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Found 113 results

  1. Post any cool songs you've listened to recently, or share an all time favorite. If you really want to, go ahead and share any music that you've made yourself.
  2. I was wondering if anyone had any Idea what the lyrics or language of the song was. Its such a good song and then only song in FE3H to feature singing in a different language. I was thinking It might be Turkish. If anyone has any ideas Im down! Heres the song for reference. Edit: Im thinking it might be Latin again
  3. Who's your favorite video game composer? It's split between Jack Wall and Martin O'Donnell Jack Wall (Mass Effect) Martin O'Donnell (Halo)
  4. Since no one's bothered to make a topic about the Concert Hall (at least, from what I've seen), I've decided to make one myself. Note that since we'll be talking about music here, be prepared for spoilers if you haven't played the previous games. So in this place, we'll discuss several things: past, present, and future (we'll be discussing more, but this is a general guideline of what to start with). What I mean by the three is as follows: Past: What songs from the previous games you'd like to see in the Concert Hall. Present: What your favorite songs that are currently in the game are, and which of these songs (if you are) you're planning to play one or more of the four locations. Future: What improvements you'd like to see in the Concert Hall in the future. I'll start things off. Two songs I'd like to see put into the Concert Hall are Life Returns (which has been in Tap Battle) and A Grasping Truth, both of which are from the Tellius series. The former is the credits theme of Path of Radiance, and the other is Ashera's theme from Radiant Dawn. Another song I'd love to see is "Don't speak her name!" from Awakening, not only because it's incredibly beautiful but also because it and the map it played on were two of the highest points in the that keeps drawing me back to it. My favorite theme currently in the game is "We'd best prepare you for combat, just to be safe" (seriously, Awakening's song titles am I right?). I haven't bought it from the Concert Hall yet, but when I do I'm planning on making it the Aether Raids theme. Currently, though, I have Preparations in its place. I've also found that Sea Winds and Travelers, the default Aether Resort theme, is very much my favorite Hone Screen theme; a harbor-themed Castle Design would make make me feel like I was stepping back into Shadows of Valentia. What improvements I'd like to see? The gods-damned prices for the songs being lowered, preferably to 0 so I can have any theme I want at any given time. I know this is the start of Concert Hall, but it hurts that I won't be able to afford my favorite songs any time soon. In that respect, I feel like they should increase the amount of R&R Affinity you get from now on so that you can afford the music without having to wait months on end. It would also make spending 3 orbs a week on doubling your R&R Affinity very much worth it. Anyhow, I can't wait to see what you guys think! I'd love to hear your opinions and thoughts on the Concert Hall, and I definitely can't wait to hear what songs you're waiting for (nor can I wait to hear them).
  5. Just drop any music you want people to be aware of my dudes Id like to recommend Dirge and Lovedrug by Rav, listen to those two songs if you're looking for something chill to vibe too
  6. Basically, take a song that lacks a remix in Ultimate (or is not in Ultimate at all), and give it one. Posters can do up to 5 per post. I’ll start with some Touhou tracks because why not, I have brought up some Touhou in Smash stuff as of late. Maybe even a composer if you can. -Maiden’s Capriccio (Reimu’s theme) Kind of just want a remastered version, utilizing the piano and some Japanese instruments, too. And since this is a remix, maybe even add in a piano solo towards the end of the loop. -Love-Colored Master Spark (Marisa’s theme) Same treatment as M’sC. I thought of the composition using the same instruments as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’s “A Stranger I Remain”. Some techno there, more rhythmic electric guitar here, dominated by violins. And maybe an extra little part in the latter half of the loop.
  7. I was listening to the Awakening soundtrack earlier today and when I got to Id(Sorrow) I noticed that whenever the Id track, and it's variations, play it's always when Robin is involved and the particular variation playing is reflective of the situation. For those who don't know the Id is part of Freudian Psychology and is representative of desires and hidden memories. Examples would be: Id(Serenity): this mostly plays when Robin is at peace or has attained an S-Support and represents their desire for peace and love. Id(Beginnings): This plays at the very beginning of the game, the main menu, creating your Avatar, etc. It represents the repressed memories and amnesia Robin has at the beginning of the game. Id(Purpose): This plays only during the Endgame. It reveals Robin's desire to kill Grima and the resolve they have to sacrifice themselves for peace. Fittingly, after defeating Grima the Serenity variation plays. Thoughts? I personally thought this was genius and each variation fit the situation well. On top of this it's a clever way of giving Robin a bit more depth than the main game gave him.
  8. So a while back I made this thread detailing why I think the song "Rolling Girl" by wowaka fits Severa's character very nicely. Now I'm wondering do any of you all have a song or piece of music that you feel just fits or otherwise best describes your favorite character. Music is a powerful thing and can otherwise convey things that cannot be done with words.
  9. I've given the original thread time to die, and it's been a month since the last post. Just like the original thread, you can post any song you want, whether it's an all time favorite or just something that you listened to recently that you enjoyed. Any bands or albums that you like are welcome, too! To broaden the topic a bit more, feel free to discuss any instruments that you like to play or listen to, or share any music that you've made. I like to discover new music to listen to, and I hope that there will be something for everyone here. Anyway, I'll go ahead a share a song that I like listening to from time to time.
  10. What is your favorite track in the fire emblem series?
  11. Are there any plans to put the music from the newer fire emblem games in the music section from the main site. The last games to have their soundtracks posted were Radiant dawn (Which I'm super thankful for!) and Smash bros. Is there a reason why other soundtracks haven't been uploaded?
  12. I wanted to share this 3-part orchestral suite I wrote with those that might be interested. Each movement features a different game (I. Birthright, II. Conquest, III. Revelation) and totals to around 27 minutes of orchestrated and arranged Fire Emblem music. Had a blast making these over the course of this last year, and hopefully you all will enjoy them as much as I do. Given that, I appreciate comments as they are a good source of motivation and if you like my stuff, feel free to follow me! I plan to keep releasing Fire Emblem orchestral music over time (as well as a bunch of other Nintendo arrangements) :D
  13. First off, I'm quite sorry if this doesn't fit in this sub forum and/or this is a duplicate topic (I'm always nervous posting, Which is why I reread the rules every week, And triple-check each post) Second, the actual topic. So, As the title suggests (Quite poorly I might add) this is a topic about songs that make you feel nostalgic, Whether it be a childhood TV show's theme song, or music you used to listen to, Discuss them here. Here are some songs that make me feel "Nostalgic" (I'm not sure if I should call it nostalgia, As I'm not that old) The original Pokémon Theme - I used to watch Pokémon when I was like 6, In fact, I've been re-watching the original series on Netflix. This song makes me cry want to cry. Nostalgia level:IT'S OVER 9000!! Bad Apple!! (The Lyrical remix A.K.A the famous version) - My brother introduced me to this when I was younger, I still listen to it sometimes. Nostalgia level:High Electric Angel (Vocaloid) - I used to listen to this while I made pixel art (Yes I make pixel art, and no, it's not that good) Hearing it now makes me happy. Nostalgia level:Insane Phineas and Ferb theme - I used to LOVE Phineas and Ferb as a kid, It's still one of my favorite shows to this day. Nostalgia level:Insane Gravity Falls theme - I started watching Gravity Falls in late 2017 (?) And it's up there with Phineas and Ferb. Nostalgia level:Makes me want to cry World is mine (Hatsune Miku) - I also listened to this while making pixel art, I was once listening to this and I accidentally unplugged my headphones, Luckily everyone else was outside at the time Nostalgia level:High Early-Mid BTS - I remember when my sister introduced me to KPOP via BTS' Dope and Fire, Later I listened to Bulletproof and No more dream (By the way, Bias = Jhope, Favorite song = Baepsae) Nostalgia level:High Anything EarthBound - I remember last Christmas I received my SNES Classic, (My mom stayed up all night to get me it) And I was excited because it comes with EarthBound, The music still makes me cry (Except for Giygas' Theme) Nostalgia level:Insane This isn't all the music I used to listen to, But probably my favorites. (I'm probably forgetting something)
  14. What music track from any fire emblem game is your favorite, and why is it Conquest
  15. Hello all, A week and a half ago I released a completed 19-chapter romhack called "Heaven's Bloom." However, there are many things on the artistic side of the project which are somewhat beyond the scope of my talent, so I've come here in search of volunteers to help with a few aspects of this. 1. Mugs I've made mugs for all* the playable characters and major NPCs, but they're fairly sloppy splices of other FE assets, and they aren't 'clean' by any means. Additionally, minor bosses currently just have re-used FE8 mugs, and *two of the playable characters (Hands and Derruk) currently use un-used mugs from base FE8. I would ideally want all of these mugs to be re-done, while keeping things like hair / armour colour intact. 2. Maps For the prologue and chapters 1-9, I was working with someone who was really good at making maps look aesthetically pleasing. However, he got burnt out for the project, so the rest of the maps were done by me, and I'm much less talented in this regard; there's a noticeable drop in the visual quality of the maps after chapter 9. For this, I would want someone who can touch up these maps in the colour / shading department while retaining the current layout & terrain 3. Music This is probably the least urgent of my goals. I've written original music for much of the game, but sort of got burnt out and didn't end up doing everything - all the map & battle themes are done, but most of the cutscenes still have FE8 music. I know this is a spriter's forum so it's a long shot, but if anybody is good at composition and wants to send me MIDI files that thematically fit with the music I've written, I would not be opposed in the slightest. Anyone who's played the hack probably also knows that the battle palettes are also a bit of a mess, but somebody has already volunteered to take care of this, and they're doing a really good job so far. I'll be very grateful for any & all help with these aspects of the project! You'll be included in the special thanks section of the main thread & eventually the in-game credits screen. Just send me a PM so that I can make sure you're not working on the same asset as someone else. With that said, hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start
  16. There is really not much to say at the moment, except expect one track every week. This week there will be much progress, but do not expect it to go on this pace. Preview of latest track:
  17. Hello ! I've been working on a hack for some while, and now I'd like to do something I've never done before : Importing custom music to FE8. I know it's a difficult thing to do, and after having tried (and abandoned) importing music from various sources (Most noticeably games like Ib, Majora's Mask, FE9/10 and a lot of others), I wanted to know if it was possible to import music from other GBA games, or at least the two other FE. It would be on FEBuilder, as you can tell by the tags. Also, I can't afford to spend money on this, so if I need any other application, it should be free. I don't know if it's important (Probably not) but here's the list of music I'd like to import : So, is it possible ? Thanks for reading anyway, and, well, I hope someone out here will be kind enough to help me !
  18. A good soundtrack is a must for any good movie, game, anime, or T.V. show because it can help enhance a scene for great emotional pay off. However then comes the question on whether a piece of music should sound good on it's own and within the context of the scene it's in or is it better for the music to be amazing within the scene but not so great on it's own.
  19. For those of you whose games have original soundtracks, where do you get them? From certain sites? Did you make them yourself? I've been looking around to see if I can find anything, but most music intended for use in video games are clearly for RPGs and not turn-based strategy, so they kind of don't fit with what I need them to do. (I know there's been topics like this before, but they were so long ago that most of the links are broken by now...)
  20. I make FE music arrangements and just wanted to share what I've got with you all. New songs will be added as they come, and I hope you enjoy. Feedback and requests are welcome! [FE16] Trailer Theme (No SFX) [FE7] Reminiscence - Ninian and Nils' Theme (Cinematic Orchestral Arrangement) [FE7] Winds Across the Plains - Lyn Map BGM (Relaxing Orchestra Arrangement)
  21. Why hello there, hackers with significantly more talent than I! I seem to have gotten myself into a..... rather mystifying situation. .......holy shit where do I start. So, I'm new to music hacking. When I first got into the hacking business little over a year ago, I dabbled in it (using Sappy cause I'm a hipster), got frustrated and left it to rot while I figured out other aspects of hacking magic. But back then I also made a Rom specifically for music testing, which I applied a patch or two to without documenting anything. This being the problem here. (The only one I know I inserted was the FE7 Native Instrument Map.) Recently I finally figured out the basics of inserting songs that don't come out as ear torture, and I've been using said old testing Rom for....well... testing them. They work absolutely fine there, but when I insert them into the Rom for my actual hack, they have....some slight oddities. As an example: here's a song in my (now completely bugged) testing Rom: (Yes, it IS one of the boss themes from Mega Man X4) Correct Song.mp4 Sounds pretty good. Just how I want it to sound. Now here's the same song (exact same .s file) in my actual Rom: Bugged Song.mp4 (btw this is how it sounds in any Rom other than the testing one, not just this particular one). I guess the game can't handle the amount of instruments being played, since it periodically mutes some of them. Both of these are played with the aformentioned Native Instrument Patch, and the song has the same priority in both Roms. I didn't insert any custom sound samples into the test Rom (or the other one). I usually just dick around with stuff like this until it works, but this time I'm well and truly stumped.
  22. Fueled by hype, I created an arrangement of the awesome music from the trailer and would like to share it with you all. I intended for it to be as true to the original as possible, and I hope you agree. Please enjoy!
  23. I made an orchestral arrangement of Reminiscence from FE7 and wanted to share it with you all. I plan on doing a few more songs from FE7, so if you have any requests let me know!
  24. and it's AWESOME! Any of ya listened to it already? What you all think about it? I know there might be some controversy about it, since it's really different from "The Bones of What You Believe", but I find the new ones at least as good as the olds. Any favourites already? Miracle and Deliverance are really-really great, though honestly, I think I can't yet choose one that's so much better than the others. I will have to listen to all of them a few dozen times for that :D
  25. Hi, I remade the 'The Black Knight Theme' and 'Unstoppable Destiny' in GBA format to use in hacks if people want. Here's a video: If I shouldnt have made a new topic for this, I'm sorry. Free to use, no credit needed, although appreciated. Unstoppable Destiny.s The Black Knight.s Video CREDITS: Ike Mug - MarioKirby Black Knight Animation - Luerock, Cipher Lee and CanasNiimeHugh Ike Animation - oracle_of_fire and Khrene Cleaver The Black Knight Theme GBA Ver. - Me Unstoppable Destiny GBA Ver. - Me Mist & Black Knight Mugs - Me (Lol, not proud of them xD)
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