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Found 1 result

  1. "I hope that this year is kind to all my siblings." In the not too distant past - the beginning of 2018 - we were gifted with a seasonal banner celebrating the new year. Included with those seasonal alts - but not included in the banner himself - was Corrin, dressed in traditional Hoshidan garb and joyfully exploring his cultural heritage and enjoying the traditions of his people. Some time after the banner dropped, Corrin ironically started a new tradition in FEH, being our first seasonal alt to be reserved as an exclusive Tempest Trial reward. Of course, this was met with some derision given the notable drawbacks of free units: a lack of both merging potential and IVs. And so, New Year's Corrin fell by the wayside, dismissed by a majority of players for his odd statline and limited potential. Now, with 2019 fast approaching and tempest trial units having new possibilities opened to them through the Heroic Grail system, it seems like it's time to take a look back at Corrin and - like him - discover just what we were missing out on. The Statline HP: 37 Atk: 32 Spd: 30 Def: 34 Res: 18 BST: 151 The Skills Weapon: Hama Ya+ Assist: Rally Def/Res Special: None A Skill: Atk/Def 2 B Skill: None C Skill: Spur Def/Res 2 Clocking in at an impressive 34, NYCorrin has - at the writing of this analysis - the highest neutral defense stat of any archer unit currently in the game, edging out even over the mighty and dreaded Halloween Jakob (by one point, admittedly). Of course, without IVs Corrin can't bolster that defense even further, and both Gordin and Halloween Jakob can overtake his defense stat if they have a boon in it. Unfortunately his offensive stats are middle of the road for an infantry archer, and the nicest thing one can say about his resistance is that it's not the worst Res stat for his class. With all that in mind, NYCorrin's physical bulk should not be ignored, especially given his accessibility as a free unit through Heroic Grails and the possibility of any Tempest Trial reruns in the future. Corrin is a solid choice for many enemy phase and support builds thanks to his excellent bulk and his access to many useful bows with refine bonuses to reinforce it. Of course, Corrin is not without his flaws. While he can run a pretty decent support build with his base bow and skills from common 3 or 4 star units, a build that takes full advantage of his strengths can be much costlier, demanding the sacrifice of either other Grail units or 5 star exclusive skills. Building Corrin to his full potential will require a great deal of hero feathers and refining stones, and it may not feel worth it unless you have a particular fondness for the character or the way he plays. As noted above, Corrin's resistance is particularly bad and his speed is middling; a fast mage - particularly one using a raventome - or an adaptive damage dealer like Felicia or Ylgr can bypass Corrin's bulk entirely and punch a hole right through him. Corrin also struggles to match the damage output of other archers; fellow easy access archers like Jamke, Clarisse, Setsuna and Leon can handily outspeed him, outgun him or both, and the gap only gets bigger when considering rarer bow units like Legendary Lucina, Kinshi Knight Hinoka and of course, Bridal Cordelia. Halloween Jakob - despite being considerably rarer and more expensive - also makes a much more balanced bow tank, particularly with his access to armour buffs and fighter skills. Nonetheless, New Year's Corrin is a fun and well balanced unit who can fill a unique niche for his class and accessibility. The Builds Close Counter Build Budget Support Will be adding more builds as my schedule allows
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