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Found 16 results

  1. Since not many people seem to know about this, I would like to share a build of Eldigan which performs really well for me in LHB Abyssal maps. Eldigan is not my favorite character, but he can surely be fun to use! Here is my build: Eldigan +Atk -Res Weapon: Dark Mystletainn Support: Reposition Special: Blazing Flame/Wind/Thunder A: Fury/L&D B: Swordbreaker/Desperation*/depends on situations C: Free/depends on situations Seal: Quickened Pulse/Atk 3/Brash Assault*/depends on situations *Paired for use together Explanation of the build: Dark Mystletainn has a Killer weapon effect which accelerates special trigger(-1 cooldown), and additionally provides -2 cooldown after battle if a special has triggered. With an AOE special like rising flame, which has CD4 and triggers before battle, once it has triggered for the first time, it will remain trigger-ready forever(-1 CD from Killer weapon effect, -1 CD from the first(and probably also the last) hit in battle, -2 CD after battle). This gives Eldigan the ability to fire AOE special every time he attacks! To make things more fun, the damage calculation of AOE specials ignores the weapon triangle effect, allowing Eldigan to attack into blue enemies, destroying them in one shot if their Def is low. This build is a obviously player phase attacker/monster and so will benefit a lot if paired with a dancer. The difference between Eldigan and other player phase attackers is that he is not a glass canon, and his high Def and HP allow him to tank a hit or two if necessary. The weakness of this build is Eldigan cannot do much against enemies with very high def. Therefore he will appreciate support from a mage/Atk buffer/Def debuffer. Since Eldigan is quite slow, he is reliant on high Atk to kill his opponents in one go, and Breaker skills to double specific targets. As others have mentioned, this build can also be used on Eldigan's son, Ares, who has higher attack and slightly less physical bulk. Seeing as Atk is the key for this build, Ares may be an alternative, if not better, candidate if available. Oh well. Below are some videos showing this Eldigan build in action in Abyssal maps, hope you enjoy the savage of the Lion King! :) Hrid Abyssal: Lucina Abyssal: Ryoma Abyssal: Edit #1: It appears that I have reached my posting limit after 2 posts, so I will reply here for the time being. @bottlegnomes Didn't realize there is an analysis section here, will post there once I am able to post again! I checked Ares' topic and couldn't find this build so may comment there as well. I chose Fury over L&D as it could make better use of Eldigan's physical bulk to take some hits if necessary, and that the hp reduction from Fury sometimes allows Eldigan to drop below 50% quicker for Wing of Mercy dancer to do their magic. But L&D definitely useful in situations where the enemy is just several points of damage away from getting ORKOed. @XRay Thanks for the suggestions of Fury/Desperation/Brash assault and Hardy bearing, will borrow them here :) Personally I find fire area special more useful in practice, but will try out others like the wind one for comparison. Here is Robin Abyssal completed by Eldigan, Tiamat, Bride Tharja and Silvia: Eldigan was on fire on this map, although Tharja ended up clearing half of it. Enemies too hard here :/
  2. 1. Hoenn God, this region was fantastic. My 9 year old self had a ball traveling through this region completely blind and seeing all kinds of new and unexpected things. I really like how it was so diverse, too. From the grass patches under the Cycling Road on Route 110, to the never-ending sandstorm on Route 111, to the calmly descending ash on Route 113, the Battle Frontier...it was just very awesome to explore everything and discover new things. I still remember calling my friend over the phone on school nights as we tried to decipher the mystery of the Regis. Why can't Pokemon games do that anymore? Man, it was fun. I might be blinded by nostalgia, but shit, Hoenn was fantastic. The only annoying things about this region? ...Not the surf routes. I could deal with surfing all over the place (but fuck you Wailord), but I could not deal with Routes 132, 133, or 134. Holy shit. Being a completionist at heart, flying back to Pacifidlog Town and having to battle evey trainer and get every item and get to the Sealed Chamber was always a nightmare. Also the only ice area in the game was in the Shoal Cave, and that was only on certain days. I like my ice areas. :< 2. Kalos Just want to say that the various Pokedexes this region had was brilliant. I'm at about 506 Pokemon registered in total in my National Dex, and there are still many Pokemon I have to find in all the dexes. The exploration feel is very fun. As for the region itself, I like how everything is close together like it was in Unova (though they did it better here), and like Hoenn, the locations and features of this region were very diverse. I question the huge gap between the first two gyms, though. I didn't expect for it to take a while to fight Grant, but alas. Maybe a 3rd game in the series will improve this, but Kiloude City being the postgame...Friend Safaris and the Battle Maison were awesome, but there has to be more to this region then that. :t 3. Sinnoh I personally really liked Sinnoh. I really did. I like how you just had to complete the Sinnoh Dex to enjoy the postgame to its full extent, and the game made sure that you'd encounter all 210 Pokemon in the region. I also liked how Mt. Coronet seemed to split the region in half, and thought the idea of differently colored Shellos/Gastrodon was creative. And the Distortion World as a whole was a very cool area and something I haven't seen in a Pokemon game until then. What I didn't like? Saving a lot of data... Platinum improved on Diamond and Pearl's flaws, but the region still felt...slow. I 'unno, it might just be me. Also being pretty much forced to use Rapidash in D/P if you didn't pick Chimchar was an odd decision. Flint's team was hilarious, though! The Battle Frontier could've been better, too, but it's hard to have one that compares to Emerald's. Maybe the 3rd Kalos game can whip something up, then again...OR/AS might (they better) bring back Emerald's Battle Frontier...we'll see. 4. Kanto Interesting region. I like how the games gave you a little freedom in R/B/Y/FR/LG after beating Misty, because then you could fight Lt. Surge, Erika (almost typed Eirika, haha. I've been playing too much FE8), Koga, and Sabrina in any order, and then the Sevii Islands were added in the remakes (but then taken out of HG/SS grrr. I liked the Sevii Islands.). And compared to Johto, exploring Kanto AGAIN was way more interesting to me, and the tough trainers were everywhere and made things hectic. But Kanto didn't have the features that I liked seeing in Hoenn, Kalos, and Sinnoh. Sure it was fun to explore, but it didn't really have any noteworthy areas or landmarks (Lavender Town's theme aside). 5. Unova Playing through White was fun. Playing through Black 2 was even more fun. I really liked the plot of Black 2, for some reason, because I felt that the player character didn't really pay too much attention to badges, but helping their friend/rival stop the remnants of Team Plasma once and for all. And I liked how we could get Pokemon from generations I through IV again (lol Huge Power Azurills before the first gym). But there was nothing particularly interesting about this region that blew me away, so to speak. It just felt like, "Okay, this is here. Good to know. Moving on now to the next part of Unova and never coming here ever again." I mean, Twist Mountain seemed cool. Shame I got through it as fast as I could in White and never even visited it in Black 2 due to not giving a shit. Yeah, Black 2/White 2 had among the best postgames in the series, but there just wasn't really anything memorable about Unova. Didn't help that X/Y were announced and made everyone forget about B2/W2 in an instant. 6. Johto I like how in the manga, Gold didn't really care about gym badges. He cared about hunting Silver down and taking back Totodile for Professor Elm. He made several friendships and rivalries in the region, and going through Johto was an amazing adventure for him. Didn't...really feel that way to me. Sure, it's fun, because POKEMON, but... Johto felt so cramped. I just now realized this. Now, the Johto+Kanto combination made for quite an adventure, but Johto by itself is...not so great, in all honesty. There weren't many noteworthy places in the region (Ruins of Alph puzzles were fun, though), the level curve was pretty bad, the Victory Road was barren (Silver you fucker let me fight the trainers), and I feel Kanto blew it out of the water, as well as every other region. Yeah, they added a Safari Zone as well as Routes 47 and 48, but...that's it? I think that Whitney's Miltank is remembered more than the region itself.
  3. Note: This post will contain open spoilers for both Trails of Cold Steel and Trails of Cold Steel II. If you have not played these games, I seriously suggest turning away now. As the Sky trilogy and the Crossbell duology are not required to understand what is happening during the Cold Steel games, I ask that all posts relating to the Sky trilogy and the Crossbell duology are to be kept under spoiler tags and clearly labelled. With that being said... (Official website) Some screenshots:
  4. So, in Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken (7), the tactician has a different affinity depending on his birth and blood type (the latter only in the Japanese version) So, just curious, using the formula of the Japanese version, what's your affinity? Mine's: March + O Type = Anima The Japanese formula can be found here: http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Affinity
  5. I don't know if anyone posted this (don't bully me) but i found out this website and you can check out if you share birthday with a game or a anime/manga character. http://schara.sunrockgo.com/day/index.html You can select the day out of the months here, it begins saying the name of the month above the calendar, except for the first one, january. Series/Game name is on the left and character name is on the right, once you go onto the page mine is http://schara.sunrockgo.com/day/january/1_19.html you can basically copy the link of the birthday page you got and show off to your friends, or here. Share your results here too if you want, it might be fun
  6. Release dates: JP/US/AUS-Nov 21st EU-Nov 28th (I'll be updating this first post if more info comes out, feel free to keep an eye on it) Official site: http://www.pokemonrubysapphire.com/en-us/ Find a scan or image? See this list for fakes. ----Nov 12th---- Just legends available in mirage spots. Deoxys apparently gets a thing. ----October 15th---- Data in the demo shows off weird stuff. ----October 14th---- Mega Steelix and Glalie, US peeps get the demo in the pokemon trainer club (pokemon.com accounts) newsletter. Be sure to opt in! ----October 10th---- So many things, scans are on Serebii. Mega Beedrill and Pidgeot revealed, new flying mechanic, and the mega latis are mentioned. ----October 2nd---- The livestream is airing, so far just recycled footage. Mega Rayquaza hinted, but no images shown. EDIT: Images: ----Sept 12th---- English trailer on Corocoro info Demo:http://www.pokemonrubysapphire.com/en-us/cool-features/special-demo-version You need to get a code, they haven't said how yet.... ----Sept 9th---- Mega Gallade, Sharpedo, and Camerpupt revealed in Corocoro. ----Aug 28---- Preorder bonuses announced for EU You get a mini Kyogre or Groudon statue, a torchic keychain, and the game comes in a metal box instead of plastic ----Aug 12---- Korean website accidentally leaks mega Slowbrow and Audino ----Aug 8th---- Mega Altaria, Mega Lopunny, Mega Salamence in Corocoro http//www.serebii.net/corocoro9141.jpg http://www.serebii.net/corocoro9142.jpg Also contest stuff. There is a character who gives you a shiny Beldum :B ----July 10th---- Mega Metagross revealed in Corocoro. ----July 8th---- Super secret bases revealed! http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/the-secret-is-out-on-super-secret-bases/ ----June7th---- ----May15th---- https://twitter.com/JoeMerrick/status/466940273965400065 Allegedly, ORAS will change the competitive environment in some way. ----May10th---- Sneak peak footage Very disappointing ;_; ----May 8th---- ----May 7th---- [spoiler=At the investors meeting today(May 7th) Satoru Iwata confirmed they were remakes.] Financial Results Briefing for Fiscal Year Ended March 2014 [spoiler=Announcement Trailer] [spoiler=Box art][spoiler=Super hi res]
  7. So it's been a few years since I last played this game and... well.... I just felt like playing it. Not much to say here really, couldn't think of an opening or anything... Well this is my first time playing with the translation patch(kind of, I played ahead a bit on a different file right before this), so let's get to it. [spoiler=Let's see just how many prologues a game can have] Title screen or something. Doing hard mode because that's just how I roll. So a couple days I asked some people for avatar suggestions. The only one I really liked was a bald heal bot named Tonton, but I decided against it. I usually play as the male character when I have the choice, But as that's what I went with on my other file, I wanted to try something different. Same reason I went Myrm instead of Cavalier. The first of many. So the game starts and we are introduced to Katarina. "No, I want to become an Altean Swordmaster." Yes, "serve" Prince Marth. Truly a legend in the making. Didn't get a screen of Rody but he didn't say anything interesting anyway. Even in retirement, Jagen keeps his manly shoulder spikes. "...Should we tell him that there's only eight?" I don't know why, most of the competition appears to consist of two lolsoldiers, a lolarcher, and a cleric. Then why did you join the knight program? You know something doesn't seem right here. We're up. That defense is not suited for tanking at all. Which is why I end up doing such later on. Clearly. In other news, soldiers still suck. Boss time Boss time over Oh boy first level up... I'll take it. "I didn't know how I could prevail against such fearsome opponents." At least she admits her uselessness. Oh hai Marth What version of Shadow Dragon did you play? Last I checked, the Wing Spear and its Caeda were the heroes who ended the war. Even in retirement, Jagen strikes fear into people's hearts. But will Ashlynn and Katarina ever become knights? Will the next map be more than just a small box? Can Ashlynn ever live up to the legacy of my other avatar? Find out the answer to some of these on the next episode of this FE12 playthrough!(working title)
  8. So I was just listening to some Anime music and K-Pop earlier. And I was wondering what other people listen to. I tend to listen to... Anime music, video game OSTs, and K-Pop. And occasionally American Pop. ...Occasionally... If you listen to a specific kind of music, do tell~! You can post it to show the rest of us what it's like! EDIT: Maybe I should have put this on the "General" board...
  9. Just do as the topic says~
  10. (Spoilers for season six) So yeah. That was certainly an interesting season finale. The entire episode I was just waiting for the ending so I could see them getting married, and...well...that didn't happen. I'm rather pissed off about it, but whatever, I'll just have to wait. So, what do you all think happened? -Return of Senator Bracken? -Return of 3XK and his doctor pal? -Something to do with Castle's father? -Something entirely new? I think it's pretty obvious that he wasn't in that car when it crashed, but I wonder what really happened. By the way, that black car scared the shit outta me. I hope I wasn't the only one.
  11. (Ok guys. Here is the deal. This will be a FF styled/script RP. If you wish to have your characters join,then I am for it. Just have to manage your characters in terms of Health (HP) Magic (MP) Experience Points (Exp) and so on. Post your character name and stats in your first post,and post their actions in the posts following that. Please,and thank you.) ***=Active combat members Keitaro Kusanagi 6100/6100 HP Exp57230/75000*** Lv.25 4900/4900 MP Rebecca Sasebo 5270/5270 HP Exp:55710/71000*** Lv.23 4160/4160 MP Toyomi Kanzuki 6000/6000 HP Exp:56390/74600*** Lv.25 5900/5900 MP Raevena Sasebo 5190/5190 HP Exp:54700/70900*** Lv.22 4080/4080 MP Kent Hiroshima 4750/4750 HP Exp:118400/124000 Lv.34 3630/3640 MP Valerie Kusanagi 2790/2790 HP Exp:78900/119800 Lv.25 1680/1680 MP *Hidden Village,Dragonia* Elder: Miss Valerie. I bring urgent news. Valerie: What is it,elder? Elder: I had a vision,just not long ago,from Gaia herself. She suggests that I send you to go deliver a message tot he emperor of our world of Horrandia. Valerie: Do you remember what was said? What did you see? Elder: She said "A grave,dark power looms on Earth,and vows to conquer Horrandia in darkness,destruction,and death. We must warn all the nations on Horrandia before it is too late." Valerie: Wow. Any idea what this "dark power" is about? Elder: All I saw was a dark and evil dragon queen. She razed all of Horrandia with her minions,killing all in her path. As did her followers. Man,woman,nor child were spared. Valerie: This almost sounds like the arch-demon dragons the ancient heroes fought during the Ancient War. Thanks for the message,elder. I will go and warn the emperor,straight away. *Valerie stood to her feet,and began to make her way to the Dragon's Gate. Once she passed through the portal in the gate,she wound up in Angelia Forest,to the south of Castle Angelia,where Horrandia's emperor resided. She began to navigate through Angelia Forest*
  12. Discuss and vote I've asked this question randomly to many people before and I get both answers. I'm just simply curious really
  13. blyegg

    No RNG Hack?

    I was looking here: https://sites.google.com/site/archsagex/hack-categories And I noticed there was a 'no RNG hack'. And, I, of course, in all my stupidity, cannot find it. Does anyone have the patch, and if so, could you link it to me?
  14. Not sure if many people have seen this, or if its been posted around here before, but I found a very amusing tumblr post that specifically addresses the woes of the Chrom x Olivia users. Here's the original post: http://hckleinman.tumblr.com/post/45116782437/from-wifey-fire-emblem-awakening-chrom-gets-no-love Have a laugh. I sure did! ^_^
  15. Alright, so we already have the reverse of this, so now we have this. What are pairings a lot of people use that you personally don't like? This can be based on supports, personality, eugenics, etc. I personally will be basing mine on eugenics. Please, even with how entertaining they are to read, no shipping wars. Minor arguments are allowed, because nobody dies (That was a stupid sentence). Pairs I think are overrated- Libra and Olivia (Inigo becomes a sorc tool, and I hate sorcs. (Completely unrelated- Only using sorcs for lunatic+ where they are pretty much necessary) I also don't think these two really fit together. I see Olivia with Chrom, Gaius, or Virion) Stahl and Sully (Red and green. BIG DEAL. Kjelle becomes crap. Stahl is also better with Cordelia.) Fred and Cordelia (I see this as a watered-down version of Stahl/Cordelia.) Gerome and Lucina (WORST SUPPORTS IN THE GAME. PERIOD. Who agrees with me on this?) FeMU and Chrom (So many fangirls.)
  16. I'm at chapter 25 , I added the Bonus Maps including: Ghost of a Blade A Hard Miracle Etc They appear in my world But there are no Paths leading to them :/ Please Help
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