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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, this is my first time posting. Please forgive me if I make a mistake or break a rule. English is not my primary language so I apologize if I don't make sense or if my grammar is bad. I'll try to be as brief as possible. I want to know how to fix the missing animations from Thracia 776. I made Finn a Master Knight since that is a class that is not in the base game to see how finished it was and I noticed that the bow animation looked really glitch-y. What I'm trying to make is a silly edit of Thracia 776 that lets me use stuff like Master Knight Leif with Meisterbogen like in Fire Emblem Heroes, and maybe other silly edits. I know it's a really dumb question. I tried looking for a fix and there was a link to something but the link was expired. I'm using Nightmare because it's the only thing I know of. Again I am really sorry for my question and I hope you have a happy holiday season!
  2. Im trying to use the original nightmare (is what I think its called) and I already did all the things like loading the rom and modules and that stuff the only thing i need help with is that it shows completly wrong growth rates, base stats and basicly everything else, idk what im doing wrong. I also tried the same rom on nightmare 2 and I have the same problems there .its not cause of the game either ( I was talking about awakening the entire time ) I tried the same thing with fates and it still didnt work properly. I dont know much about this kind of stuff and i dumped the roms myself so theres prbly something wrong with them. Thx so much for the help in advance :D
  3. Hello, RHDN directed me to this board to enlist in assistance for my Saga Frontier project. So far every thing ive done with Nightmare has led to an error or a crash. Are there any resources explaining what the error messages nightmare gives are? Also does Nightmare support any file type or only .BIN Saga Frontier uses custom file types and I'm wondering if that's why its messing up. I'll be updating this thread today with my current progress and my current error as I'm at work at the moment.
  4. So, you know how in the FE8 Nighmtare modules that you can edit the bonus stats weapons give the unit if they equip them? Well, I am trying to find a module similar to that in FE6 but I can't seem to find one. Is there a way to edit weapon bonuses or is there no way without hex editing?
  5. i started messing around with the nightmare editor and i was wondering if i could equip certain item to certain character for example lets say i want to give erika the mani katti (i know she cant use it) but could i do it from the item editor
  6. I've heard people talk about this often on r/fireemblem, and I wanna be able to edit the classes of my units in FE 6-8. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I downloaded the modules from a topic here on serene's from 2011, but I don't know where to go from here, really.
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