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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, my name is JaphethMario21st. Last year, I've become a fan of Fire Emblem, starting off with Fire Emblem: Binding Blade. And currently I have five FE games beaten, or at least beaten the last chapters. And those are Binding Blade, Sacred Stones, Awakening, Blazing Sword, and Echoes. Currently I am playing Path of Radiance. I've been lurking around this website, downloading custom animations, since for some reason, this newbie wants to create a hack of his own. But it's time I create an account, so I can interact with people, get to ask questions, etc. So anyways, thanks for reading and I look forward for the future.
  2. Hello everyone, and merry christmas to you. My name is Azakthor, I'm a french dude of 19 years old. I came regularly in this website to search useful informations, and I found those. (Great website you have here). I've played The Sacred Stones as my first FE games, and adored it. Afterwards, I've played FE7, FE6, FE11, and FE12. I've completed hard modes for FE 8 and FE12 only (classic hard mode, not lunatic tho). I've created this account so I can ask questions, as I'm not that good at those games. My favorite FE game would be FE7, even if I truly love FE8, I liked the difficulty more in FE7. I don't plan to hack, but I don't mind either, maybe i'll get into that sooner or later. I guess my presentation is complete now, I wish you best of luck on the field, I thank you for reading my presentation and hope to see you soon ! Thanks
  3. Hey Guys! I'm new to serenes, I'm a huge fire emblem fan(but lets be honest alot of people on this forum are). The fire emblems have I have played so far are Shadow Dragon,(name shall not be mentioned again)Fire emblem 7,Fire emblem sacred stones,Awakening,Fates,Radiant dawn, and genealogy of the holy war(haven't finished). So anyway I look forward to interacting with you guys!
  4. Hello everybody! I've been lurking this forum for more than one year, possibly even two. I decided to finally join because I started playing the FE8 Master version and wanted to thank the creator and give him constructive criticism. Also, I've always wanted to participate in a FE draft and this is a good place to try one out. I got into the series with Awakening. I played that game for a year on pretty much all modes (except Hard, I jumped straight to Lunatic after Normal, for whatever reason), sometimes in a casual way, sometimes with added challenges. At some point I decided to try out the other Fire Emblem games and now I've played eight of them (FE 4-8, 11-13) and am loving the series. My latest FE experience was a Blind and Savestateless playthrough of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. Don't be stupid like me, inform yourself at least a little bit about FE5 before you start playing it. Seriously, that was a pretty frustrating FE experience. I finished it a few days ago. Other franchises I enjoy: Mario, Pokemon (non-competitive, sadly), Zelda, Phoenix Wright, Layton etc. Anyway, that's all I got. Hopefully I'll enjoy my time here.
  5. Er....am I doing this right? Right. So, I'm new here. I'm Marth Of The Moon. I've been a fan of Fire Emblem ever since I got Awakening out of sheer curiosity. I like a lot of stuff, such as various Nintendo video games, Disney, Pixar, Steven Universe, JonTron, Kill La Kill, Caddicarus, Game Grumps, Avatar: The Last Airbender, TV Tropes, and other things that I'm too lazy to list on here. I'm shy. Very shy. But...uh...I hope that you'll give me a warm welcome. Yay....
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