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Found 14 results

  1. Ok, I've decided to start porting crap off my Docs and adding it here for your enjoyment. Perhaps one day something I write will inspire someone in some way. Probably not, but hey, whatever. Feedback Thread is linked below . Enjoy? ...Visor Online. Database accessed. Scanning Bio-Signs... Scan Successful. Bio-Signs indicate User is Samus Aran. Level 7 Access Granted. Loading Logbook... Create New Log Entry? Y/N N Load Previous Log Entry? Y/N Y Select Log Number. 001 Loading Log Entry 001... I no longer know what I am. I know what I was, though the exact name for my species is one I would have to dredge up from Her memories, but I am no longer what I was. I cannot understand why, and it makes me feel...what is the word for it, again? Another thing I cannot remember. I recall that She was the one who made my people feel it, the day one of us attempted to enter Her and was torn apart within Her system, and I remember assisting my people in utilizing every species we had access to trying to stop Her, even the frozen one, which we knew She would recognize and hopefully view as a torment from Her past. We even struck at Her with Her own abilities and weaponry, but it was all for naught. Now I am the only one of us left, and I am no longer certain I am one of us any more.
  2. Welcome to another multi-chapter Pokémon story! This story is a bit different for reasons that will be explained inside of the link, but it should still be enjoyable! The first eight chapters have already been posted to fan fiction.net. In order to avoid clogging the page with links, everything is one link here. However, future updates to the story will have the normal one link per chapter. Here's the story's summary: "If she participated in that study, maybe she would finally be free… Free from not knowing her parents… Free from the bullying… Free from her mother's legacy…" AU https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12656845/1/Holly-Rising
  3. wheelsonfire


    Welcome to Diary, another multi chapter fic that is part of the Traveler series. Its summary is as follows: "It's not a type of story usually write, but I have the urge to put this one to cause sometimes my writing is not so simple. It has spawned characters, worlds, even entire series with thousands of words… Like a series called Traveler. Traveler, yes, that's the reason why I'm doing this." Sixth part of the Traveler series, AU, Companion fic to Usurping and Holly Rising. Link here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12824908/1/Diary
  4. Welcome to a new short multi-chapter story called Daughter. This story is a companion fic to some of the other ones posted on here, and some future stories. Summary: "The sun was rising high in the sky, and there was still no sign of Holly." Short multi-chapter, companion fic to Holly Rising and future fic Usurping, AU, Erika-centric, fifth part of the Traveler series https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12791680/1/Daughter
  5. Back with a new topic for new fics! This topic is exclusively for Pokémon one shots, because that's one of the major fandoms that I write for. One-shots that have already posted to their own separate threads will not be posted here again. So here is the first fic! It's called Safety. Summary: Written for the Writer's Anonymous One Word Prompt Challenge. "The creature only knew the concept now, but it would later learn there was a word. The word was called safety." AU, Companion one-shot to Holly Rising. Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12732169/1/Safety
  6. Here I am with another one-shot. Also, to avoid clutter, I'm going to organize my stories is a little bit differently from now on. Any one-shot that isn't Fire Emblem or Pokémon (the other fandom that I write a lot for) will go in here. Fire emblem one-shots, Pokémon one-shots, and chapter stories will have their own threads. Hopefully this makes my work easier to find, and enjoy this story! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12560191/1/Grave
  7. After brief a brief writing hiatus, I'm pleased to present to you my first multi-chapter fanfic! This story is another Pokémon entry, but I hope you'll enjoy it all the same! Click on the link below to go to the fan fiction, and once again, enjoy! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12557133/1/The-Altar
  8. FOR THOSE OF YOU STOPPING BY FROM THE FUTURE TO TAKE A GANDER: Some of the images in the first few pages, back when I still used Imageshack for uploading, are now broken. HOWEVER, FRET NOT! If you wish to view them, right-click on the image, click "Inspect Element", then right-click on the image link that pops up on the right and click "Open in New Tab." As far as I have tested, this allows you to view the image. If it doesn't work, then you're outta luck, I suppose. *Shrug* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Seeing as how my old sprite topic is deader than a doornail, I feel like starting over, so to speak, with a clean slate. This time around, though, I'll be posting less exclusively FE sprites and more other styles of sprites. Anyway, sprites, in no particular order: Part of a series of sprites in a custom style where I sprite 100 of my favorite characters from my favorites games and franchises, with the stipulation of one character per game. Let's see if I can actually do it. A few FE-battle-styled sprites that I've made some time in the past year or so. A few Nintendo characters in ML3 style. The result of boredom and random scribbles in Paint. Another boredom piece from a while back. Also an experiment with limited colors on the mushroom; the grassy knoll came later. A custom style inspired by 8-bit graphics, though itself isn't. And a few maps: That should be enough for now. Comments and criticisms are always welcome.
  9. Hello, welcome to my story thread titled "Tale of the Wolves". It's a medieval fiction novella divided into chapters written by yours truly. So without further ado, enjoy! Prologue - The "Hero" Chapter 1 - Mining for Gold This is actually the first time I ever posted a writing online so any kind of feedback or critique is highly appreciated. Tell me if you liked (or disliked) the story and whether or not you're looking forward to their continuation. Cheers and thank you.
  10. Hello everyone! So you might remember the Christmas fanfics I posted a while back. I wanted to post this one with them, but unfortunately could not due to it being part of a contest. Thankfully, the judging is over, which means I can now post this fanfic here! It's a Christmas fanfiction, but I hope you all enjoy! Also, this fan fiction marks the end of the Christmas fan fictions (until next time, that is)! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12315639/1/Parade
  11. Hello, and I'm here to give you all a late Christmas/Early New Year present! These two fan fictions were created for Secret Santa in two different places, but I was unable to post them here until now due to time constraints. However, those constraints are no longer present, so here they are now! Like some of my other fan fiction, these two stories are not related to Fire Emblem (they’re Pokémon). However, I hope you can still enjoy a little of the holiday spirit, in preparation for a happy new year! :) The links to the two fan fictions are below: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12287239/1/A-Christmas-Puppy https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12283927/1/Promises-to-Keep
  12. So as the title suggests, this post is for a pair of Pokémon stories. I like Fire Emblem, but I'm also a huge Pokémon fan, so I'll probably be posting a lot of Pokémon stories here too. But the stories are short one shots, so they are posted together despite being very different. The first, His Dream, is an AU of the Pokémon Anime. To say more would be spoilers, but I will say that the story focuses on Ash and Pikachu, and contains major spoilers for the Black and White arc. This story was also written about four years ago, and since then a sequel has been requested. However, as of this writing, no sequel has been made. The link to this fan fiction is here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8132530/1/His-Dream The second one is a much more recent fan fiction about Halloween. It was submitted for a contest on the Fanfiction.net forum Writers Anonymous. The goal was to write about anything related to Halloween, in 1000 to 4000 words (not including author's notes). The result was this fan fiction. It takes place in the world of the Generation VI games (X and Y). It doesn't mention some locations in those games, but nothing that should be spoilers. Its link is here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12193834/1/The-Special-Day Enjoy!
  13. Ninja Penguin


    (cross-posted from FEEF) Whoops I wrote a thing. Unlike the other thing I posted four years ago (christ, I was still in high school), this is cyberpunk fiction. If you've seen Blade Runner or played Shadowrun you'll be fine. If you haven't, you're in for a ride. Feedback thread here.
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