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Found 2 results

  1. Didn't see a thread yet so here we go, Elincia and Nephenee~ This was a tricky little map~ Hit and Run Axe Pegasus with Elincia's Flier Formation was super cheeky~ Nevertheless, got it done with some simple skill changes~ Wanted to debut Hostile Elise here and my new +ATK JEORGE~ Elise needed the Axebreaker to double the Axe Flier thanks to the Spd Tactic, Ophelia's Sturdy Blow and +Def Boon really saves her here and Jeorge needed the Rally Atk+ to one shot the Dagger (ssoooo nice having him without an Atk Bane now)~ Wanna see how everyone else faired! Enemy Stats: INFERNAL
  2. Nephenee, Fierce Halbedier Stats: 34/28/32/31/17 37/31/35/34/20 41/34/38/37/23 Default Set: Everyone's favorite Country Girl from Path of Radiance. Considering how oversaturated the Lance pool is does she stand out in anyway? Well ... Looking at her stats she is doing pretty well. 35 Spd is high and thanks to a multitude of options in form of Sacred seals and weapon refinements it is easy to give her 40+ Spd; just enough to avoid doubles from faster Red units roaming in the Arena. With a Spd boon and an appropriate A passive she will be able to double quite a bit. She also has a really good Def at 34, taking minimal damage foes that swing a sword against her. Her Atk is average and her HP is low though the latter is not much of an issue thanks to weapon refinements giving her +5 HP. You will not be wanting of more HP on her and thanks to her high Def it shouldn't be much of a detriment against physical attacks. If you're looking for someone that can effectively use Panic Ploy though you're out of luck. The only real bad stat she has is Res which is quite typical for most units of her kind. Thanks to her high Spd she might be able to survive a hit from a red or blue mage without a -blade tome but it is nonetheless a risk to have her in range of magical attacks. Keep that mind. Her unique weapon is the Dauntless Lance which is a stronger Slaying Lance with Armor effectiveness just for good measure. Considering Armor units with their high durability can be a problem to her this is a much appreciated upgrade to her default kit. The unique refine gives +4 Spd & Def which is a solid increase to her overall durability and allows her to pursue a role as a physical tank. Nephenee can be described as a solid infantry unit, possessing a rather unique combination of high Spd and unusually high Def. This makes her an excellent choice against Red Units and most physical Blue units will have some trouble against her. However she is still easy prey for mages, especially Green ones due to her awful Res. Since she comes with Wrath and a better Slaying Lance it doesn't require a lot to build a fully functional unit out of her which is quite good for resource-starved players. Builds: Budget Dauntless Breath of the Country Dauntless (Mixed Phase Edition)
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