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Found 3 results

  1. So I originally posted this on FEU, and I received some help there. However, I figure I would have an easier time figuring this out if I ask here as well. So I am working on inserting a song into Fire Emblem 7. However, when I insert the song, the quality is noticeably compromised. To give you reference, here is What my insertion songs like (yuck). Please compare that to the original. I am really new to music hacking, so please do not assume any knowledge of me. Also, I assume the problem lies with the voices or something. I already put the Native Instrument Map into my rom, which did help a bit. But as you can tell, my version is still pretty compromised. My next assumption would be that I would have to edit the song on Anvil Studio. However, I've never used music programs before. So I don't really know what specifically in Anvil Studio I should do. Anybody who could help me figure out how to get a good conversion of this song into my rom, I would deeply appreciate your advice and suggestions.
  2. Is there someone out there who knows about putting music into fire emblem games because I've tried and it is so hard. No matter what I do, it always keeps going wrong.(If this is the wrong place to put this, I apologize in advance).
  3. Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone, I'm not sure how to ask so I'll just be blunt. I've been working on my hack for the past year or so and I'm looking for some additional help in my hack. You can find out more about my hack in the Fan Projects section, it's called FE: Book of Eden. Below are the categories that I'm looking for help in. Beta Testers: I'm looking for about 1-2 more testers. Tasks would include feedback on the story, things like consistency, plotholes, and your general thoughts. Extra people to bounce ideas off of. I already have grammar checkers but one more wouldn't hurt. Sprites: Spriters would be nice, though you do not have to be an expert. Mostly just touch ups and chibi portraits (90% of my portraits don't have a proper chibi portrait and the other 10 are missing one.) I'll admit chibi are not one of my favorite areas to work on. I'm willing to exchange favors/help. My hack has a sort of cross-over theme so we can also exchange portraits too. Script writers: Anyone experienced in writing animation scripts and converting FE8 monster animations to call the proper sound effects and run properly on FE7? That's pretty much what I need help in. I have no background in writing code or programming. I'm willing to provide compensation, either through exchanging favors/help or payment. Music: I'm currently using the default FE7 soundtrack but it would be nice to have help in this area. Inserting some songs from FE6 and FE8 and some other midi I found. I have even less knowledge in music than I do in programming. I hope I'm not being too confusing in my explanation. If you have any questions, you can either PM me or ask them here. If you feel that the questions are sensitive, you can just straight up PM me. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
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