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Found 1 result

  1. As many people here probably already know, the awful Meath over Manster FEH localization error on Ced's unit description has been fixed. However, with that came a sad new reality: that Manster has been officially localized as Munster. Many people have expressed a bittersweet feeling as some of the old iconic fan localizations of characters, places, and weapons. While it's great to see Thracia and Jugdral as a whole enter more of the spotlight, it comes with the loss of icons. Whether it be Orsin and the Pugi Axe becoming Osian and his Vouge or the Yied desert becoming the Aed, more and more fan names are falling to official localization. And this isn't a bad thing, obviously I'm grateful for the recognition of one of my favorite games ever made by the company that created it. It's just a sort of loss of things that I feel nostalgic for. Today we saw a change that hits me personally the hardest with this bittersweet feeling. The city of Manster is such an iconic part of Thracia's narrative, it's home to the endgame, it's home to the infamous escape sequence that is the most recognizable series of chapters in Thracia. It's home to some of the most emotionally charged scenes in the whole game. The Manster District, named for this city, is the country that all but three or four chapters of the game take place in. The Manster Escape Arc is the part of Thracia that makes people love the game for its story-gameplay interaction and unique set of challenges or hate the game for its brutality to blind players. The Manster escape sequence is Thracia. Almost the entire game takes place in the surrounding areas. It is my favorite country in any Fire Emblem game, it is the home of the game that got me into the online community after years of lurking. So goodbye Manster. I'll miss you. Alright, that's my soliloquy. I guess I also have to change my profile image from Super Meath Boy, I'm glad that they fixed it. Does anybody else have thoughts on this whole thing?
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