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Found 3 results

  1. Longtime lurker and novice hacker here. I've decided to make my first FE hack using the FEBuilderGBA tool, FE8. The Hack as it stands: Title: Iruthia Chronicles (Subject to Change) Current Length: Chapter 1 Playlist for Version 0.1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAWmnAj0jCMSYhUzjQKBVNk4dGveqDpN6 Playlist for Version 0.2: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAWmnAj0jCMT6XJaU0UJxwEeqAhY6JR3x About the hacker: Hello Serenes Forest~ This if my first time genuinely attempting to create a romhack. I started back in January when I created the first iteration of this post. I really enjoy story driven games with many of the story heavy Fire Emblem titles being my favorite. I'm still getting used to FEBuilderGBA and all it can do so my awkward cutscenes will continue to get better with time. Thank you for any feedback you provide. About the Hack: I will try to keep this brief to avoid the TL;DR that probably put a lot of people off last time Iruthia is a continent with a past stretching back to the age of the gods. When gods mingled amongst humans, many demigods were born into the world. A demigod with great power over dark magic was born in Iruthia. It would use its power to sew the seeds of doubt in the minds of humans and pit them against each other, sparking a devastatingly bloody war. When the people of Iruthia were bloodied beyond the ability to resist its power, the demigod forced the construction of a great tower to be its throne over men. There was a long period of piece, but wars have begun to occur more regularly. The most recent of these wars was three decades ago and the continent seems on the brink of another. Could these wars be a hint at something deeper beginning to stur? Okay that was very abridged, but it gives some information. I responded to a comment in my previous iteration, it should still be down below and gives more depth to this premise. There are character profiles below as well, I'll probably bring them up to this post as soon as I figure out how to do collapsible tabs... ..I never learned how okay.. The Goal of this Hack: Besides learning how to romhack, I want to create fun and engaging games. I'm currently in school for a degree in game development so this is great practice for me to understand the development process, even if I'm using tools for a GBA game. I want to create a game for this community because Fire Emblem has always been a huge part of my life.
  2. The title isn't final but this is my concept for a small project i'm working on. It uses a lot of free stuff such as Mugs, maps, animations, and even some of my own stuff . There is a particular niche to this project, every single recruit-able unit references an existing character in the FE history via their starting items and bases but I won't tell you who they are until you're finished :3. There's also planned to be a Cath-like recruitment of course! I aim for this project to be simple, small but still fun. (Around 10-12 chapters) The story is about the Nova kingdom succeeding in expanding into new territories, but struggling to keep control over their new land. The main villain (name pending) is the representative of the king in the New Nova, but gossip of his corruption and dirty tactics reach the king. The King (name pending) sends his niece Esther (with her bodyguards) as an ambassador to New Nova. She is meant to replace him momentarily and he is to show up to the King's court to be judged of his actions. The bad guy sees this as a threat and tries to kidnap her in order to manipulate the King's brother to turn against the king. Esther's bodyguards are tasked to take her back to Nova safely at all costs, and have to face New Nova's army, bandits, and former allies. Screenshots: Some Characters: Things I may or may not do:
  3. Hi guys. It's been about a year since I started working on this. Unfortunately, I am still unable to start creating the game itself, and I am really unexperienced when it comes to this. My firstquestion would be: should I start doing this with the tools that are available atm, or should I wait for FEXNA to come out (don't know how much more it will take tho)? Anyway, here is Hunger for Power's start (btw don't ask why Rennar is so similar to Ragnar from Death or Glory, I just started playing it myself, blind). Lyndharc's five nations, Cyren (empire), Asith (wyverns kingdom), Barona (pretty much a kingdom with duchies, similar to Grandbell or Lycia), Delos (desert magic kingdom, was destroyed because the two brothers of the Royal Family unleashed some kind of forbidden spells) and Veritia (snow, religious teocracy) were founded by the heroes Cyren, Aurike (Asith), Dalen (Barona), Aldred (Delos) and Saint Illote (Veritia). One thousand years ago, they defeated the Dark Lord Luxor (leader of the Demon race the humans were at war with), ending the Dark Ages. Each hero was given by the Goddess Sinona two holy weapons, which became the symbols of their countries. Rennar, a sergeant in the Cyrenian Army, is entrusted by Emperor Tedan with a diplomatic mission to Asith. He will discover that he is just a little pawn in a grander scheme of someone very close to him... Here is what you should expect: - Two lords (one of those being Rennar) - About 20 chapters of content (plus the prologue and three or four Gaidens) - Decent map design (including escape chapters and some original objectives) - Backstories on almost everyone (something I think is not in most FE games) There it is. I will prolly need - a lot of feedback on the plot - good sprites (later on, I can't use them right away) That's it. Feel free to leave feedback. Criticism is appreciated as well.
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