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Found 126 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'd like to know what you all think the best music in Three Houses is (maybe setup for a poll later?)
  2. I've already ran into a couple of metal fans on this forum, but I figured I'd make a topic where any and all metal fans can just pop in and say "hi" to one another. So yeah, just give a short introduction of yourself, what styles of metal you like (e.g. power, thrash, death, etc.), a few favourite bands from each of those styles, and I guess a little bit about yourself, whether you play an instrument and/or in a band, or any other interesting tidbits about yourself. I'll start off first. I'm Zeke, my favourite styles of metal are symphonic, folk, power metal, progressive metal, gothic metal, symphonic black, and melodic death. Some of my favourite bands are Nightwish, Epica, Battlelore, Ensiferum, Equilibrium, Korpiklaani, Stratovarius, Firewind, Blind Guardian, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Mastodon, Lacuna Coil, Blackthorn, Tystnaden, Cradle of Filth, Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth, and Arch Enemy. And a little bit about myself, I can play guitar, bass, keyboard, and do vocals (both clean and harsh), though playing guitar is my strongest suit out of all of those, to be completely honest. I'm in a band called Grimleal, which some of you may know by now, and I often like to listen to symphonic and folk metal while playing FE to greatly enhance the experience.
  3. I was looking for a midi of this song but couldn't find it! there is currently no midi available to download of this song! Thats why I want to request it. If this post is in the wrong place, feel free to redirect my post in a better category! I am not exactly sure if this is the right place for posting midi requests but anyway this is the least I can do. https://youtu.be/u4p3_GzK-c0 This song is number 51 on the sound test menu and it played after you beat a level! This song plays during between cutscenes but sometimes the music will change depends on the situation in the story. I do not want the whole song, the midis should start from 0:15 to 0:38 where the midi should end and loop! I want to request this song because I need it for a future planned project! Your help would be appreciated! Free midi only! Sorry I am not seeking commissions at this time. Again, if this post is in the wrong place please redirect it to where its appropriate.
  4. I've been listening to the same songs for quite some time now and Spotify shuffle just ain't enough to keep them feeling fresh. Any of y'all wanna share some band recommendations? and some songs i should start off with? or just post your favorite bands or songs idk just share some music please. Preferably rock music 🙂
  5. I tried making a Preparation theme without knowing what a preparation theme sounds like. now, to learn how to loop this seamlessly....
  6. I feel like a character in Darkest Dungeon....this song is testing my resolve. Best when watched on Youtube's site. Go and read the video's comments while listening, won't you? brb, need another box of tissues
  7. I need something to listen too while I valiantly attempt to work out. Any music is fine (see, I have a rather limited taste in music and I figure this will help me broaden my horizons). I don't care if you think I'll like it or not, JUST RECOMMEND WHAT YOUR HEART TELLS YOU TOO; I'LL LISTEN TO ANYTHING AND WON'T JUDGE (unless you really want me too).
  8. Hello, everyone! I am in a band called Grimleal, which makes symphonic black/melodic death metal that is inspired by and about Fire Emblem. We dropped a new single back in late December called "Love Reincarnate", which is the first song in the Time-Surpassing Fate trilogy (named after our upcoming EP), and is based on Rhajat's reincarnation. There is some Japanese folk elements in the song, which is intended to evoke the aesthetics of Hoshido, and because it was also inspired by Fates' soundtrack. There’s also a slight gothic metal influence, in the vein of Cradle of Filth’s Dusk and Her Embrace era, so if you're a fan of that band and that album, you may enjoy this one a lot. Anyways, if any of the above happens to pique your interest in any way, feel free to give it a listen and leave any comments/criticisms! (P.S. There's plenty of references to Rhajat's dialogue in the lyrics, can you spot them all?)
  9. So I keep forgetting to make use of this feature that allows you to change the battle music during aux battles. I can't remember if it's only available with the paid dlc or not but anyway was wondering what others like to listen to during aux battles? There's a surprising amount of options, I was expecting just 1 alternative track lol.
  10. Hey there all of Serenes Forest heh geez it has been a long time since I came back on here sheesh I have been absent for way too long I gotta get used to how things are here again. Anyway hope I am putting this in the correct place and I am hoping whoever the admin is of the site or whoever is in charge of doing updates can get this. So tearring Saga. I am aware that on the outside the forums part of serenes forest there is a section for most all the games where you can listen to the music at. I know Tearring Saga has a section too I went there listen to some tracks a few times but one thing I could not help to notice is the amount of tracks we have here on Serenes forest does not match the amount of songs in the game. the game has a bit over 100 tracks I believe? or atleast over 40 I dunno I know a lot. we are missing several tracks here that I know I heard in the game. Oh yeah and that is the other thing we do not seem to have the in-game versions of the songs here yet a lot of places seem not have the in-game versions of many tracks. so recently by chance I came across a place that does contain the rest of the OST if not the entire complete one and the in-game versions too. So uh wanted to leave them here and hopefully whoever in charge of updates can take these tracks and update the Tearring Saga OST section I leave the link here. https://www.zophar.net/music/playstation-psf/tearring-saga-yutona-eiyuu-senki
  11. Hi everyone! Jugebox98 here!! I'm new on these forums :) I don't know how many knows me before hand but I make remixes on Youtube. I have covered Fire Emblem music before. But I don't want to talk about myself too much. I have started to make Fire Emblem Medley because FE is 30th years old :) I'm currently on GBA games but my goal is to cover almost every mainline entry of the series (FE11 and FE16 will be missing due they are just remakes). I don't know excatly when this is going to be released but I will inform you if you're interested! Here's sneak peek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKl9myI5-o0 If you have any questions then I'm willing to answer! If you have suggestions about the songs or general advices I would take those comments too!
  12. To celebrate Fire Emblem's 30th anniversary, my friends and I decided to retranslate the lyrics from the original Fire Emblem opera that was created for the commercials for FE1 back in 1990. We did our best to make these new lyrics fit the timing of the originals, so that they could be sung like the original song. We also took the time to create a music video to go alongside the song, featuring scenes from every main series game to go alongside the lyrics. We hope you enjoy!
  13. I was wondering if anyone had any Idea what the lyrics or language of the song was. Its such a good song and then only song in FE3H to feature singing in a different language. I was thinking It might be Turkish. If anyone has any ideas Im down! Heres the song for reference. Edit: Im thinking it might be Latin again
  14. Hi, I remade the 'The Black Knight Theme' and 'Unstoppable Destiny' in GBA format to use in hacks if people want. Here's a video: If I shouldnt have made a new topic for this, I'm sorry. Free to use, no credit needed, although appreciated. Unstoppable Destiny.s The Black Knight.s Video CREDITS: Ike Mug - MarioKirby Black Knight Animation - Luerock, Cipher Lee and CanasNiimeHugh Ike Animation - oracle_of_fire and Khrene Cleaver The Black Knight Theme GBA Ver. - Me Unstoppable Destiny GBA Ver. - Me Mist & Black Knight Mugs - Me (Lol, not proud of them xD)
  15. Post any cool songs you've listened to recently, or share an all time favorite. If you really want to, go ahead and share any music that you've made yourself.
  16. Salutations! I am ZessDynamite, but you can call me Zess. Ever since I was very young, I was enamored with video game soundtracks. So much, in fact, that to this day, I still pretty much exclusively listen to video game music. When I was younger, it was a personal dream/goal of mine to work as a composer for a video game, so I started composing and refining my skill. Over the past several years, I've built up a sizable portfolio. While I haven't composed for an official game yet, I have been quietly working on an FE fan game: Absolution. Before I even knew I was actually going to make this project a reality, I started writing music for the various characters and scenarios in the game. Flash forward to today, and an incomplete version of Absolution has been released the public! You can check out the thread ~~ here ~~ The current version contains the first act of the game, spanning from the prologue to chapter 9. Please tell me what you think about these songs and give feedback if you can, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much for listening! ~~ Fire Emblem Absolution Music Playlist ~~ Song list with links to each song individually and descriptions/notes for each song:
  17. I wrote a song about one of my favourite Three Houses characters, Sylvain Gautier, to the tune of Carly Simon's You're So Vain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHtGqEXPz1Y
  18. It's now time to poll the full forum on what your favorite music from Three Houses is! I've included separate polls for the Final Map themes, because it's quite variable on which is preferred by you all, so I've included them as separate polls! The songs are as follows: The Edge of Dawn: The Game's main theme, used in the opening movie, as well as several pivotal story moments. Blue Skies and a Battle / Between Heaven and Earth : Chapter 7 (Battle of the Eagle and Lion) / Chapter 17 (Blood of the Eagle and Lion) Map themes As Fierce as Fire: Post-Timeskip preparation theme Chasing Daybreak: Early Post-Timeskip battle theme The King of Lions: Dimitri's theme The Leader's Path: Edelgard's theme Dwellings of the Ancient Gods: Chapters 2, 6, 11 (Holy Tomb) battle theme Shambhala (Area 17 Redux): Verdant Wind chapter 21 (TWSITD Battle theme) Tempest of Seasons: Default Paralogue theme Tearing Through Heaven: Chapters 8, 9, 10 Battle themes (TWSITD, pre-timeskip) Awakening: The cutscene in which Unfulfilled: Battle theme against the unchosen Lords Roar of Dominion: Chapter 12 (Garreg Mach Invasion) Battle theme Scales of the Goddess: Post-Timeskip Monastery theme Any of Annette's songs: The little songs that Annette sings in Supports with Felix, Petra, and others Final Battle themes: Sorry about the long post, but I hope you enjoy the poll!
  19. Forgive me, couldn't find a place on this site to properly place these. Its all propaganda. I was solely posting them on reddit but that didn't work out. So here you go. Will post more eventually. Dio parody AC/DC parody BOC parody Buggles parody 1980s ablum cover parody Gahan parody Pokemon/Rein Sprite I give it my meow Just a strait up sprite
  20. Just drop any music you want people to be aware of my dudes Id like to recommend Dirge and Lovedrug by Rav, listen to those two songs if you're looking for something chill to vibe too
  21. Who's your favorite video game composer? It's split between Jack Wall and Martin O'Donnell Jack Wall (Mass Effect) Martin O'Donnell (Halo)
  22. Since no one's bothered to make a topic about the Concert Hall (at least, from what I've seen), I've decided to make one myself. Note that since we'll be talking about music here, be prepared for spoilers if you haven't played the previous games. So in this place, we'll discuss several things: past, present, and future (we'll be discussing more, but this is a general guideline of what to start with). What I mean by the three is as follows: Past: What songs from the previous games you'd like to see in the Concert Hall. Present: What your favorite songs that are currently in the game are, and which of these songs (if you are) you're planning to play one or more of the four locations. Future: What improvements you'd like to see in the Concert Hall in the future. I'll start things off. Two songs I'd like to see put into the Concert Hall are Life Returns (which has been in Tap Battle) and A Grasping Truth, both of which are from the Tellius series. The former is the credits theme of Path of Radiance, and the other is Ashera's theme from Radiant Dawn. Another song I'd love to see is "Don't speak her name!" from Awakening, not only because it's incredibly beautiful but also because it and the map it played on were two of the highest points in the that keeps drawing me back to it. My favorite theme currently in the game is "We'd best prepare you for combat, just to be safe" (seriously, Awakening's song titles am I right?). I haven't bought it from the Concert Hall yet, but when I do I'm planning on making it the Aether Raids theme. Currently, though, I have Preparations in its place. I've also found that Sea Winds and Travelers, the default Aether Resort theme, is very much my favorite Hone Screen theme; a harbor-themed Castle Design would make make me feel like I was stepping back into Shadows of Valentia. What improvements I'd like to see? The gods-damned prices for the songs being lowered, preferably to 0 so I can have any theme I want at any given time. I know this is the start of Concert Hall, but it hurts that I won't be able to afford my favorite songs any time soon. In that respect, I feel like they should increase the amount of R&R Affinity you get from now on so that you can afford the music without having to wait months on end. It would also make spending 3 orbs a week on doubling your R&R Affinity very much worth it. Anyhow, I can't wait to see what you guys think! I'd love to hear your opinions and thoughts on the Concert Hall, and I definitely can't wait to hear what songs you're waiting for (nor can I wait to hear them).
  23. Basically, take a song that lacks a remix in Ultimate (or is not in Ultimate at all), and give it one. Posters can do up to 5 per post. I’ll start with some Touhou tracks because why not, I have brought up some Touhou in Smash stuff as of late. Maybe even a composer if you can. -Maiden’s Capriccio (Reimu’s theme) Kind of just want a remastered version, utilizing the piano and some Japanese instruments, too. And since this is a remix, maybe even add in a piano solo towards the end of the loop. -Love-Colored Master Spark (Marisa’s theme) Same treatment as M’sC. I thought of the composition using the same instruments as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’s “A Stranger I Remain”. Some techno there, more rhythmic electric guitar here, dominated by violins. And maybe an extra little part in the latter half of the loop.
  24. I was listening to the Awakening soundtrack earlier today and when I got to Id(Sorrow) I noticed that whenever the Id track, and it's variations, play it's always when Robin is involved and the particular variation playing is reflective of the situation. For those who don't know the Id is part of Freudian Psychology and is representative of desires and hidden memories. Examples would be: Id(Serenity): this mostly plays when Robin is at peace or has attained an S-Support and represents their desire for peace and love. Id(Beginnings): This plays at the very beginning of the game, the main menu, creating your Avatar, etc. It represents the repressed memories and amnesia Robin has at the beginning of the game. Id(Purpose): This plays only during the Endgame. It reveals Robin's desire to kill Grima and the resolve they have to sacrifice themselves for peace. Fittingly, after defeating Grima the Serenity variation plays. Thoughts? I personally thought this was genius and each variation fit the situation well. On top of this it's a clever way of giving Robin a bit more depth than the main game gave him.
  25. So a while back I made this thread detailing why I think the song "Rolling Girl" by wowaka fits Severa's character very nicely. Now I'm wondering do any of you all have a song or piece of music that you feel just fits or otherwise best describes your favorite character. Music is a powerful thing and can otherwise convey things that cannot be done with words.
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