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Found 14 results

  1. Hello! I had a few questions in regards to the Tactician's data in Fire Emblem 7. I know that you can assign units to use the name entered for the Tactician; in this way, you can make a single character renameable. I was primarily wondering if it was possible to set a unit to use the same Affinity as the Tactician, as well. Also, how feasible would it be to re-enable the field used for Blood Type selection in a Western Fire Emblem 7 ROM? It would be nice to have that extra field to use for something. By the way, I'd heard that somebody was working on retooling the Tactician data entry screen into Avatar customization; I'm curious to know what the progress on that is. Thank you very much for your time!
  2. So I'm trying to make a street pass team made up of custom avatars in fates. Since fates has 9 save files thanks to the extra data, I decided to use them to make my different save files for all of my different MUs. I made 3 different save files in the extra data, one being the actual account I'll be sending out, and the other two I registered into the unit log book. Now this is where the problem comes in. I made the fourth one and bought and einherjar of the fourth MU to register it in my Logbook. When I went to the "main" save file to buy the fourth MU, it said that I already recruited it despite only having the 2 previous Einherjar in the file! Not only that, the second MU that I made and registered was nowhere in sight in the log book! After some experimenting, I found out that save files that are in the same row are assigned the same log book spots. Also, I tried saving the save file to a different row, deleting the unit from the logbook, and then buying it again, but the MU is still in the same position in the log book. Do you have any alternative ideas/ways to make a MU army cause the logbook doesnt work any more.
  3. Hey! Recently I took a liking to building teams for Fates online! I need these classes but as an MU. Please do not leave your castle code if Thanks again~ :3
  4. I keep asking for help, but you know. Currently planning on trying Lunatic for the time with a M!Avatar paired with Nowi. Nowi: Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker, Strength +2, Deliverer, Wyrmsbane. (Manakete). So, Nowi is rather limited so the above set is what I thought I would go with. Nothing special about it. Would be there be a reason to have Nowi go for any magical classes? MU 1: Axefaire, Luna, Strength +2, Swordbreaker, Counter/Pavise. (Warrior/General). I had two ideas for how I wanted MU to look. This one here will be an Axe based one, as Axefaire indicates. Let me know if you got better ideas. I thought about +Str/-Lck for asset/flaw but I don't know if it would work very well on Lunatic. I'm aware though that General isn't considered that great, but I've never used General ingame that much. MU 2: Swordfaire, Astra, Sol, Strength +2, Lancebreaker. (Hero). This one would be a sword based MU, but still being somewhat similar to the one above. I would also like a +Str/-Lck on this one, but I also thought about running +Spd. Armsthrift would be an option, though I wouldn't know which skill to remove for it. Maybe Strength +2. So, for kids I'm a bit more lost what to do with them. I won't use Galeforce, because I dislike grinding through Dark Flier unless it's a magical inclined unit, and I ban Galeforce in most of my runs anyway. Nah: Luna/Sol, Strength +2, ?, ?, ?. (Manakete). Seriously no plan on what I want to do with Nah. Morgan: Sol, Swordfaire, Astra, Strength +2, Lancebreaker (Hero). I'm even more lost with Morgan. I probably wouldn't go with Manakete, though I might change my mind. If I go with MU 1 I would probably have her end up with something similar to MU 2. If I would go with MU 2 I'm not sure what I would want to run on Morgan. Except maybe Luna. Thanks for any help in advance!
  5. Since I got so much free time I decided to create another file, parallel to my other file, and I would like some help with it. I plan on going for another Fe!MU but this time put her as a Sniper. I know Sniper isn't the most valued class, but I would like to go for it anyway. Let's start off with Asset/Flaw. I thought +Spd/-Lck but would +Str/-Lck be an option? What should I take if I want to do this on Lunatic (I might do this on Hard first before trying to repeat it on Lunatic)? For skills, besides Galeforce and Bowfaire, what would be good? I want one proc at least, which means Luna/Ignis/Sol/Astra/Lethality. I would think Luna would be the best. Armsthrift? Any +2 skill? Anything else? A Breaker skill? Following the previous part, what order should I go through the classes I need to get my 5 skills? Something less relevant in terms of customization of MU is the pairing. I have thought about Chrom!Inigo since I will pair Chrom with Olivia but also about going with Lon'qu. If I go with either of these I will make a save before I trigger the S-support so I can go for a Basilio pairing, which I have wanted to do for a long time, though that one is just for fun. Besides Chrom!Inigo and Lon'qu I have also considered Gerome, probably Lon'qu!Gerome, and Frederick. Thoughts on all of these? Finally, would I need to do or change anything special if I would do this on Lunatic? Thanks to everybody who decides to leave their thoughts and help me!
  6. Post the avatar you use in Awakening. Primarily think of class/appearance/asset-flaw, but if you wanna go all out and post skills and marriages you can. For my Male MU, which shares my name (Rio), I go with the following: Build 1 Face 4 Hair 5 Hair Color 5 Voice Male 3 +Resistance -Luck You can see him in my profile pic. For my Female MU, who I call Rhia, I go with the following: Build 1 Face 1 Hair 3 Hair Color 5 Voice Female 1 +Speed -HP
  7. I'm trying to figure out a physical class with good speed, defense, and strength. I've decided, when I get the game, to switch from Nohr Prince(ss) to that second class. My options are narrowed down to Oni Savage, Samurai, Fighter, and Mercenary. I'm also wondering if +Str/-Mag works for all or not? I also plan on S-ranking Nyx, since the support is cute. I don't mind if Kanna is weak due to me pairing a physical and a magical unit together. Thank you.
  8. I'm just curious which "special" marriage is your favourite, if you have one. These marriages are restricted to only the Avatar (depending on gender) and some are only recruited in DLCs or Spotpass. The polls are multiple choice, so feel free to vote as much as you'd like. (If I'm forgetting anyone, feel free to tell me and I'll add them asap.) For Female Avatar, I'm quite fond of Priam (even if he can't get Aether, it's cool) and Gangrel. For Male Avatar, I'm less picky and like all of the marriage options (but I'm really attached to Tiki).
  9. I was trying to pick the best 5 skills that would make a male and female my unit the best possible unit. These skills must make the my unit as powerful as possible. Right now here are my thoughts for the best 5 skills for male and female unit: Male My Unit Counter Wrath Vengance Vantage Lifetaker Female My Unit Galeforce Lifetaker Vantage Vengance Armthrust/Bowbreaker/Tomebreaker What are your thoughs? Which skills would you change and why? What class would you have as their final class?
  10. Chrom(RK) X Olivia(GF) Lucina!Great Lord Inigo!Beserker (S) feMU(GF) X Inigo(RK) Morgan!Grand Master Tharja(??) X Gaius(Sol) Noire!Sorcerer Lissa(GF) X Ricken(??) Owain!Dread Fighter Maribelle(GF) X Libra(??) Brady!Dread Fighter Sumia(GF) X Henry(??) Cynthia!Sage (S) Cordelia(GF) X Lon’qu(Astra) Severa!Assassin (S) Cherche(??) X Vaike(??) Gerome!Beserker (S) Miriel(??) X Gregor(??) Laurent!Sage (S) Nowi(??) X Kellam(??) Nah!Manakete Sully(??) X Donnel(Sol) Kjelle!Wyrven Lord (S) Panne(??) X Frederick(??) Yarne!Beserker (S) Brady X Cynthia Owain X Severa Nah X Yarne Morgan X Kjelle Lucina X Gerome Noire X Laurent Looking for some help with my pairings and classing. This is what I wish to do for my next Lunatic+ run, full grind and post game pairings. Main goal is for Apotheosis. I am open to all discussion on these pairings and which skills to pass down. I have put a (S) next to children that are designed to be a support unit. This is either because they are strictly there to do high damage or be a healer. No (S) does not mean they can’t be a support unit, just that I did not have him/her designed to be one. feMU is +DEF/-LCK. I am also open to my children support pairings as well. Lastly I was really hoping to have a Kjelle that looks awesome and sexy, but I don’t know what class she’ll look the sexiest as and be a strong damage support. I have Donnel as her dad since everywhere I read he’s the best and her best final class is Wyrven Lord. Thanks in advance for any and all help/thoughts/advice!
  11. Okay, so I love grinding and DLC and constant reclassing/customization for the best results, so gameplay on Normal/Hard passed pretty easily for me. Consequently, I didn't care much for "optimal pairings" or "best children" because I had no difficulty with the stages. Upon finally starting my lunatic run however, I discovered that this time I wanted to really plan out my pairings, skill inheritance and try to get the "best children in their best classes" possible! I'm absolutely fine with any sort of grinding and reclassing, so please don't hesitate to give me long reclassing paths if it's worth it! I also have full access to DLC and additional classes such as Dread Fighter and Bride, and skills like Limit Breaker - so there's no problem recommending me pairings that would utilize these skills/classes for their children. I've done some research of my own, and combined with the pairings that I used in my past playthroughs, I have come up with a draft - please don't hesitate correcting me! Chrom/Olivia (I've heard that this gives a great Inigo and Lucina) Inigo/feMU (Chrom or second gen is best for feMU, and Rightful King, so...) Cherche/Vaike/Frederick (Vaike gives crazy strength and I love a strong Gerome, but others seem to agree that Fred makes a tank Gerome. I'm a little worried about Fred's stats because in my past experiences Fred had quite inferior stats compared to other units further into the game.) Gaius/Tharja (Noire gets galeforce and that's awesome, but I've always made Gaius the father for Noire...is there any other good candidate for her father?) Maribelle/Lon'Qu/Henry/Libra (I've always done Lon'Qu for Brady and it worked out fine...but apparently Henry or Libra gives a good sorcerer potential for him. What should I do?) Miriel/Gregor (My mind is set on this one.) Nowi/Kellam/Donnel (Kellam gives Nah amazing defense. But why is everyone suggesting Donnel?) Sully/Donnel (Isn't this the best? I've heard Stahl and Vaike are good, too, but...) Panne/????? (Seriously, help me.) Lissa/Ricken/Libra/Henry/Vaike (So much potential...Owain might be a good magic user, but how about Dread Fighter? What should I do about him?) Cordelia/Lon'Qu/Stahl (That speed with Lon'Qu...but Stahl makes Severa a good hero...BUTBUTBUT) Sumia/Henry/Gaius/Fred/??? (I have zero ideas. But unfortunately Chrom is definitely out of question.) Please keep in mind, this is all for optimization and not supports or hair colours...(though I was very adamant on those before...) so no shipping wars! I greatly appreciate all the input, and thank you!
  12. Here's my problem; I'm ready to learn about any complex and long hacking proccess, but I don't know how, and want to change my unit's class into a manakete, and things as such, targetting FE: Mystery of the Emblem/Heroes of Light and Shadow only. I made my little research first of course. It led me to Rasdel's extra classes save data, but there's something that bothers me about playing with someone else's character... I hate being picky. My apologies. The point of having My Unit is to be your avatar to play through the game. The hairstyle is the only thing I could legitimately change. Also Rasdel has been offline since September 2013, I don't think I can contact him to ask any questions...
  13. I can't decide what I want to do with my female avatar, so I'd love to see what everyone else has done or is doing! What are the classes she has/she'll go through, the skills she has/she'll use, and what of her Asset and Flaw?
  14. Even though I don't have a large amount of Fe players up where I live, I'm still curious what skills could be considered the best streetpass ones. I've heard of, and quite frankly hopped directly onto the paviseaegisrenewalignis bandwagon, but there has to be something more helpful, of course, if there isn't... What should take up that last skill slot, my personal favorite is armsthrift, only on my my unit though, not the others, otherwise, i'd go with counter or an actually helpful breaker skill. Any other ideas? Any other different sets that clean up even more well than paviseaegisrenewalignis does, other than the breaker monopoly of course.
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