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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I'm fairly new to the ROM hacking scene in general, and I decided to try making my own FE8 ROM hack. I'm currently still in the prep phase, as I do not even have a title yet. What I do need is some testers who are willing to play this single short map and give me some advice on how to proceed. I am also giving the base stats and growths for the current characters (who are just re-colors for now) so if you can't play it right now you can hopefully give some useful character tips. Anything helpful you could tell me about what I did right and wrong will be useful. I hope this is the start of a brand new, amazing project. Update 3: Hello, it has been some time. I've been distracted from this project for personal reasons, but I am back and have a huge update. First, this has a title now! It will make sense as I go further with the project. Secondly, I have switched to FE8 in order to take advantage of certain patches to provide a larger amount of options in term of characters I can make and that you can use. I have currently finished up to chapter 5. Demo.ups
  2. Hey everyone! Well I've been lurking here now for as long as I can remember, so I figured it is about time to create an account. I love all things FE. I've played (and beaten) FE 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, and currently working on beating the rest. Although I do have a massive itch to replay 6 and beat it again. Not sure why - I just love that game. But I really need to beat some of the other ones I've never played. Actually now that I mention replaying games I want to replay FE9! PoR was such a great game as well. Aw man! Anyways I hope I can make some solid friendships here. I love talking about everything FE. The lore, the gameplay, the community, the new games (THREE HOUSES!!!), and whatever else FE related. Btw I think the only FE game I won't really play/get into is FE Heroes. I don't like gatcha games/p2w games. Not hating on them at all they just aren't for me. Well if you want a new friend hit me up and if not wazzup for now! Till then... Prepare yourself!
  3. Hello! Serenes Forest newb here. I'm currently playing through SoV in Japan and have gotten stuck at the end of chapter 3. I've beaten the bosses on both Alm and Celica's sides, which revealed that Mira-sama (her name in Japanese, not sure about English) is no longer in her castle, but there is nowhere for me to progress on Celica's side. On Alm's side, I've made it to the water gate, but have been told it can't be opened and am, therefore, unable to progress. Is there anyone out there who knows what needs to be done in order for me to unlock the next chapter?
  4. ALright... I tried to put this description in for a weapon (which as an edited rapier); A sturdy, well crafted bow; fit for royalty. [.][X] The result: While I do have another description I can use, I have a bit longer (a word or two) description for the final boss' weapon, so I will need to know how to fix this at that time. Help?
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