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Found 1 result

  1. This is the second part to my saga here's the lore behind the land of Ériu. I drew inspiration from Midnight Sun, PoR, and RD History: Long ago, on the land of Ériu there was only the Humans and the Laguz. The two tribes lived in peace for hundreds of years, until Ériu was invaded by unknown forces. These forces began to kill the tribesman for they wanted their land, however the two tribes would not surrender; the tribes fought till their last breath, until their last hope… Until from the skies above a gate opened from this gate appeared three almighty beings: Samsu and her sister Omnia, and Elil; these gods weren’t the only thing that appeared from this gate, another race appeared alongside them as well; they were called Manaketes. With their help, they reduced the invaders to nothing but ash; the gods and this newfound race only wanted a place to live and thrive, the elders decided to let them stay for they had helped them so it was only fitting if they let them live on Ériu. The three tribes now lived in harmony with the gods watching over and governing them; that all changed when out of nowhere Omnia killed her beloved sister Samsu and split Ériu into two. Champions from the humans and laguz rose up under the banner of Samsu; they fought against the Blackened Goddess and the manaketes who had allied with her because she was their queen, although they were losing badly they were able to win thanks to the sacrifice of a life. Omnia’s soul and power were sealed away inside of a vessel in order to keep her from bringing harm to Ériu anymore… The Manaketes swore that they would have their revenge and would awaken their queen once more so that she could bring judgment upon those who sealed her away. And from that day Ériu has been separated ever since. Main Lords: Victoria - the eldest born daughter to the royal family of Vela, also the 78th vessel of the Blackened Goddess. She was never allowed outside of Vela, nor was she allowed to have friends. The only hope she had of hearing about the outside world was through her sister Alexandria and her Uncle Thoren. In the story, Victoria is forced outside of the walls of Vela and into the world that she has only heard about in stories. Victoria will be faced with many obstacles and hunted by those who seek the power she holds within, can she survive... Age: 19(Part 1) 25(Part 2) Class: Vessel Priestess - wields dark and light magic Starting spells: Flux Light Dark Aether(A dark and light magic combination spell) Alexandria - the youngest born daughter to the royal family of Vela, a graduate from the Zerach Royal School of Knights. Alexandria has always been there for her sister Victoria simply due to the fact of Victoria not being able to leave Vela ever, Alexandria aims to find a way to help her sister just live a normal life and see the outside world. In the story, Alexandria will discover what it truly means to be a hero and what you must sacrifice to do so. Class: Princess - wields swords and axes Weapons: Iron Sword Florete Age: 17(Part 1) 23(Part 2) Irene - the daughter of Elil and Omnia(Omnia is not related to Elil they come from different worlds), she was asleep prior the beginning of the story. Irene is awoken from her 1600 year slumber by her father in a dream who tells her to find her older brother Issachar and protect him. In the story, Irene is awoken to a new world with barely any memories of her past, she will be forced to discover the truth about her mother and why she keeps hearing the name Octavia... Class: Dragon Princess- wields dragonstones , healing magic , and light magic Age: 1600(Part 1) 16006(Part 2) Weapons: Divinestone Spells: Divine Heal
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