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Found 1 result

  1. Part 0: Introduction The day was October 22nd, 2017. Around 1:30 in the morning to be precise. A bored, tired SaXor sat there on his bed in front of his laptop thinking... "Man it sure is booooring around h-" Wait...this isn't the script. Where the hell..............Ah! Here we go. Ahem... "Hmmmmm, what to do...I could play something. Maybe some Fire Emblem...Got it!" At that moment SaXor remembered an idea that he had before. "I'll do a let's play of a randomizer on SF...yeah, that sounds like it'll be fun. Hmmm...maybe I'll do FE7, it's the most randomizer friendly, but how will I go about it...I know...I could make it a video series and put it on my Youtube channel!" Two hours later, SaXor found himself watching the two parts that he recorded with commentary. "Wow...my commentary is garbage. It sounds like I'm constantly mumbling, I can hear background noise, and my mic quality makes Mekkah's audio sound like it was recorded in a studio." D-D-Deep Cut "Yeah, I'm gonna scrap this and go to sleep" Despite this SaXor wasn't ready to give up. He ultimately decided to scrap the commentary idea altogether but he was still determined to make this happen. And so it began Welcome to the beginning of my first Let's Play: SaXor's Playthrough of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade Randomized! Was that intro funny? I hope so... Hey there, SaXor here! Before I start, here's how this run's gonna work: These are the rules I'm playing by, I'll be playing on Hector Normal because I don't hate myself. I'm not going for everything, no Lyn mode, 19xx, 23xx, or 32x. I'll try my best to keep save state use to a minimum but I can't guarantee anything, FE7 can get crazy when you start bumping the growths up. I'll probably be doing this on and off, I have school after all so don't expect consistent updates. As for the gameplay itself, I'm not super used to playing while recording, especially since there's no commentary so if there are any random pauses, I'm probably thinking. That's all, bye! I'll try to release the first part ASAP. Feedback on my writing and anything really is appreciated. If you suggest something and I don't acknowledge it for a bit, I apologize as these will be recorded in bulk, most likely 2-3 episodes for each play session.
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