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Found 5 results

  1. So, I've been hacking FE7, and I got to chapter 15, but I can't locate chapter 15 in the nightmare modules.There is one 15, and it is the Hector mode chapter 15. It isn't marked with an H, and there isn't an E15 either. This chapter in Eliwood's story is where you get Lyn's party back, and I want to put their palettes back to the way I set them when they enter, but I can't find the chapter? Can anyone help me here? P.S. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm sort of a noob.
  2. hi, i am trying to recolor some characters in fire embelm 8 randomizier (with instruction of Ghast Station) and i have learned that i need FE8 Palette Association Modules to do that (a guy named Crusticus on Youtube say that). So I've been looking for this modules but every where I look the link is either forbidden or takes me no where. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the FE8 palette association editor? Thanks For reading and sorry for my Bad English.
  3. Hello there geniuses of the fire emblem hacking community! I'm going to just try and get to the point with this one: So I've downloaded Nightmare Modules (original) and attempted to start up the application. Every time I do this, I receive and error message telling me I do not have permission to do this. (This has never happened to me on any other application, plus this is the only account on this computer) I'm using Norton, and after the error message occurs, Norton tells me that Nightmare is a harmful file, then immediately deletes said file. What do? If this helps at all, I'm running on Windows 8, and downloading Nightmare Original Program off of this website: http://www.feshrine.net/hacking/nightmare.php
  4. Hey there, As a total nub to hacking, I'm pretty sure this is a really stupid question. Anyways, assuming that there are multiple hacking tools (Nightmare, FEXP), which is the best way for me to want to kill myself program to start with? I've heard terrible great things about Nightmare, not so much about FEXP though. I'd like to get into FE7 hacks, and already have Nightmare (original) and GBA downloaded. xoxo Gamewhorde
  5. I try to edit my units in nightmare modules but when I go into chapter unit editor instead of 0x01 being Erika it's just a bunch of muddled up information like her name is Bandit and her level is 148 or something. What should I do?
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