought I'd make a discussion thread about them. I have the most experience with the first 5 shorts, since those are the ones that we incessantly re-watched. There are three shorts that I like more than the others Pikachu and Pichu is probbably the strongest Pokemon short, even though watching it today can be a little ironic because it more or less ends with Ash turning eleven. At the time or release though, there was nothing wrong with the ending, and on top of being sweet, it even hinted that the anime (like the games between gen 1 and gen 2) would make some accomadations for real time passing over the course of the series. I also really like the hide and seek short with the evil lawnmower and the first short where they go on vacation and get in a fight with some generation 2 pokemon like Snubbul and Marill. They felt sweet and I think they did a lot to establish the tone of the pikachu shorts as strictly following the pokemon acting on their own as opposed to the main series, which makes them enjoyable. I guess I'd like to start a thread to hear other people's thoughts on the shorts? I wonder if I missed any good ones by tapping out of the series after generation 4? Also I kind of wonder if the reduced importance of the Pokemon shorts has anything to do with (pichu in melee vs later smash bros games) ? I'm not really sure how important people consider the shorts compared to the movies, but given that the movies can sell a pokemon like Lucario's popularity, I would imagine that the shorts must have some amount of influence... This thread is for the movie shorts. It is not for specials (such as winter vacation episodes), The Pokemon Channel short, or for Pokemon Generations.
  8. Yep, a Mario Kart mobile game is in development. The real question is, will it be free to play or will Nintendo charge $10 like they did with Super Mario Run? The movie is real.
  9. Hey. I'm one of the contributors to the Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE subsection on EmblemWiki, responsible for the majority of the script that's been uploaded on the subsection. I'm currently wrapping on my first playthrough of the game--stopped just before fighting the final boss--and I've started updating the wiki with the requests that were first available from Chapter 6. I'm currently on the request "Conditions for a Masterpiece Movie". For those who don't know/don't remember which quest I'm talking about, it's given to you by a Mirage NPC that's found in Illusory Daiba Studio, and wants Itsuki to present "at least one of the elements an actor needs", with "ambition", "harmony", and "courage" being options. I have all three as presentable options. Now, to actually get to my question: does anyone here know how I unlocked these options? My mind immediately jumped to the completion of Touma's, Eleonora's, and Yashiro's Side Stories, since the three are the most prominent actors in the game, but I can't say that for definite. I've done a look on Google and YouTube, but I couldn't find any answers. I'd hate to leave the unlocking criteria for the three elements blank, so I'm asking if you guys know anything. Thanks in advance. EDIT: HawthroneKitty over at NeoGAF has told me how they're unlocked. Looks like I was half-right--the Side Stories for at least Yashiro and Touma do play a part in the completion of this request.
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