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Found 1 result

  1. Camilla: Holiday Traveler For whatever reason, no one ever seems to talk about New Years' Camilla, which is rather surprising, considering just how much power she can pack given her high stats and access to flier boosts. So you thought Elincia was the sovereign of the skies, the queen of the quads, the only sword flier of the lot to matter? (Though Caeda is finally at item as well at long last...) Well, Camilla and her massive... BST would like a word with that notion. Whereas Elincia has the unparalleled player phase game with Amiti and Caeda has excellent utility with Wing Sword's effective damage and high Res for ploys, Camilla can both take hits (something the other two can't boast much of) and dish them out-- and just happens to be able to hit a speed that lets her come damn close to Elincia's numbers on offense to boot. It's a shame poor Hinoka wasn't invited to the Hoshidan new year festivities, because the eastern kingdom has a new queen of the skies. Level 40 stats: HP: 36 / 40 / 43 Atk: 30 / 33 / 36 Spd: 32 / 35 / 38 Def: 28 / 31 / 34 Res: 20 / 23 / 27 Total: 161~163 Default skills: Weapon: Kadomatsu+ Assist: -- Special: Draconic Aura Passive A: Spd/Def Bond 3 Passive B: -- Passive C: Ward Fliers Draconic Myrmidon (Slaying Edge offense) *Optimal Build* General Use, Arena Offense/Defense, Chain modes Sword of the Sun (Wo Dao healtank) General Use, Chain modes, Special Maps Decoration Defiler (budget) General Use, Chain modes Other Options: Brave Sword - Sure, she can do it. Why would you bother when Elincia exists though, unless you reeeeeally want to and you reeeeally can't pull Elincia? If Camilla is -Spd or +Atk, she makes for a perfectly passable bulky brave user, so she at least has more survivability than Elincia on enemy phase-- most of the time that won't matter, but you never know? Firesweep Sword - Elincia actually outperforms her at this one too, ironically. Not a bad choice for her, but when her defense is actually pretty good, why give up her good enemy phase? It's a decent (if expensive) option for -Def natures at least. Distant Counter + Iote's Shield - she CAN do it on a Slaying Edge set, but there are other anti-Bow options for flier teams that are not only better, but easier to build.
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