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Found 1 result

  1. I hope this topic hasn't been created yet. I looked for it just in case but I'm sort of blind, so I could have missed it. Anyway, what pokemon type (as in: water type, ghost type, etc) would you like the next legendary pokemon to be? I mean the legendary pokemon that's central to the game. Also, is there a mythical pokemon with a certain pokemon type you'd like to see? I personally want a poison type legendary pokemon, be it its first type, second type or only type. It would be so cool and unique. And sort of needed, now that we have a fairy type legendary and so many fairy type mythicals out of nowhere. If not, I'd like a mythical pokemon that is poison/fairy (steel/fairy is cool too, but there's already Magearna). One would think I'm a fan of the poison type haha. Not really, but I just think it's time
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