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Found 1 result

  1. During the last six months or so, I have been playing Conquest (mostly Hard but also Lunatic) using ten-units-only parties, with no 'backpacks' and no pre-promoted royals. I just finished my last campaign a couple of minutes ago, I enjoyed it and decided to ask if such a run interests somebody else. I think that a smaller party with no 'backpacks' has helped me define unit roles, improve my use of Attack Stance, come up with alternative approaches, and learn how to replace Xander and Camilla (and Leo, but he was never that important to me.) With ten units I beat Chapter 18 in 12-14 turns; Ch 21 in 7-8 turns (ten units, no skipping), open the doors of Ch 25 in around 20 turns, beat Ch 26 in around 15 turns; and Endgame, in 6-7 turns (no cheesing.) It is not fast, but not particularly slow either; and it can surely be done faster with more mounted units (and better gameplay, of course.) These are the 'rules' that I have been following: A maximum of ten units can be deployed per map. In-chapter recruitments are not considered but forced deployments are. So, in Chapter 13 I deploy up to ten units plus Charlotte and Benny; but in a Paralogue I deploy up to nine units and the predetermined father. No pre-promoted royals. Camilla is permanently benched (or killed) after Chapter 10. Leo and Xander are never used (zero battles) and are permanently benched (or killed) after their own chapters. No 'backpacks'. By 'backpack' I mean any unit whose main purpose is to provide bonuses to a 'main' unit in Guard Stance, usually promoted early and hardly seeing in actual combat. At any given point in the game, the level difference among the ten units in the party must be low (usually 1-3 levels), and promotion does not reset the difference gap. This is, a L10/1 unit is twelve levels away from a L20/3 unit (and not two levels.) Fielding an early promoted unit at the beginning of the game is allowed (L10/1 DK Nyx in Chapter 10, for example) as long as the unit is used for main combat. But soon afterwards, once the core party gets some levels, this unit can no longer be used. In contrast, fielding L10/1 DK Nyx in Chapter 18 to provide bonuses to, say, L18/6 Sorcerer Odin is not allowed, since she would be too many levels away from the main party and could only be qualified as a 'backpack'. Support grinding through DLC is only allowed to recruit a permanent main unit whose father breaks any of the mentioned rules. It cannot be used to unlock Paralogues exclusively to grind Experience. I sometimes use the 'Before Awakening' DLC map to grind supports with a father that I do not plan to use long-term but whose child I want to incorporate to my main party. For example, I grind supports with Keaton so that Velouria can be recruited immediately after Ch 14 and be part of the main party. Otherwise, Keaton would most likely be the 11th unit (and break the first rule) or would have to be treated as a 'backpack' (and break the third rule), since I do not plan to use him long-term. This is a must to recruit Forrest or Siegbert in the main party, since their fathers can never be fielded (as it would break the second rule.) Castle visits may be used for support grinding instead of DLC, but buying ore, equipment or skills is not allowed. No Path Bonuses, except for DLC-class Seals. These seals must be used at promotion level (no L1 Dread Fighter Mozu, for example.) Anna and the Amiibo are allowed within the ten units, but the special weapons (Ragnell, Falchion, Thoron) cannot be used. Of course, you do not have to follow all my 'rules.' I named them to set a common ground. I would like to discuss and learn new approaches. Let me know if you are interested in such a run.
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