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Found 1 result

  1. LordTaco


    Anyone have or play this game? What are your thoughts on it? I bought it used for my PS4 with it being a cool looking exclusive and all. But man the game is the most difficult I've played in a long time right up there with Ninja Gaiden and maybe just below Dark Souls. Oddly enough to me the bosses seem to be the easiest part while the actual levels are harder than hell. Seriously the most basic footsoldiers can easily kill you in 3 blows. Don't get me wrong. The game mechanically works well but in an instant you can go from dominating to dieing in a single blow. Part of it is that the enemies in the game do so much damage and the way attacks are stringed together are so quick that if you lose your stamina then you are effectively finished. Sometimes in the game when i die I feel it was warranted such as running headlong into an area with seemingly one enemy but actually being an ambush set with multiple well armored samurai. But other times just kinda seem bs like fighting enemies that seem to never run out of stamina so they can constantly attack until you run out of stamina and can't counterattack yourself. I enjoy the game but am hoping I can at least get past the second level as the rest of the game seems very interesting and fun.
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