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Found 4 results

  1. Never understood why people waifu up Tharja. I dont have a waifu and I find it odd but, out of all the awakening cast why her? She is hot but she is a horrible person and mother who caused Noire to have a split personality due to all the curses and hexes. How do you people justify that? I want to see your mental gymnastics at work. But if she is your waifu just because she is hot then whatever.
  2. Let's forget about likely couples and examine likely siblings for a minute. Out of the all the future children, who is most likely to be Morgan's brother or sister? Let's assume that both generic and unique supports happen for Morgan. Also, disregard official hair colors. That way Kjelle and Noire don't get an unfair advantage. Ironically, I kinda have to nominate Noire. Not only because she and Morgan play off of each other really well, but also they have similar talents. They both have martial and magic skills, plus they share this odd talent for making crafts. Noire makes a series of talismans for herself, while Morgan made a entire box of masks during her support with Gerome.
  3. In my experiences, Brady, (whom I recruited three days ago) is my new almost favorite child, pushing poor severa down to third (this doesn't include superpeppykawaii female morgan). Noire takes first by a few miles because, well, her personality, it's just like that one sincere old lady from birdemic, "*insert blow kissing noise here*", so real, and yet I find that to be what sets her a tier above the rest for me. What are anyone else's thoughts? I almost wonder if anyone will even read this...
  4. Usually I skip over Noire and bow classes but ultimately curiosity has taken over and now i'm presented with quite possibly the biggest mental debate I've had with this game. How on earth do you make a good bow user with just five skills? (This is for single player BTW) I've been aiming to use the Sniper class so I can take advantage of the Range 2-3 bows however the accompanying skill set has been a massive issue for me. With Gaius as Noires father she has access to the following notable skills: Pass Lucky Seven Luna Galeforce Lifetaker Pavise Bowfaire And from inheritance she can even gain either Sol or Counter. (I passed down counter) So being a bow user and having a weak enemy phase Galeforce is absolutely necessary so your turn will be optimal. Pass is a great skill to have as a bow user incase you get surrounded. That said your team should have a staff user with Rescue and on top of that another unit (potentially a paired up unit) can counter this problem by breaking a hole in the enemy formation. Despite being widely accepted as needed for a Sniper, based on previous points I feel it's a waste of a skill slot. Lifetaker is an excellent healing option, particularly on units with Galeforce. I can't see me dropping this skill anytime soon. Lucky Seven gives you a Hit/Avo +20 boost for seven turns. Since most rounds won't last much longer than 7 turns I feel this skill is excellent. Increasing dodge rate when you can't fight back seems incredibly useful and it helps counter Bowbreaker. I might use this. Counter is a very debatable skill. On one hand being able to damage enemy units on your turn is useful as a bow user however with Galeforce employing hit and run tactics might prove more viable. In my eyes the issue with counter is that you need to take damage for it to be useful however when the enemy team often triples your own numbers taking damage when you can run with Galeforce seems like a bad play to me. I'm very on the fence with this skill. Pavise on the other hand reduces incoming melee damage by 50% minimising the amount of damage you will be taking. This to me seems far more useful since you'll be healing with Lifetaker anyway thus vastly increasing the amount of attacks you can sponge. Using Bowfaire with a Brave Bow means you'll be doing 20 more damage with each hit. Thats really really good and means you'll have a high chance of being able to use Galeforce and Lifetaker. Luna is the best offensive skill when playing Lunatic but on such a crowded character it feels more like a luxury than a necessity. I'm not sure if i'll use this. Sorry for the wall but I really needed to put my thoughts into words. Now that I've gone through all that, the question still begs, what is the optimal skill set for a Sniper Noire?
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